The Long Mile Home

Lily's POV

Lined up in single file, all torches maxed out and we're ready to cut through the canyon filled with raptors. Well fuck me; this is some big ass suicide mission. I really can't see how all of us can make it.

'Move as fast as can…' Riddick tells all of us.

'…keep Jack between you' we get ready to run.

'Move!' Riddick orders,

'Are you sure you can keep up?' Fry asks,

'MOVE!' Riddick yells.

I push Fry forward who's on point; I'm behind Fry, while Jack's behind me. Imam and his boy behind us and lastly Riddick taking the rear, somehow keeping pace with power cells that weigh 200 hundred pounds. I hear the predators launch themselves at us; the infants come first, streaming right into our faces but veering off repulsed by the light. Then I hear the feral sounds of the big boys above us, it sounds like they're fighting with each other. Good, eat each other up, leave us alone.

'Do not look up!' something blue splats on my arm, yeah I was right. They're having a fight right above us.

'They're killing each other' Fry shouts! Even more evidence.

'Move!' Riddick shouts.

'Keep moving Fry!' I shove Fry again as the rain of blue showers upon us; even entrails drop down on us too. Yuck. Corpses start crashing in our path and we zig zag around them. Soon we hit a narrow valley of bones; somehow Riddick has taken the lead and rushes ahead while the rest of us wade through the gore.

I make it through the bodies when I hear Jack calling after Riddick, taking a step forward. A raptor lands down in front of her. Aw hell! She's falls back, scrambling away from it.

'Jack!' my sword already drawn I pounce at the raptor, sinking my sword into its neck. Forcing it to fall to the ground, the blade eager for more blood slashes across the soft belly of the beast, its contents all over the floor, and the raptor lays stills.

I pant heavily, it may have sounded easy but it was fucking hard. These bad boys are tough. Don't think I can go up against another one anytime soon, I mean this fucker slashed my arm with its tail even though I stabbed it in the throat; the blood dyes my not so white shirt.


'Th-anks Lily'

'Yeah, it's no biggie. But seriously you're killing me here Jack, don't go running off!'

'Sorry…' she mumbles

'Good' I take a deep breath; I hear Riddick's done with his dancing partner too.

'He did not know who he was fucking with' spitting at the body in front of him.

Fry and Imam soon join us, carrying the last holy boy. His leg bleeding. Shit we've got too many bleeders now, a fucking beacon to the raptors.

We keep going, and finally the canyon widens, like the doors opening to sweet Heaven. And then I feel a drop on my head? More blood? I hear the torches splitter and splutter.

'Oh no, oh no, oh no' Fry moans

Rain. Well that's bloody well done! Cheers again bad luck! Fucking make the situation a lot fucking worse! Then right on cue, I hear screams and the clicking sound. I turn in time to see the last holy boy get hauled up into the air. Fuck, we're dropping like flies! Then we're all drenched in seconds as the drops of rain become a monsoon. Riddick's starts chuckling quietly, then its full blown laughter, a maniac cackle. Talk about creepy.

'So, where the hell's your God now?' he asks Imam, who's staring up in to the sky. Tears and rain streaming down his face, beads in hand, mumbling words in Arabic. On any other day I'd agree with Riddick but that's too cruel. Ha! Seems like I'm giving up too, probably reason why I'm being so nice. Come on, we're not going to make it, my body feels heavy, I'm hungry and tired. My clothes are soaked and I'm cold. We were never going to make it. I'm just going to lie here, and take a nap, waiting for whatever to come and kill me. Riddick climbs a muddy slope, looking at the landscape below,

'Are we close?' Fry asks, he doesn't reply.

'Just tell me that the settlement is right there! Please!' she's begging, praying the settlement is there.

'We can't make it' he says quietly, even I heard a hint of sadness. Though despite my exhausted state I notice he's gripping the cells quite tightly, nails digging into his palm, a sign that someone's lying. The whole group's silent, not sure what to do but we can hear the distant sounds of the god awful creatures. Riddick splashes down, and walks to a crevice and tells everyone to hide in there.

