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Dragonball Z- The lost child 2

Junior pulled himself out of the bed that Bulma had given him next to the room beside his dad and glanced around. He had been back on Earth for about a month now and had decided in order to get Chi-Chi off his back he would attend the local public school.

However, most of the time, Junior would spar with either his father or with Piccolo. With each training session it became clearer and clearer that Junior was a lot more like Vegeta then Goku now.

Junior sighed Goku that was another problem. Sure they had agreed to try and work things out and even become friends but Junior just couldn't really stand to be near him. Junior found himself becoming more and more distant from his former father.

Junior however was pulled out of his thoughts when a strong swift knock on the door. Junior didn't need to ask who it was because he could feel his father energy right outside the door. Junior sighed and made his way over to the door and opens it.

Vegeta stood there just as he usually did proud and Junior didn't even have to ask what he wanted. Junior nodded and made his way over to the closest and grabbed his workout clothes. Junior then enters his private washroom and got changed.

Junior then exits the room and follows his father down to the ship that Mr. Brief had made for his father so he could train himself under increase gravity like Goku did. Junior didn't say anything as was becoming custom since his arrival on Earth.

He didn't feel the same way he used to about the planet. It felt cold and foreign to him, instead of the comfort that he thought he would fine. Here he had to deal with Goku and Chi-Chi strange attempts to make him fit in but the truth was he didn't want to fit in.

The morning training went like the others before hand. Vegeta and he would warm up themselves with Vegeta definition of a light workout before sparing against one another. Junior liked training with his father or Piccolo because they were one of the only things that never seem to change.

Vegeta and Piccolo still pushed him into being the best fighter he could be and even help him not depend on the power of a super sayain whenever the fight got too much for him. Junior even tried to help his father understand the transformation but yet to no success.

"So are you actually starting school today?" asked Vegeta as he aimed a punch towards Junior which he quickly dodge.

"Yeah, "stated Junior blocking a kick aimed for his head.

"And you're doing so because?"

"Trust me it's easier then fighting with her."

"Since when are you scared of a human?"

"I'm not," stated Junior as he landed a good punch to his father knocking him back a bit. "There's just no point in arguing with her. She has some dream about her son becoming a scholar."

"I see," stated Vegeta. "But I thought you made it clear to her that you aren't Gohan anymore."

"I thought I did but she and a few others are convince that Gohan and I are the same person and we're not."

"So why are you doing this then?"

"I promise her I would give it a shot. However I doubt it is going to work out. "

Vegeta nodded and continue the training session with Junior who manages to avoid or block every one of his attacks. Vegeta could tell that Junior had improved greatly over his time in space and was extremely proud of the warrior he was becoming. However, soon the fight was stopped when Bulma appear on a holographic screen.

"VEGETA!" yelled Bulma.

"What do you want now Woman?" asked Vegeta glaring at the screen.

"It's time to stop that stupid noise and come down for breakfast," stated Bulma.

"I'll eat later woman."

"No you'll eat now or you won't eat at all got it mister."

"Who do you think you are telling me what to do?"

Junior sighed and made her way over to the gravity machine and turned it off knowing that there wasn't going to be anymore training this morning. He then exits the ship and made his way up to his room and into his bathroom. There he remove his training clothes and got into the shower and wash away the stiffness that came with each and every training session these days.

Junior stood there in silence as the warm water relaxes his muscles. His mind began to flash back to his former life to when he would bathe with Goku after a long day. Junior push those thought aside and quickly finish up his shower. He then got changed into clothing for suitable for the local public school.

Junior made his way down towards the kitchen and grabbed a cold glass of milk from the fridge. Bulma glanced over him and Junior had to admit that Bulma wasn't that hard to put up with. A little annoying at times perhaps but outside that there wasn't really anything that bad about her.

"Well I'm glad to see at least one person here listen to me," stated Bulma.

"My father doesn't listen to anyone but himself," said Junior. "Trust me if it wasn't for the fact I have to go to school I would be training as well."

"I think it's rather sweet that you are listening to Ch-Chi."

"Well it's better then arguing with her, besides I said I would try it. To be honest I don't think I am going to like it very much."

"You never know you might just like it. According to Chi-Chi you used to really like studying."

"That was before. As I have tried to tell everyone the person you knew as Gohan doesn't exist anymore. He's gone and in his place is Junior. We are two very different people."

Bulma was about to say something but stopped when Vegeta enter and Junior could tell that he wasn't exactly very happy. Junior sighed and grabbed an apple as made his way towards the door.

"Junior aren't you hungry?" asked Bulma knowing how much food sayains usually ate.

"Not really. It comes from living on a planet where food is ration. I've learned how to manage my hunger and how to look for other forms of energy," stated Junior as he open the front door. "Father?"

"Yes?" asked Vegeta as he glanced at his adopted son.

"I am going to spend some time with Piccolo after school so I won't be back for our late afternoon training session," stated Junior.

Vegeta said nothing but nodded and with that Junior exit the building and made his way to what he would assume would be the worst possible challenge of his life.