M is for Masochist

"Thanks Hinata. I feel better now," said Naruto appreciatively for the encouraging sentiments that Hinata had offered him earlier.

They were both leaning over the metal balcony railing of the school's roof overlooking the entrance gates and observing the busy traffic of students exiting the school grounds. School was let out about thirty minutes or so ago and even though it was still early, the sky was already showing signs of a sun trying to make his escape. Swirls of orange and a tinge of purple were delicately painted on the white and light blue canvas of the horizon. It was gustier than usual and the grounds were lay wasted with drifting leaves of yellow, orange, and brown.

Hinata at the moment was feeling nervous and self conscious that her crush was standing near her. They were having a normal conversation like how she had always dreamed about at night when she slumbered. He was feeling down about Sakura not returning his sincere sentiments and was shot down again for the millionth time since he began his upfront one-sided crusade of love.

"I guess I better get going. Soccer practice is about to start. Later Hinata," he said and turned toward her to ruffle her always neatly aligned tresses. She was alarmed by his sudden action and she involuntarily like a scared turtle hunched just slightly so that he couldn't see her sudden heated cheeks and dazed facial expression.

When she finally awoke from her shock and noticed him walking further away from her that she remembered what she had wanted to say since he found her on the roof. She mustered up enough courage to say, "Congratulations on making captain next year!"

He turned around quickly and answered her excitedly, "You're too sweet, Hinata. Someday you will make a guy really happy." He saluted her swiftly and turned around to exit the roof.

Once the door was shut and she knew that he was gone, she finally had the courage to say out loud, "What I wanted to say was that I think you earned it." But too bad those words were wasted on the winds and not for the targeted recipient.

She turned around and again rested her arms on the railings. She was dressed in a navy blazer over a white buttoned shirt, blue green tweed plaid skirt with matching tie, and long navy stockings. She was replaying the recent conversation in her mind and giggling from the rush of memories recalling the different feelings she felt when they spoke.

Suddenly from behind, she was attacked by a projectile of an unknown hard object aimed at her back. It sent an alarming message of pain to her head. She quickly turned around and was hit by another hard object and this time it hit her face. She braced her newly swollen nose and noticed on the ground that she was ambushed by a pair of in house school shoes similar to the ones she wore.

She looked up searching for her assailant and pinpointed the accursed prick. Sasuke Uchiha was lying above the roof's storage room and looking at the sky nonchalantly as if he was not her attacker.

In her fury of sudden wrath, she picked up the shoes, marched toward the storage room and then climbed the ladder to confront the shameless culprit. Once she made it to the top, she stood before him with an enraged anger but the words that were rushing through her mind were rendered unintelligible as it traveled to her oral processes. Due to his lack of reaction by looking straight at her, she was only garbling insults meanwhile becoming more self conscious of making contact with another human being. Confused and upset, she threw his foot wear at him with as much strength as she could achieve through the violence so that he could understand her pain. The shoes bounced off him like plush stuffed animals were the objects thrown at him.

Hinata was a shy person but once in someone's company she was useless in the art of conversation and too conscious of herself to be of any type of desired company. She stayed in her bubble of personal space never allowing anyone to enter. A loner amongst the abundance of students registered there and quiet observer of the many occupants she had to share the large academic facility with. Alas when she finally had the opportunity to speak with the one person she had only been infatuated with but that euphoric moment was lost due to the scoundrel before her.

Again, not a trace of emotion was rendered by her crude classmate and by this point she felt the pang of failure through her attempt to fight back. He laid there unabashed with his tie loosened and a couple of buttons undone. He adorned the same school blazer, white shirt and tie like hers but the only difference were the navy pants and argyle printed socks. He had his legs outstretched comfortably with one arm as his head rest and the other as a sun visor of sorts.

She was about to give up and begin her homeward bound trek down when the Uchiha finally spoke, "No lace? How boring. You might as well wear granny undies with that non-existent sexual appeal of yours." This time the arm shielding the sun was casually lifting up her skirt for a better inspection.

She gasped and blinking in denial of his counter attack on her. From where she stood, he had complete aerial advantage to see what she was wearing underneath her uniform skirt. She was about to scream when he quickly pulled her skirt down toward him dragging her along. She was now kneeling before him and he quickly sat up so that their faces met.

He leaned further in and whispered threateningly, "One word from you and I'll take that virginity of yours'." He physically attacked her with his shoes, verbally criticized her by damaging her self esteem, and now he threatened her with a criminal act. She was in complete distress but her body was telling another story. Her heart was racing, her eyes followed his and anticipated his next act, and something about the way his eyes were looking at her that made her sweat just from wondering what he was thinking.

She was frozen in fear of her dark assailant. Even though she had been observing others, he was never one she noticed. She knew nothing about him except for the fact that he was seen with Naruto most of the time together and that he sat far away from her in class. She knew that his name was always top of the class and that he was the most wanted bachelor amongst the female population. Besides that, they never associated with one another. They always shared the "Do Not Enter" roof but never crossed paths not once. Both ignored the other as if neither were barely existent of the other. But at this very moment, Hinata realized that all this time while she was observing others from up here, someone else above her had probably been observing her all along.

They stared at each other heatedly unblinking for about a minute until he finally made his move. He unabashedly with his fingers traced her quivering lips and slowly not breaking the eye contact, leaned in to lick her lips. Her lips twitched not from his attack but her body was reacting in ways that she couldn't understand herself. How she had dreamed that her first would be taken by Naruto but to be seduced in a way that she couldn't resist was devastating and bewitching at the same time.

All her anger was drained away and replaced with a curiosity. She wasn't self conscious or aware of what she was doing. She just gave in to her new feelings exploding and heightening all her senses. While they kissed, his hands explored places that she had never touched herself and he unearthed sensations she never knew existed.

Suddenly the school intercom came on and Neji's voice could be heard. "Hinata, if you are here, I'll be waiting downstairs with Hanabi in the car. I already took the liberty of taking your school bag so just meet us down in the parking lot," yelled Neji hastily and in his usual demanding tone. The sounds of the intercom turning off were heard over her pounding heart beating and reverberating through her body.

As Neji spoke, Sasuke had already finished buttoning up her shirt. He pocketed her tie and then spoke, "Tomorrow, same time and place." He stood up and jumped down from the tall storage room top and the last thing she saw was his backside slipping away from view and heard the doors open and close.

Still in shock, she quickly found her composure and exited the roof too. She met up with Neji and Hanabi at the car and they drove home. She didn't care that they were lecturing her on her casual appearance minus one tie, messy hair and that stalking was a crime. She wasn't thinking about Naruto or their chance meeting. She wasn't disgusted at herself for being easily violated by a stranger. She was just wondering what she should wear tomorrow that would piss the Uchiha off more: her plain cotton polka-dots or something lacy.