I turn my back on him, finding some ounce energy to drag myself up the same slope Riddick was on, standing up I see the settlement as clear as day. That lying motherfucker! I slide down the muddy wet slope, throwing the scabbard off my sword, preparing to confront him. Just in time to see him move a rock in front of the crevice and I notice his aura has returned, a big black monster of a flame. I haven't looked at it for even a second before images force their way into my mind and I bite my lip, drawing blood as my head feels like it's splitting in two. Nails digging into the soft muddy ground. Then I snap out it, breathing heavily. Fuck! I saw everything, countless, brutal murders and harsh conditions in prisons. Not to mention faces of my mother and faces of me as a child. Aw fuck it hurts. Gripping the sword I stab into the ground and use it to help me stand up, fuck everything hurts! I then hear movement behind me. Aw fuck! I feel more pain and black out immediately.

Riddick's POV

I haul Lily over my shoulder; I hold the handle of her scabbard in my mouth and continue to the settlement, with the four cells trailing behind. Yeah so I'm a bad father using my child's weakness against her, but anything goes to ensure her safety.

I board the skiff, and laying Lily on the bench. I get to work. Connecting the power cells to the battery bay and the ship flickers to life, I go to close the hatch when I notice soft footsteps behind me. Ah, so she woke up, I turn to face her, our eyes locking. Her face at the moment is quite expressionless.

'So, you're my father huh?' she asks quietly

'Yeah' a genuine smile on my face happy that she knows.

She tilts her head considering something before crossing her arms and in a dead pan voice she says,

'Well before we re-enact the emotional scene where long lost father and daughter jump into each other arms and tell their life stories to one another, let's go get the others' a smirk on her face.

I can't help but laugh.

Lily's POV

Shit! he got me real good. He understood my ability well, using it to his advantage, boy what a father, now I know why mum didn't want me to meet him. She probably predicted something like this would happen, meaning that however way we'd meet; we'll end up confronting each other. As soon as I came to and found myself on the skiff I knew what I wanted to do.

He's laughing as if I said the funniest joke ever, even clutching his ribs. Well this may take a while.

'Laugh all you want but I promised Fry I would take care of them' I tell him determinedly.

He stops laughing, 'Didn't think you'd mistake me for someone who gives a fuck'

'Oh I know you gave a fuck! All those fatherly advice, annoying tugs on my collar, saving me and not them, how is that not giving a fuck?'

'The only person who I was gonna save was you and that's final' with that he turns rounds, as if this conversation has ended. Fine, I don't mind playing a dangerous game.

'Fine! I'll save them myself' revolving round I grab my sword that's leaning just there, placing it on my back and I head down the gangway, ignoring the cold rain on my already freezing body. I take three steps on the thick, flooded ground when I hear the thundering footsteps come for me. I grip the handle of my combat knife tightly.

Riddick's POV

Sparks fly as our blades hit, the sparks reflect in her eyes showing her fiery, headstrong resolve. She'd go all the way to save them. Admirable. She slams her other palm into my wrist, my blade drops to the ground, while hers flies forward scratching my cheek. For someone so tiny she fights well. I push my arm forward, aiming to punch but she falls to the ground, tripping me up and I fall on back, brown water splashing around me. Let's see just how far she'll go. I feel the tip of her diamond silver blade touch my throat, her eyes have gone purple, almost jaguar like. The eyes of a predator. So I'm going to be killed by my own flesh and blood heh didn't see that coming. She stares down at me, no hint of mercy in those eyes; I can feel the sword begging to cut into my flesh. But it doesn't come; she clicks her tongue in annoyance, withdrawing her sword away from me.

'Father, I'm not wrong in saying that you lost on purpose?' arms crossed, she looks down at me in amusement,

'I didn't think you wanted to die that badly' What? Was she faking? Wait? Did she call me father?

Lily's POV

'You're too damn stubborn' whipping my wet hair out of my hair, I hold out my uncut hand. He looks at it confused. Poor sod must have thought I'd seriously kill him.

'I was trying to make you see things my way'

He grabs my hand, his face looking up at me in curiosity. Then breaking into a grin, my arm is suddenly yanked forward and I crash face first into puddles of muddy dirt water. W-Why? That…that bastard! I cough out the water.

'What the fuck was that for!' I ask, he's better have a good answer. He gets up before turning to me,

'Dishonouring your father' he holds out his hand, looking smug.

