Disclaimer – I don't own Bleach. This is one of my 'sequels' to Admiration, though I don't think that fanfic needs to be read to understand what is going on in this fanfic.


Having your captain leave his final words to you, that ought to be a happy thing for a Lieutenant.
~ Matsumoto Rangiku ~

As Ichimaru Gin entered the grounds of the vast dessert with the other three captains, he felt somewhat restless having left Rangiku behind like he had. The fact that the small taicho had his blood splattered across the housing units of the forty-six didn't help the feeling either. These events couldn't be helped though and he knew full well that no one would come to trust him after this, but that was all part of his plan. Or was it?

"Did you have to kill the small taicho?" Gin asked with a tone of pity in his voice. "He's still a kid you know, even though he won't admit it."

"I gave him a blow that will let him live under Unohana's hands," Aizen smirked. "I haven't yet had a chance to manipulate him like I did you and I hope that some of my words will do that to him… manipulate his heart so that it becomes filled with bitterness and quell the strength of his fighting blade."

Tosen had moved on by now ahead of the two. Gin frowned at the response he was given. "What exactly do you mean by that?"

"His taicho is in fact alive in the living world, a fact I rather hid from you Gin. My words to the boy were 'admiration is the furthest thing from understanding', correct? I wasn't just referring to Hinamori's admiration of me but of the fact that the boy truly did admire his former taicho. If they were to meet again, the boy would easily come to trust the former captain of the tenth. However, I am hoping my words cause the opposite effect as doubt will be placed in his mind," Aizen smirked.

Gin only frowned at this. "In other words the goal is to make him distrust the man deeply?"

"If not distrust, then bring to surface a lot of the hurt and pain that he is dealing with," Aizen gave a small chuckle. "One thing, can change everything..."