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'My story is a difficult one to tell but I hope that through these pages, I can help you understand some of the many trials I faced over the years and perhaps, I just

might be able to come to terms with some of my ghosts demons and finally find peace. This is my story and I can only pray that it can prevent what happened to

me from happening to another.'

"No, that isn't right." said a black haired female with an exasperated sigh as she crossed out the lines she just wrote "I'm not getting anywhere with this. Why did I

ditch home in the first place? At least there I had a good job, but no, I had to leave with the notion that I could be a big time writer. A year later and no one has

even considered me for publishing. One more stop. If I can't make it big in Edge, then I'm going home." She tossed her notebook and pen into her messenger bag

before slipping it on as she stood up. She dusted off the seat of her denim cargo pants and her hand-me-down SOLDIER boots before adjusting the strap of her

sword so that the five and a half foot long rapier style sword rested comfortably across her back. She was a bit warm in her black turtle neck but the lack of sleeves

made up for that as did the fact that her hair was short and stood up in a way that made it resemble a chocobo.

"Well, I'm off once again. This is your last chance Caley." she said as she swung a leg over her bike, the light catching her pistol sized gunblade and the regular pistol

that hung on her belt as she did so, and started the engine "Look out Edge, here I come!" She pulled her goggles down from their position on her forehead so that

they covered her eyes and she pulled her red scarf up over the lower half of her face before she took off down the road.

Cloud let out a sigh and took another sip of his drink before going back to looking through the boxes he had received from Rufus Shinra. They were filled with

numerous items that had belonged to his late friend Zack Fair and some of the items belonged to Zack's mentor, a now dead SOLDIER called Angeal Hewley. Why

Rufus had given them to him was beyond Cloud but he could only guess that he was trying to make up for what had happened to him and Zack all those years ago.

His hand brushed against a wooden frame and he carefully pulled it out of the box and examined it. It was a picture frame and Cloud took a moment to study the

picture. It was a picture of a teenage Zack with and older looking, black haired SOLDIER that he assumed was Angeal, an auburn haired man, Sephiroth, and a four

year old girl that was being held by Angeal. The girl resembled Angeal quite a bit, from the color of her hair and eyes to her smile. There was a second female in the

picture standing next to the auburn haired man. She was about twenty-two with had short silver hair that stood up in odd angles in a manner similar to his own hair

and she wore a blue leather jacket. Cloud knew her fairly well, having met her through Zack and worked with her until she had been killed during Avalanche's quest

to defeat both ShinRa and Sephiroth. Tali Zephyra was her name and she had been a good friend. She had been killed by Sephiroth and had left behind a daughter

that was currently being looked after by Vincent Valentine. No one knew why, but the former Turk gunman had taken a liking to the young girl from the moment

he met her and he would protect her rather fiercely if the need arose. Speaking of Vincent, Cloud picked up his cell phone and looked at the caller id, raising an

eyebrow when he saw that it was Vincent who was calling. Opening his phone, he put it up to his ear.

"This is Cloud." he said.

"Cloud, this is Vincent." said the voice on the other end.

"Vincent?" said Cloud "You normally don't call, usually we have to call you."

"Did someone give Yuffie my number?" asked Vincent.

"I'm not sure." said Cloud "We told everyone to not give Yuffie your number, so I don't know how she got your number."

"Well could you please inform her to stop calling me." said Vincent "I don't enjoy having her wake me up at three in the morning."

"I'll be sure to tell her." said Cloud.

"Thanks." said Vincent before hanging up. Cloud sighed and hung up the phone before putting it into his pocket.

"Sometimes I wonder how he manages to survive while taking care of a ten year old girl." he said before looking back into the box.

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