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"It feels so good to be home again!" said Caley, stretching her arms as she walked off of Cid's Gummi Ship. Nanaki, Vincent, and Faye disembarked with her.

"I agree." said Nanaki as he stretched as well "So are you going to head for home?"

"Yeah." replied Caley "I'm going to introduce Vincent and Faye to my mother and maybe my step-father, if he's in town."

"Well, I'll stop by later." said Nanaki "Just to see how things are going."

"Alright, see ya." said Caley with a smile before Nanaki ran off.

"So where are we going?" asked Faye as she grabbed Caley's hand while still holding Vincent's hand.

"To see my mother." replied Caley as she lead them through the village.

"Is she nice?" asked Faye.

"Very." replied Caley with a smile "And hopefully, my step-father is in town."

"I have a feeling," said Vincent "This is going to be a very interesting meeting."

"Just wait and see Vincent." replied Caley as they approached a nice looking house located just a couple dozen feet below the Observatory. Going to the front

door, Caley took a deep breath before knocking. Several moments ticked by before the door was opened by a very familiar Turk.

"Elena?" said Caley "What are you doing here?"

"Hello, Caley," said Elena "We all came down for a visit to see the babies!"

"Babies?" said Caley.

"Yeah," replied Elena "Kira had twins and she just got back from the hospital yesterday." Elena moved so that Caley and her guests could come in before

yelling "Hey! Boss! Caley's back!" Caley noticed Vincent's look that seemed to question the Turks presence in the house but before Caley could answer, her

step-father came down the stairs.

"Caley." he greeted as he walked up to them before glancing at Vincent and Faye "Vincent Valentine, Faye."

"Tseng." Vincent returned in greeting.

"So you two know each other?" said Caley as she looked between the two men "You know, I really shouldn't be surprised by that."

"We meet three years ago." said Vincent "During the whole Jenova Incident."

"Of course." said Caley.

"So why is he here?" asked Tseng.

"Well, this isn't the way I want to do all this." said Caley "But this is my new boyfriend. Vincent, this is my step-father, Tseng." Reno leaned out of the


"Did I just hear right?" said the obnoxious red head "Does little Caley have a boyfriend?"

"Shut it Reno." said Caley with a growl "Before I need to remind you why you've been on probation for the last month and a half." The red head always

seemed to get on her nerves rather easily but thankfully, Caley had black mail and she had even gotten the red head on probation with said black mail. Reno

held his hands up in a surrender gesture as he disappeared back into the kitchen. Caley sighed before looking at Tseng.

"Where's my mother?" she asked.

"Upstairs." replied Tseng.

"Right." said Caley before turning to Vincent "Will you be fine down here or would you like to come with me?"

"I'll go with you." said Vincent as he warily eyed the Turks.

"Alright." said Caley "Follow me." Vincent nodded before he followed Caley up the stairs with Faye just ahead of him and he didn't miss the look Tseng was

giving him as he disappeared up the stairs.

"So that was your step-father?" asked Vincent "Tseng wasn't exactly the Turk I'd believe to be a family type."

"Neither did I when I first met him." said Caley "But he gained my respect by saving my life from a psychotic, mako enhanced maniac who was going to slice

my throat open." Vincent didn't say anything and he appeared to be deep in thought as they stopped in front of an open door. A soft smile graced Caley's face

and she walked in by herself while Vincent and Faye waited outside. Caley walked up to her mother, who was just laying a baby wrapped in a pink blanket into

a crib that was next to a crib with a baby in a blue blanket in it.

"Mother." said Caley and the auburn haired woman turned around. Her eyes widened before she hugged Caley.

"Caley." said Kira as she pulled back and took a good look at her oldest daughter "I was so worried about you."

"Well, I came back." said Caley.

"That you did." she replied before hugging her daughter again "Caley, these are your new siblings. Your sister, Elain, and your brother, Leon."

"They're both so cute." said Caley as she looked at the babies.

"I know." said Kira with a smile "You were this cute at one point as well, you know." Caley blushed out of embarrassment before remembering her guests.

"Mother." said Caley "I have someone I want you to meet."

"Who?" asked Kira. Caley turned and motioned for Vincent to come in.

"Mom, this is my boyfriend." said Caley as Vincent moved to stand by Caley's side.

"Hello." said Kira as she held out her left hand "I'm Kira Hewley."

"Vincent." he said as he shook he hand with his right hand "Vincent Valentine. It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Hewley. Caley has spoken rather highly of


"Well aren't you charming." said Kira with a smile.

"Oh, and this is Faye." said Caley as Faye came shyly into the room "She's Vincent's adopted daughter."

"Hi." said Faye with a charming smile.

"Well aren't you adorable." said Kira "It's nice to meet you Faye."

"It's nice to meet you as well." said Faye.

"That's so sweet." said Kira "She's polite as well!" Kira smiled widely before looking at Vincent and Caley "How about we all go downstairs and have some


"Sounds wonderful." said Caley "Doesn't it Vincent?" Vincent nodded.

"Yes it does!" said Faye before they all went downstairs. Caley and Faye went into the kitchen with Kira, leaving Vincent in the living room with four Turks

that were previously his enemies and with the partial glare Tseng was giving him, Vincent knew this could not end well.

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