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They walked through Sunnydale silently, Harry and the girl- Buffy flanking the vampire, who was staggering slightly, as if drunk. They came to a house on a suburban street and stopped.
"I'll tell them that you need to stay with us." Buffy addressed Spike. As they walked through the threshold Harry paused, wanting to say something in thanks, even in a warning, but he couldn't get the words out. He had been out of contact with other humans for too long, he decided. They went straight to the basement where Buffy proceeded to shackle the vampire to the wall. Harry narrowed his eyes slightly before the vampire spoke.
"They're not safe with me here. Not like this anyway." Harry nodded, he knew the feeling. The feeling that at any moment you might rip your closest friend's throats out.
"Come on, I'll introduce you to the gang. And then we'll get another cot down here." Buffy smiled.
"Oh, I'm staying at a hotel in town." Harry didn't want to impose, or to be more accurate, didn't want to live with complete strangers.
"Everyone crashes here. And we keep funny hours. It'll be easier if you stay." He started to protest and tell them that he could apparate but decided against it. He would just have to get used to living with people again. With one last look at the vampire, Buffy led him upstairs.

There was a group of people sitting in the living room, three girls and a boy. They all looked at Harry in a curious but friendly way. The red-headed girl's eyes widened when she saw him.
"This is…" Buffy trailed off, obviously annoyed that she didn't know his name.
"I'm James. James Evans." He didn't want to risk using his real name, they may have been muggles but they all seemed to have some knowledge of magic.
"And this is Xander, Willow, Anya and Dawn." Buffy gestured to the group. "James is a wizard." She smiled, as if she was showing him off. The boy and two of the girls (included the red-head) looked suitably impressed but Anya, the older of the dark-haired girls rolled her eyes.
"You didn't go to Hogwarts, did you?" She asked. Harry nodded. "Does Albus still teach there?"

"Albus Dumbledore died a few years ago."
"Oh, well, good." The group looked at her and she elaborated. "He banned me from working there in the seventies. My customer-base went way down."

"Anya used to be a vengeance demon." Xander, the boy, explained. "She's not one anymore," he said off Harry's look.
"As much as this look down memory lane is both informative and worrying, we need to tell him about what's happening."
"He gets to join the gang?" Xander said, mock-hurt. "I thought that I was the token guy."
"Xander, we need all the help we can get." The red-head finally spoke. "And James" she stressed the name, aware that it wasn't his real one, "is a wizard, y'know, proper magic. Not scary black veiny magic."

"Is he powerful?" The younger girl, Dawn, asked.
"He could cast a spell to see Spike's soul." Buffy answered.
"It's really there?" The girl asked, looking very young. Buffy and Dawn shared a look, which ended in Buffy looking away.
"And he was hunting vampires, so I figure that he has pretty good combat skills." Buffy added, trying to keep the focus on Harry and not Spike.
"So he's got the muscles the mojo and Dawn already has a crush on him;" Xander started, Dawn blushed. "Why are we here?"
"To provide much needed sarcasm," Anya answered.
"Do you make jokes, James?" Xander asked, mock-serious again. Harry began to wonder if everything he said was mock-serious.
"None of late." Harry answered.
"Good. So you and Buffy will figure out how to smush this first thing and we'll mock you as you go."
"What'll I do?" Dawn asked.
"You can research." Xander said. The girl sighed.

"Great, glad to know that I get a glamorous job."
"And me?" The red-head asked.
"You're all perceptive-girl. And you can research with Dawn."

They spoke well into the night before Xander and Anya left and Willow and Dawn went to bed. Buffy and Harry were left in the living room, drinking the cocoa that Dawn had made earlier, aided by Harry doing multiplying and heating spells every time it started to run out or get cold.
"Why didn't you fight me?" Buffy asked when the house was silent. Harry thought about it for a moment before speaking.
"You're human. I don't kill humans."
"Why are you so sure that you would win if you did?"
"I could have used the killing curse. You'd have died before you got near me."
"Killing curse?" Buffy's eyebrows knotted."
"Two words and a wand movement. As long as you mean them you can kill in seconds." He was careful not to reveal the words. She seemed to think about what he said before speaking.
"Why do you fight?" She asked. The words hung there before he answered.
"I've always fought; I just couldn't do it in the wizarding world anymore."

"Did you lose someone?"
"Multiple someones, from when I was a baby to a couple of years ago." He said. "And when the last person died, I couldn't stand living in that world anymore."
"How'd she…" Buffy asked.
"He was killed. Murdered." If Buffy was surprised by his sexuality she didn't seem to react except to smile.
"Dawn's picked another unobtainable guy, then."

"And you? Why do you fight?"
"I'm the Slayer, I have been since I was fifteen. It's my job."
"Lose anyone?"
"A few people," She smiled sadly. "But I can't quit, not while Faith's still…"
"She's the other slayer." She explained. "I died for a few minutes and someone else was called. And she died and Faith was called."
"Why isn't she here?" He knew from her look that it was a sore topic but he wanted to know.
"She was dangerous, she killed people. And then she turned herself in. I guess she's hoping that with enough time in prison she'll be able to redeem herself."

"Like the vampire?"
"Wow, another perceptive person. Spike was bad, and then he couldn't kill so he helped us."
"And he loves you."
"I guess… But we've both done things to each other… bad things. Things that aren't too easy to forgive."

"Do you love him?"
"I care about him… I'm attracted to him. But we've both done too much."
Harry didn't ask what she had done. Why her eyes clouded when she talked about the other slayer and why she had flinched when she was about to touch the vampire, Spike. He hoped that she would do the same and not question him too closely about his past.