Lingering and swirling by the ceiling, steam billowed out from the little glass box with a lazy air of nonchalance. Effortlessly it floated down to cover every corner, every inch of the bathroom with hot, hazy mist.

Mirrors in the bathroom reflected nothing, white fog clinging to their surface with desperation. As time ticked by with excruciating slowness, vapor gradually condensed back into water droplets. Dripping...dripping...wet...

Long since turned cold, icy water continued to pour from the showerhead in streams. No matter. China enjoyed the way the cold water splashed on his face. The water quenched his insatiable thirst. He was burning alive on the inside, the fiery trail left on his skin by Russia's roaming, talented hands made him pant with need. The delicious contrast of the chilly water to his front and the scorching heat of Russia's cock spreading him, filling him was almost more than he could bear.

Just almost.

China's hand banged against the glass pane, leaving behind a misty handprint. Tossing his head back a tortuous moan was ripped from his throat as water continued to pour on his heated face.

Eyes filled with lust and want, Russia chuckled. He loved the way China exclaimed his passion with abandon. A satisfied cat purring, Russia licked China's neck, lapping up the water trickling down his soft, soft skin. "How lovely you are, Yao," he whispered tenderly against the Chinese's sensitive ears.

Not fooled by the gentle words that belied Russia's cruel actions, China bit back a pitiful whimper. He could feel Russia's dick slide into him with sickening deliberateness. Inch by inch he was filled until he was full with the Russian's cock. Stretching, stretching to his limit to accommodate such a big cock in his tight ass, he could feel himself almost coming. Coming. Coming..! When suddenly, inch by inch, Russia would then slide out of him with unbearable slowness. His pre-cum mixing with the bath water, China was aware how painfully aroused he was and yet thanks to Russia's turtle slow pace, he was unable to come.

Using all his strength, China tried to forcefully push back his hips, but Russia held onto him firmly. He felt Russia's breath on his skin as the Russian let out a breathy laugh. "Now, now, Yao. Slow and steady wins the race, da?"

Slowing down his already unhurried rocking, Russia let out a silent groan as he pushed himself back into his little lover's velvet heat. He enjoyed the way his cock would leisurely slide in China's milky, white ass before leisurely sliding back out. Although driving China mad with desire was simply an added bonus to his slow love making, it wasn't his goal. No. What Russia enjoyed as he watched China swallow his shaft little by little was his slow and gradual claim over the older man. Sex was the only way he had complete possession of Yao and he was going to enjoy every second of it.

"I...Iv-" Wanting to tease China bit more, Russia suddenly decided to slam his cock into China's ass hard. "YIWAN!"

"Mm, yes?" Russia kissed the back of China's neck, leaving behind tiny love bites wherever he could. "Was there something you wanted?"


Russia reached around him, his fingers curling around China's engorged erection. "Stop? Stop what?" He asked with mock innocence even while his hands began pumping China's cock faster and faster, his own cock thrusting into the smaller nation with an almost frantic frenzy.

"Don't," China gasped, practically sobbing from relief, "Don't stop!"

"Your wish is my command, my tiny sun."

At last, having played enough, Russia assaulted him from behind. Pressing, pushing, slamming into him harder and harder until all China could do was moan, his entire front body plastered against the wet tile wall, water spraying all over them.

"Yao, Yao, Yao." Over and over again, China heard his name huskily panted into his ear. China reached behind him and pulled Russia down for a hard kiss to shut up the desperate plea. He didn't need a distraction from the coiling sensation he could finally feel building up inside him. His tongue plunged into Russia's mouth, invading, taking just as Russia was doing just the same to him beneath.

Breathing was becoming difficult. The air was muggy from the fog and the scent of their love making. They panted, they gasped, their bodies soaked with sweat and water clinging to each other as a white, hot fire tore through their bodies with numbing pleasure.

His cum spilling hard into China's ass, Russia yelled out one, single word.


A/n: (Read on for the deleted scene)

This fic came from two different sources: the convo I had with ~Luna-Veil about Ivan yelling "VODKA!" as he came and a convo with WhiteWings9 about smex in the shower.

Took me approximately 3 years to finally get down to write it, but at least I did it lol (have I really been in the fandom for 4 years now 0_O?). Although the smut scene somehow got out of hand, I needed something to write or else I'll truly fall out of the RoChu fandom. What better way than to write smut? LOL. I tried to keep the details minimal and yet it was still more descriptive than what I planned! But really, I'm rusty (and wasn't good with R18 scenes to begin with)

I took out this part because I didn't think it was as funny.

Trembling from the aftermath of having pure, unadulterated ecstasy coursing through him, his skin still tingling from the feeling, China laid his forehead against the cool tile. With precise, calm movements, he turned off the showerhead, the handles squeaking as he did so. The sound of running water finally gone, China finally turned around to face Russia, a sad, curious smile on his lips. "Ivan, what did you say when you came in me?"

Russia tilted his head in thought. "I don't remember. I didn't even know I said something."

"You didn't?" China said, his words perhaps a bit too serene from someone who just had sex. "You really don't remember?"

Russia shook his head. "No?"

"Then allow me to tell you." China snapped, his eyes glaring straight into Russia's. "You yelled out,'Vodka' when you came. Vodka!" He poked a finger hard into the Russian's chest. "WHO THE HELL YELLS OUT VODKA WHEN THEY COME? HUH?"

Grabbing onto that hand that was viciously poking holes into him, Russia thought for a moment on how to reply before finally smiling. "Now, now, Yao Yao, you shouldn't be jealous. You'll always be my desired spouse. " He leaned in to give China a peck on the lips. "But Vodka's my first love and my favorite sleeping companion. I can't help it if it's on my mind 24/7." Russia grinned down at the shorter nation. "Even if I'm doing it with you."


"Yes, Yao Yao?"

"Don't make me push you out the airplane again. Once was embarrassing enough."