I arch an eyebrow, 'Ever heard of thou shall not kill?' grabbing his hand.

'Nah, must have slept through that one' he pulls me and walks back up to the crevice; I follow, surprised at this sudden turn of events. Was he testing me?

We reach the small crevice with no problems and Riddick moves the stone, I enter the small hole,

'Yo, you guy ok-'I'm the pulled in a tight hug from both Jack and Fry. I feel Jack shaking; she must have thought I left her. I'm not that cruel. Well not anymore.

'She thought you had died' Fry tells me her hand ruffling through my soaked hair.

'Yeah, like I'm gonna die that easily' I tell Jack who finally let's go.

'You're all covered in mud' she says through tears.


Even Riddick joins in the chorus of laughter.

'We need more light' I say emerging from the cave with Jack.

'We have this' Fry arises from the cave carrying two bottles of…glow worms? Of course they would be the only things that would survive this hell of a planet. We head for the settlement, protected by the meagre light of two glow-worm bottles; we grip each other hands, ready to make the final charge.

'Keep together' Fry says,

'Let's do this!' adrenaline pumping through me.

'God is with us'

'When I go, we go, full throttle' the final plan.

We run, and run, we're not far from the settlement when I notice a raptor behind us, I reach for my gun,

'Lily! Get the group to the skiff' Riddick's already blocking my way facing the creature.

'Huh? What about you?' I look up at his back which seems so large yet so distant. Why?

'Need to finish this motherfucker'

'By yourself?'

'Lily you know the way!'

'We're not leaving you here on your own!'

'Fry, take Lily and the others and go' he shouts over his shoulder

'Okay sure' she grabs my hand and drags me away as I stare at Riddick's back, why does it feel like it's going to disappear? What the hell is wrong with me?

'Wait, no Fry. Riddick! You better come back in one piece! Ya hear me you son of a bitch!' Practically bellowing it at him.

He smiles over his shoulder, his mouth forming words but the heavy shower of rain drowns out his words. Why is he smiling like that?

Riddick's POV

'Yeah I will' Shit she's really getting to me, since when did I become such a softie huh? I turn back to the creature, earlier I found out it has a blind spot. They have no eyes, instead sensors on either side of its hammer head shaped skull. I run up to it, and look in between the sensors. Their blind spot, it can't find me, and finally looks away. Now to head back to the skiff. Aw fuck! Another one lands behind me, I get my two blades out. This is gonna be messy

Lily's POV

We're still heading for the skiff, when I hear,

'ARRRGH' Riddick? Fuck! Something happened! I attempt to run back but I'm stopped my Fry,

'I'll go' say what?

'But you have no weapons'

'I'm captain of this ship, and I order you to take care of Jack and Imam, bring them to the skiff while I'll go over to Riddick'

I hand over one bottle of the glow worms, she nods and runs off heading to where Riddick is, while I lead the way back to the skiff.

Minutes later I'm pacing up and down, Imam and Jack waiting by skiff doors.

'What's taking so long?' I'm really anxious now

'Lily? It's only been a few minutes' yeah right! Seems like fucking hours!

'I'm gonna go, stay in the skiff, it's all lighted up so you'll be safe. I'll being them both back' I give my gun to Imam before heading off. I plunge into the darkness, using my night vision eyes to see through the darkness. Where are they? I sense a raptor coming for me, gripping my sword I get ready to stab. Huh? What's that? I focus in on it, oh shit no! Oh no! It can't be!

Clenching my teeth to stop the tears threatening to fall I slice down the raptor, it stumbles to the ground beside me and I give it one final jab, straight into its heart. I look at its bladed tail, and there's Fry, impaled straight her stomach. She's ain't going to make it, I kneel beside her. She's in a lot of pain, her skin deathly pale, eyes closed.

I grab her hand and her eyes slowly open and she smiles. Actually smiles! Her teeth stained with blood as it trickles the side of her chin

'H..hey' she struggles to talk, she hasn't got a lot of time left.

'I told you I'll go' I'm scowling at her but it's only to stop myself from crying.

She closes her eyes and chuckles, even though breathing causes pain.

