Strangers in a Seedy Bar by Isabelle

Rating: PG-13

Fandom: Dark Blue

Ship: Dean/Jaimie, word COMPLICATED

Quickie: Set after 1.09, Dean finds Jaimie after she's broken up with Scott.

Prompt: for one of my oldest online friends, musing_mia, who requested it.


"Her eyes. She's on the dark side." Massive Attack

He saw her sitting by the bar. By herself. Small shoulder slumped forward, overall demeanor dejected. He sighed and slowly made his way through the scarce people in the place, hesitating slightly before taking the seat next to her. She didn't even spare him a glance, and he understood. She took a sip of her beer, bringing it slightly to her lips, letting her hair frame the contours of her face.

She was a pretty little lost thing, and he thought he saw himself reflected in the golden tone of her hair.

"So I dumped him," she announced, nodding and looking over at him. Expecting him to rejoice. Expecting him to take it as praise and hold it against all odds. "Happy?"

He sighed and took the drink offered to him by the bartender.

"Her name was Lisa," he started, unsure as to why the hell he was suddenly pouring anything other than his seed into her. Her jaw twitched, and he nodded. "She was a good girl, a nursing student. I can't say that I loved her… I can't say much of anything, really… but I did like how she smiled at me. It was nice. Woke with her in the mornings. Slept with her at night." He shrugged, unsure of where he was going with this.

Jaimie turned her body so that she was really looking at him, really listening to him, and it was different than any of their moments before. Usually she was all too ready to roll her eyes at him or deny anything was wrong with her or the world that she surrounded herself with.

"It was before Carter recruited me… I was working on this case, and… the guys found out who she was…" He took a long drink because his throat felt dry.

Jaimie blinked at him and if he were a hopeful man, he could've sworn she moved closer. He smelled her more; she smelled always the same. Full of mystery and awe, and he wondered if there was a time that her particular scent was not a comfort to him. This he would not allow himself to admit. So he drank a little bit more.

"… They found her and demanded that she tell them what she knew about me…" He laughed a little, though the entire story made his stomach feel like lead. "… Turns out she really didn't know anything about me other than how I liked my coffee…" And he was lost in memory.

"So they killed her," she finished for him, and he realized he had been lost in his own thoughts, with no concept of time. His eyes found her.

"She was a good girl," he said slowly. "But we're not good people. We're complicated and dark." His voice was so very low than he was sure she had to strain to hear him.

She nodded slowly.

They sat in companionable silence. "Thank you," she finally said and finished her beer, and before he knew it, she had slid over to him the same way he had slid over to her a few nights ago, intent on invading his personal space. He didn't mind. He took her in, her eyes were dark and her lips were parted, and her scent… Her scent filled him. He reached out and slowly tucked that blonde hair out of her eyes. Her eyes should never be hidden.

"What?" He asked, fully aware of what was what.

She smiled slightly. "Nothing." She replied and kissed him. What was it with them and complications?


The end.