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Chapter 1

I tried. I tried so hard to escape their filthy hands, I fought, and I screamed, and I even tried to run. All ending in my greatest down fall. They still caught me, gripping me, holding me still while they took things from me that was never theirs to take. They took something so precious to me, without even a second glance, smiling like kings of the world as they walked away.

I curled up on the cement, clutching my bare chest, as their disgusting voices faded. As I laid there, sobs racking my abused body, I watched the liquid pool around me, freezing me. It was dark in the alleyway they'd dragged me into, so I couldn't distinguish the difference between the blood and tears. I knew somewhere they'd stabbed me, though I couldn't bring myself to remember where, or look for it and stem the flow of blood. I found it slightly odd that all the blood didn't make me sick… it would be something better to think on.

I'm not sure how long I lay there, feeling my heart whither in my chest like a small flower being sprayed with weed killer. It was long enough for my body to become freezing. I felt like an iceberg, though I didn't care… maybe I would die there, and I wouldn't have to live with this pain any longer. It's probably hard to understand that kind of pain, unless you've gone through it, and understood the kind of emotions flowing through you. Pain, hatred, anger, sadness, and even shame.

I only began to move when I saw the light of the sun, though it didn't melt my frozen limbs. I shifted, just a little, so my left arm was further from my body than my right. I stared at the pale skin, at the scratch marks they'd made, and my body shook again with a sob, though I could cry no more tears.

I don't know when the police first appeared, standing beside me, one reaching out to pick me up. I do remember the overwhelming fear, the way I screamed, forcing myself to shift away from them, and try to guard my broke body from harm. One tried to calm me, while the other ran back to the car, coming back with a blanket. He moved towards me slowly, gently setting it around my shoulders, while I tried to flinch away from his touch.

Not long after that an ambulance pulled up, two female paramedics moving towards me, and persuading me onto the gurney. And sometime during that long drive to the hospital, I fell asleep.

Carlisle's P.O.V.

I had just gotten to the clinic that morning, and it was very quiet throughout the building. I was happy to be here instead of home, where there seemed to be nonstop stress. Things between me and Esme weren't so good, and I wasn't sure why. It was as if the cord holding us together had been cut, and now both ends were becoming frayed, so it was impossible to put the two back together again.

I sighed quietly, but my head snapped up when I heard the sirens going off not far away. A patient? This early in the morning? Not three minuets later, they were wheeling in a small girl, with blood welling up out of a large cut on her hip. She was extremely pale and half-screamed every time someone touched her. She was a rape victim, I could smell it on her, and the way she was curled up I knew she was in a lot of emotional pain.

I was shocked when I finally got a glimpse of her face, as I chased after the gurney. I recognized the face of Bella Swan almost immediately, though she barely looked like herself. Her brown eyes that used to be so full of life, looked dead and blank, and she looked as though she'd aged ten years.

The first thought in my mind was, Edward would be furious. For whatever reason, he'd grown an attachment to this girl, and this turn of fate was only going to make things worse than they already where. The second thing to go through my head was, Charlie was going to be twice as angry as Edward. There was no doubt in my mind that he'd have every officer in town on this case.

And the third thing was the realization that I wanted whoever had done this to suffer, and suffer terribly. I'd seen nearly the same thing, the day I'd found Rosalie and turned her, though Bella's case seemed a little more sever because of the gash in her hip.

Bella began screaming, when one of the nurses took the blanket from her that she had been holding onto for dear life. She started struggling, trying to keep the nurses from touching her, and it was ripping open the wound on her hip. I could tell she'd lost enough blood already, yet all the moving around was causing fresh blood to begin gushing out of the wound again.

But she was afraid, and it's hard to reason with humans in this state. I watched the hospital staff as they tried to restrain her and tend to her wounds, instead of trying to calm her broken mind. I pushed past the nurses, taking Bella's face between my hands, as she tried in vain to escape my grasp.

"Bella," I told her forcefully, though in a way that hopefully wouldn't scare her further. "Bella look at me."

She still struggled, finally reaching up, and trying to claw at my face. I moved back reflexively, and used one hand to restrain hers, while not letting go of her face. Her crying had increased, and the blood gushing from her hip wound was making a long dark trail down her thigh, and onto the floor.

"Bella look at me," I growled, and she flinched, her body freezing completely. For a moment I thought maybe she'd retreated into the confines of her own mind, but her eyes slowly opened and she looked at me, terrified. "We're not going to hurt you Bella," I promised, releasing her hands, and gently running my thumb over her brow.

"D-dr. Cullen," She whispered, swallowing hard.

"Yes, it's me," I told her, nodding to one of the nurses to continue. "We're going to stitch up the gash in your hip, so I need you to lay back and stay still, ok?"

Her lips trembled, as tears gushed down her cheeks. She looked so helpless, as she nodded slowly, and I helped her lay back against the gurney. One of the nurses immediately started stitching up the wound, while another went to find Bella some cloths. I sighed, moving slowly out of the room. I needed to call Charlie, and inform him of Bella's condition, then had to have tests run on her. It was going to be a long day.

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