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Chapter Thirteen

The confession of a time agent

"That wasn't the end of it was it?" Jeremy said "doesn't look like it" Ryan clenched his fists Janto sat in his office "I'll be back in a minute" he went.

Janto had his fist under his chin there was a knock on the door "come in" Ryan walked in and shut the door "Rosina just contacted me the buildings around the bay were empty" "hm" Ryan walked to the desk "okay so who was Dax exactly he must of known you pretty well" Ryan folded his arms "Best friends"

"Lovers?" asked Ryan, Janto looked at him he nodded "hm I see" Janto closed his eyes "I promised myself I wouldn't turn into Jack bloody Harkness" Janto stated "but here I am huh". "Janto your nothing like your dad" "hm" he drunk out of the glass "is that Scotch?" Janto nodded "want some?"

-51st Century-

"Hello fellow time agent" a group all stood in a line "you are all here because you want purpose in your sad little lives" he said the commanding officer walked up to a younger Janto "Name agent and rank number" he said.

"Agent Jack-Ianto Harkness-Jones rank number 91142015" he shouted back "what do people call you for short?" he asked "Janto Sir" he told him "reason for being here, age and not in that order?" he said "19 years, 6 months, 2 days and I joined because my father was a time agent" Janto said "hm really"

"Sir yes sir" "ok" he stepped side ways and looked at another agent "name rank number" he asked "Dax Widget Rank number 771761172 sir" "age reason" he repeated "19 sir and because everyone else was doing it sir" there was snickers Janto smiled "joker huh?"

"I don't joke sir" Dax said.


"What a slave driver you'd think he's be easier on you because your dad runs this place" Dax laid on the bed "well he doesn't and get off my bed" "someone's grumpy" "no I don't like dirty boots on my clean bed" Janto put his shirt on "anyway…I think I should dye Colonel Embry's eyebrows pink" Dax sniggered Janto placed his hands on his hips and rolled his eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes at me" Janto pushed him off "I have to go and see the commander" Janto put his time agent jacket on "why don't you just say your going to see the guy who gave birth to you"

"because" he snapped "I'll see you later" Dax nodded.


Jack sat behind the desk reading there was a knock on the door "enter" the door opened Janto walked in Jack looked up and dropped the folder "how was it?" Janto nodded "it was good" Jack smiled "good…when's your first assignment?" Jack asked him "tomorrow" he said "good" it was silent "can I go now?" asked Janto "yeah" Janto left.


"I met this guy" "and" Janto looked over the book he was reading "yeah he works with alien exports" Dax sat down "I bet their illegal exports" Janto stated. "come I'll get him so you can meet him" "what makes you think I care" Janto turned the page in the book "don't be as spoil sport" "I don't want to get involved.

"fine I'll see you later" Dax left.


Jantpo typed something onto the wrist strap "ok you've got 21 hours to get in and out" in a flash Janto and Dax were disappeared "how do you think he'll do?" asked Embry.

Jack sighed "he has my determination and his tad's pride"


Janto fired the gun at the alien that was fighting Dax "come on it's up the next flight of stairs" Janto ran up and Dax followed, Janto kicked the door opened they walked in. Dax looked around "where about is it?" Dax said Janto walked up and held the gun and fired the lock blew off.

On the shelf was a little tie up bag Janto picked it "got it lets go" they turned another alien floated by the door Dax and Janto fired and ran back out.


51st Century 5 and half years later

"I need capable time agent to run Torchwood Cardiff" Jack stood up Janto, Dax and a few more stood up in front of him "I've narrowed it down finally" Dax had his fingers crossed behind his back "I want to make sure that Cardiff has a suitable leader" said Jack.

"May I speak freely Sir?" asked one "ok "why do you not want to lead Torchwood Cardiff sir?" he asked Janto closed his eyes "memories and times change" he sighed "and it will happen in 2017" Janto stood with his hands on his hips "ok the leader of Torchwood will be able to pick his own team" Jack said "ok" Dax licked his lips 'please please'

"Janto Harkness-Jones"

Janto walked out the room "you're a bastard you know that" Dax said Janto turned round "look I didn't ask for this Dax" he told him "mommy's little boy"

Dax walked off.


"So you he's jealous because you're here or not?" asked Ryan "that's the impression I got" Janto said "it's got to be something more than that anymore tales you want to tell me"

"Well what about when we met"


One and half years ago

"Excuse me we need a doctor here" Natalie stood with Janto he had blood on his shirt, collar and head "were kind of busy here today you going to have to wait for your turn" "it's ok Natz I can wait" said Janto "fine" they sat down "incompetence I'll tell you… if only we had a doctor in the hub" she said "I know I'm getting there I need to find the right one"

"Hi I'm Doctor O' Conner" Janto looked up Dr O' Connor smiled "that's a pretty nasty head wound" he said "yeah" Natalie sniggered "come right this way Mr." "Janto Harkness - hyphen - Jones" "ok Mr Harkness -Jones right this way" Janto got up and followed him "so how'd it happen?" "I was fighting a alien" "ooh ok… right" they entered the room "please take a seat"

"Ok I'm going to clean up some of that blood and were got from there" he took some out supplies "so how long have you been fighting aliens?" "I'd say 6 years" Dr O'Connor nodded and chucked the used wipes "your going need stitches" he poked and proded "ow" Hanto hissed "sorry… how did you really hurt yourself?"

