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All about you-Mcfly

Skulduggery sat and watched Valkyrie sleep.

It was about 1.30 in the morning and they'd just got home from a case. They were in Gordon's mansion in the study.

Valkyrie stirred in her sleep and pouted. Skulduggery chuckled. She even got annoyed in her sleep. Nice.

Skulduggery found her sleep interesting, because he himself could only meditate. And of course, he'd never seen anyone sleep before; he found it interesting how she slept. Which we've already established.

Skulduggery looked around the room. It was a mess again.

Two days ago Skulduggery had made her tidy it because he couldn't get the door open. But Valkyrie had denied that statement because he used the window and not the door. He had made her tidy it anyway even though they hadn't got very far because Valkyrie had got bored and started throwing manuscripts at him.

There was a thick manuscript on the desk now.

It had 'Skulduggery Pleasant' printed across the front in Valkyrie's handwriting.

Inside, was a drawing of a skeleton with fire in his hand. He was wearing a familiar coat and a familiar hat.

It was an amazing black and white drawing.

Skulduggery turned to the next page. It was a book. All Valkyrie's handwriting.

Skulduggery sat down beside Valkyrie, who was still asleep, and started to read.

When he looked up again- it was 10.30 the next morning.

'Good God, Skulduggery muttered. He set down the manuscript on the desk. He couldn't believe he'd read all that long, but it was really good.

Valkyrie stirred and opened her eyes against the light that was streaming through the half open.

'Good morning,' Skulduggery said.

'Hi,' Valkyrie said brightly, 'How long have I been asleep?'

'All night'

'And you stayed?'

'Of course'

Valkyrie hugged him

'Thanks,' she sighed, 'What did you do all night?'

'Well…' Skulduggery started.

Valkyrie followed his gaze to the open manuscript laying face down on the desk. Which was pretty hard considering he had no eyes. But, Valkyrie being Valkyrie, could usually do the impossible more than Skulduggery could.

She blushed.

'You read it then, huh?'

'I couldn't stop reading it- it's amazing, Val! You never told me you could write- or even draw like that!'

Valkyrie smiled


'You're very welcome'

Valkyrie reached up, kissed Skulduggery's cheek, and bounded off to get dressed, leaving Skulduggery dumb-struck, and outrageously, deliriously happy.