From the sounds of Tomo Atsuo's words, it was apparent that while the man's memories were foggy, he was still able to derive a conclusion, making it so that he had a vague idea of what was going on. It also seemed that the man happened to be seeking out those memories so that he would be able to, one might say, find himself.

Hitsugaya found himself in rather shock. He in one way, envied the man, as the man was striving to be who he was, even if it meant that soul society might turn on him, what with some of the laws that were there and might make it hard for him to return, or treat him like a traitor. It was also having some problems seeking in.

He also realized that he had pushed his feelings aside, in a way that was detrimental to not just himself, but also to another person. If he hadn't reacted negatively, and had tried to talk it out, the substitute soul reapers friend wouldn't have gotten hurt. This ate at him a bit, and when he got back to the house, he headed to the place that he felt the most secure.

It was there that Isshin ended up finding him. The man happened to sit down, and just stare out at the stars, not saying anything to the small boy. He had a typical Isshin smile on his face. Toshiro finally spoke up. "When you yelled at me at the school, it wasn't because you were angry at me, was it?"

"What are you talking about?" Isshin stated, asking for further detail, though he likely knew what the boy was talking about.

"When you took me to get registered for … elementary school. There was a point that I nearly bolted out of the room. It wasn't because you were angry at me. You were trying to stop something like what happened a few days ago from happening."

Isshin gave the small, white haired boy a weak smile. "Sorry that I made you think I was angry at you Shiro-chan. I really didn't mean to make you feel that way."

The two remained silent for awhile, and then Toshiro spoke up again. "I apologize for being such a pain. When I said that I hated you, I didn't mean it. I am glad to see you again."

"I know you didn't," the man stated. "So… what are you going to do about the fact that you found out I've been down here all the time?"

"I don't see the point in saying anything, as long as your powers are gone. I'll say something if you happen to get your powers back. Toshiro took a deep breath.

"Promise me, you'll do that, if that does happen," Isshin stated.

"It isn't as if your powers are going to come back," the boy stated, shrugging off the whole thing.

"Promise me… so I know that you won't run the risk of getting in trouble with Soul Society." Isshin gave him a look.

"Promise me," the man stated, having his own reasons.

"Fine, I promise," Toshiro shook his head, thinking it was simply another one of his taicho's quirks.

Isshin gave Toshiro a smile. "Out of all my kids, you are the one who causes me the most worry, you know that?"

Toshiro gave the man a weak smile, then went back to looking at the stars. There was a lot to be said, but most he wasn't ready to say, or it without having to say it in words.

Author's note – So, this is the last chapter. Does this mean the story is over? Far from it, as the truth is, I tend to break up my stories into sections. The story is continued, in Understanding II: School Daze.