"baseball bat"


"Back again I see" Janto stood hands on hips "I've come here to offer you a job" Ryan raised a an eyebrow "really what kind?" "I need a doctor or" Janto said "a personal doctor" he asked "in a matter of speaking yeah… I work for Torchwood have you heard of them?" Janto asked him "in passing vaguely" he said.

Janto took a card and held it out Ryan took it "if you ever decide you don't like your 9 to 5 job come and see me in the tourist information centre" "I doubt it"

Janto left.


"Hiro we brought chocolates" Janto and Ryan walked in "hey guys" Hiro was sat up in bed "thanks" they sat "your be running up in no time" Ryan ate one of the chocolates. "take some time off both of you" Janto told them Jeremy licked his lips "yeah about that" both Ryan and Janto looked at them "me and Hiro have talked this through" he said.

Hiro held his hand "what Jeremy is trying to say is were not coming back at all" Hiro explained "guys" Ryan said "I though you like Torchwood?" Ryan asked "we do but" "I understand" Janto said "you've had enough" "yes we.." Janto shook his head "no need to apologize honestly" smiled Janto "will you be ret conning us?" they asked.

"Yes it's procedure" Hiro nodded "ok" Janto stood up "did you know we can place false memories your still have each other its just you won't know anything about Torchwood" both Hiro and Jeremy looked at each other Hiro nodded "let's do it" Ryan looked away "everything's falling apart" Ryan said "everything" Ryan sighed.


Ryan turned off the computer then moved onto the next one he sighed Janto walked out of his office hands in pockets he stopped at Natalie's desk he sighed. All computer including Janto and Ryan's were off Ryan closed his eyes Janto walked next to him "start a new" Ryan mumbled Janto put his arm round him.

"Do you think we'd be able to handle it with just the two of us?" "I have no idea only time will tell" Janto stated "yeah"


Rosina put the files away she sighed and walked she picked up her jacket and walked out "Ro wait us" she stopped and turned round Gareth walked up he was in his plain clothes "Gareth hi" Gareth smiled "want to come for that bite to eat and drink now?" "sure" she took his arm "Chinese sound good to you?" he asked as they walked.



Ryan put his jacket on "I'll see you tomorrow" Janto nodded "see you" Ryan left Janto sighed and watched him leave he sighed and walked to his office.

A figure materialized.

Janto drunk out off a glass "is there enough for two?" Janto's head snapped up "Dad" Jack smiled and walked he took a chair "how's it been?" "hectic" Janto poured another glass for Jack "really?" Janto nodded "really" "everyone left early I see" Janto laughed "yeah they left for good"


Jeremy handed Hiro a glass they looked at it "so this is it huh?" Jeremy looked into the glass "yeah I guess it is" Hiro drunk "Bottoms up" Jeremy drunk.

They both fell asleep.


"Just you and the doctor?" Jack asked Janto nodded "hm…well I got something to cheer you up immensely" Jack grinned Janto raised an eyebrow. Jack stood up "come here" Janto stood and walked up to Jack "place your hand here" he did so Jack smiled "hold onto your hats" he pressed a button they disappeared.


"What a rush" Jack said they popped up Janto looked around "this is your office" Jack nodded "I'm not abandoning Torchwood if" Jack shook his head. "no that's not it…come on" they left.

Jack and Janto came to the door "ok what your goanna see behind this door does not go any further than me and you" Jack told him Janto nodded "ok then"


"Janto I for…not again" Ryan looked around the empty office "Janto" he said.


"Janto do you remember your rank number" Janto looked at him "yeah why?" they were in a small room it had private on the door Jack closed his eyes and it automatically locked. "access number" he started "go on Jan" Janto swallowed "91142015" "access granted Jack- Ianto Harkness - Jones and Jack Harkness" the auto voice said, Janto swallowed and licked his lips.

There was whirling sound a door opened Jack smiled Janto watched eyes wide a container appeared on the automatic arms the glass was frosted Janto walked up. Jack stepped next to him "I thought it was time" Janto wiped the glass he gasped and stepped back "yo-yo" he swallowed "clear room temperature" Jack said.

"clearing" the voice said the glass cleared purged in water electrodes covering chest and head completely naked floating Ianto Jones breathing.

"I saved him!"