Sequel to Absent, Vacant and Empty


Yami has been with Marik and Bakura for almost a year now, but he's so tired. He just wants to sleep, but refrains for his lovers. Marik and Bakura realize that the nicest thing they can do for their love to finally let him sleep. Sequel to Absent, Vacant and Empty.

Bakura cried silently as he looked in the room where Yami was sitting at the window. The tri-haired yami looked so tired, so ready to be done with this life. He looked at Marik, who nodded, and they moved as one into the room.

Yami looked up, and gave a tired, half smiled, standing up slowly and painfully, thanking the gods he could remember who they were today. His seizures were getting worse and worse, as he had progressed into full scale tonic-clonic seizures. He had one every few days, and it made it hard for him to do simple things like walk and move around now. He spent most of his time in this bedroom.

He had been with Marik and Bakura for almost a half a year now, and while he loved him, he was so tired. He just wanted to lay down and sleep.

Bakura smiled, his eyes still holding a slight watery sheen as he took Yami's arm and led him slowly over to the bed, Marik beside him. They helped Yami into the bed, and helped him take off the brace and his glasses, and unbound his hair. Yami gave a tired smile and the two held back tears, knowing it would be better this way.

Bakura smiled at Yami, brushing his hair away from his face. "Yami...Marik and I wanted to let you know...that its okay for you to sleep now." Yami gave a small small back. "Really? I can sleep as long as I want too?" Marik gave a small smile too. "Yes Yami. We won't wake you up for your medicine or anything. You can sleep as long as you need."

Yami yawned, and smiled. "That's good...i've tired now....for a while..." He said, trailing off into silence as he closed his eyes for the last time, and slowly drifted away. Bakura and Marik sat there, waiting until he completely faded away, before letting their tears engulf their eyes and standing up.

Marik gently picked his body up, and they carried him downstairs. They carried him to the back yard and set his body on the silk covered altar. They stepped back and watched a single sheath of light surrounded the son of Ra. They held each other as Yami's body began dissolving, dissappearing in the glow of the light as Ra reclaimed his son.

"We love you Yami. Be happy." They said in unison quietly, closing their eyes as they prayed their love would be happy as he returned to his father.

Bakura walked slowly around Yami's old room, cleaning it up finally.

The room had been closed off since Yami had passed away almost six months ago. Marik was opposite him, slowly and with many grimaces of tears, going through Yami's clothes and personal effects.

All too soon, the room was emptied, and Bakura finally broke down into tears again, collapsing against the bed and screaming in pain and sorrow as he finally let his pain go. He turned and buried his face in Marik's chest, the blond yami's cheeks streaming with clear silent tears as they mourned their lost love.

Wow...sad....I neeeded to get this off my chest. And This wasn't actually supposed to happen...uh...yeah. I got depressed last night, and this happened...and i leave what I write. Thanks! :3