'You..look after him' she opens her eyes, staring straight at me.

'Who? You mean Riddick?' does she know?

'…you won't shun him away…he can only keep his humanity…if…you're….the…re' She's really struggling to talk now, her breathing's laboured and her eyes are slowly misting over.

'I'm sorry' finally the tears flow, mixing with the rain.

She shakes her head, still smiling, and she's gone. Her hand falls from mine. I reach over her face and close her eyes. Hoping that death is the beginning of another life for her, she was a good person. I feel bad turning my back on Fry but I need to check if he's still alive.

Riddick's POV

Fuck! The two raptors overpowered me. It hurts, I'm bleeding. Then Fry came out of nowhere saying shit like she'll die for them but not for me. Ironic though, she's the one who gets stabbed, and taken away. Lily? I hear her voice. Is she safe? I fall to the ground but something stops me. I look down and there is Lily, trying her hardest to stop me from falling.

'Come one now, get a grip of yourself!' I push myself up, leaning on Lily. This girl doesn't listen does she? We walk slowly back to the skiff.

'You okay?' she asks


'Really? Even though you're bleeding?'

'Just a flesh wound'

'Flesh wound my ass'

'You know, I don't think father suits me. Try calling me Dad'

'Seriously? You want to have that conversation now?'

'Or papa? Papa suits me I reckon'

'Oh boy' I can feel her practically rolling her eyes.

Lily's POV

I collapse from bearing Riddick's weight outside the skiff, when Imam takes over. Jack lifts me too, giving me a piggy back to the skiff.

'Thanks' I tell her, she doesn't ask about Fry, I guess she knows.

Sitting in the co-pilot seat I finally relax, I need a nap. The hatch doors are closed, and Imam and Jack are buckled up. Riddick's ready to fly us out of here. But he switches off everything, so we're sitting in total darkness.

'What you doing?' Jack asks, worried.

I hear the raptors circle around, see them biting at the window, I glance to the side watching Riddick.

'We can't leave…' he says, pulling the lever down, the engine splutters to life.

'…without saying good night!' the engine fires up, charcoaling the raptors to death, and he ploughs through and soon we're flying up in to the star lit night sky and off this planet. I look through the window down at the planet, before giving the finger at it, and then I face the front.

Jack unbuckles her belt, and approaches us,

'So what happens now?' I budge up on my chair a bit so she can sit beside me.

'I guess we head for New Mecca' I still have a job there, hopefully it's still open.

'Yeah, would be a good place to start a new life' Jack agrees,

'Well, you all tell everyone that Riddick died, somewhere on that planet' Oh. Just dump us New Mecca and never look back! Shithead!

'But I'll spend some time with my kid before heading off' Jacks gasps, turning to look at me

'He's your father! You didn't tell me!'

'Believe me, I only found out recently' smiling to myself. What? Every child needs a father.

'So Lily? I just need to ask you something, do you have a boyfriend?' Jack giggles, and looks at me hoping I do.

'You really think there's someone who can put up with a person like me?'

'Hahaha I guess that's true, well better if you never found anyone'

'That kind of pisses me off, and I feel like finding someone just to spite you'

'Yeah, go ahead and try kid'

'You need to stop calling me kid, I know you missed out but you gotta accept that I'm an adult now'

'But still my kid'

Jack and Imam laugh at our odd father and daughter conversation.

Anyway, I'll always remember this experience. Not only because I finally met my father, which thankfully didn't end up being–Luke I'm your father- kind of thing. An old film but a classic favourite of mine. But also I finally connected with people, which is someone I've never really done; well only because I hated it. But from now on I'll try and be nice, I can't guarantee it what with my personality but I'll try. Well I think I'm up for a nap, my body is terribly exhausted. Night night.


Thank You for reading till the end! I hope you enjoyed it and had a lot of fun as I did writing it. I do have ideas for a possible sequel. Like a Chronicles of Riddick with Lily and a possible love interest. But we'll see.

Watch out for the new Riddick film which is out soon!

Much Love!

Pitch Black is not owned by me. Only Lily.

I got most of the detail information from:

~ The Chronicles of Riddick Wiki

~The first draft of the Pitch Black script

~and you tubing certain clips from the film