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~ 4 Years Later ~

Junior sat in his ship heading towards the Planet Earth. The war had ended on Xerson and he had spent the last four years searching the planets and destroying any signs of Frieza's Empire. During his travels he had a run in with King Cold but he was quickly dealt with. He had heard rumors of Cooler was around but he had yet to see any sign of him so he figure it was best to let things go for now and move onwards. After much thought Junior decided he couldn't keep running from his past and that he would have to face it.

Over time Junior had manage to gather a sense of who he was but there was still apart of him who couldn't help but wonder who he was. He now knew for sure that the answer didn't lie in space and that he would have to look elsewhere. Junior however also knew he couldn't return to way things were before. This time he would keep to himself and discover who he was without anyone influence. Thus, when he returned he planned to ask Bulma for a capsule house and move out to the wildness. He would still make time to train with his friends and family but he would spend a majority of his time reflecting.

Junior saw the planet that he had been born on approach and waited for the ship to land. He planned his landing just north of the spot where Piccolo had left him to fend for himself. Junior ship crashed landed on the hard ground and he exited the ship. Junior returned the ship to its capsule form and glanced around. He had raised his power level prior to landing so everyone would know he was here but there didn't seem to be any sign of anyone coming. Junior focused his thoughts and search outwards towards West City where he assumed his father would be only to find nothing. There didn't seem to be any sign of anyone he knew. Junior flew over the land and saw a few cities lying in ruins and landed in one to take a look. Destruction was everywhere and it was difficult to tell if it was recent or if it had been here for a while since there seem to be signs of both. When nothing could be discovered Junior continued onwards towards West City and towards Capsule Corp. but when he got there all he was met with was an eerie silence.

"Bulma?" yelled Junior entering the building. "Father?"

Junior saw a layer of dust on everything giving a look that none had lived here in quite some time. Junior reached out with his mind searching for something but there didn't seem any sign of life anywhere near the building. Junior exited the building and decided to see if he could find anyone. Junior flew over the planet looking at cities that had been destroyed. He found a few that seemed to be still alive and active but since he didn't sense any of his friends in them he decided to keep looking. Soon he found himself flying towards his former home with Chi-Chi and Goku. Junior figured that he might as well see if they were there, but he had yet to feel Goku's power level. As he got closer to the house he felt the familiar power level of two people he knew quite well. Bulma and Chi-Chi were there with at least one other person but he didn't recognize the power level. Junior landed outside the house and began to approach it.

"Bulma? Chi-Chi?" called Junior.

Junior stood outside as the main door was thrown open and Chi-Chi came running outside. He soon found himself pulled into a very tight hug. Junior gently pulled himself from Chi-Chi and saw Bulma was standing there with a little boy who looked to be about 5 years old in her arms.

"Junior?" asked Bulma. "Is that really you?"

"Yeah," replied Junior. "Where is everyone?"

Bulma and Chi-Chi looked at one another and Bulma carefully placed the little boy on the ground.

"Trunks, sweetie," began Bulma. "Why don't you go ahead and play for a bit while mommy and Aunt Chi-Chi talk."

"Okay," stated Trunks.

"Remember to stay close to the house at all times."

"Yes mom."

With that the little boy who Junior now realized was his adopted little brother Trunks take off and he turned to look at the two women he had come to care about for different reasons.

"Come inside," stated Bulma. "We'll explain everything."

So Junior followed them inside and sat down across from them at the table. Bulma and Chi-Chi were acting rather strange and seemed to be having a hard time telling them something.

"Junior, on the day that Vegeta and Piccolo return to Earth we receive news that there was an attack on Amendo Island. Everyone went to fight two androids known as 17 and 18. They…." Began Chi-Chi but soon found the words leaving her.

"They died didn't they?" asked Junior who had already began to fear that outcome but choose to remain silent until now.

"Yes, none manage to survive the attack," stated Bulma rubbing Chi-Chi arm to calm her down as she began to cry. "We've been living in fear ever since."

Junior mind filled with rage, he should have come back maybe he might have made a difference. He stood up so suddenly and went over to the window where he saw Trunks was playing but it wasn't like how he did when he was younger. Trunks didn't have the carefree look that kids his age should.

"How do I find them?" asked Junior.

"From what I can tell you can't sense them but their attacks are usually told over the radio, we always have it on for this reason," stated Bulma who was also now crying a bit but was fighting to maintain control.

Junior power rippled around him for a few seconds before he forced himself to remain calm. He now knew he had to protect what was left of this planet. He needed to make up for his mistakes. Junior looked over at Trunks and vowed if he could help it he would keep Trunks from having to spend his life in fear.

"Junior?" asked Chi-Chi.

"Do you have a room I can stay in?" asked Junior.

"You're staying?" asked Bulma looking at him.

"I was planning on staying anyway but originally I was going to live away from everyone but if things are this bad it would be better if I remain close," stated Junior. "Besides someone has to prevent more damage from being done and I'm the only one left to do so."

"We'll be happy to have you," stated Chi-Chi. "You might have to share a room with Trunks though," stated Chi-Chi calming down.

"Alright," replied Junior. "I'll be back later."

With that Junior exit the ship and flew to all the places he remember and realized that if he was going to figure out who he was he would have to protect what was left of his past.

"Androids, your days are coming to an end," stated Junior as he stood in Piccolo's favourite spot to mediate. "I vow that I will defeat you, even if it takes every last breath in my body."

The End

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