Okay, an angel by the penname of xx. RyanNeroSkylerHardy. xx had requested a Matt/Punk fic by me and here it is! I had told her the idea and she assured me that I can make it dark. The lovable sweetheart. Here's the first chapter! Hope you enjoy it and anyone else whose reading.

How to Save a Life
Rated: R – themes; violence; romance
Full Summary: After a snorkeling episode, everyone had left Punk and Matt stranded alone in the waters when they were driven away from the sharks. Now, they have to trust each other to stay alive, they are forced to befriend each other. Matt thinks that all Punk wants is to get revenge on Jeff and Punk feels as if Matt's going to trick him through it all so when their 'friendship' turns into a romance but they keep denying their feelings…oh, and the sharks are back.
Genre: Angst/Suspense

Chapter One

I hated snorkeling.

When I was a child, I always had a hate for the water after I had fallen into it the first time. The feel of the water plunging me down into the endless darkness that awaited me, it was horrifying just remembering those moments in which I thought I was going to die in because of drowning, feeling the water burn to the core of my brain as it pulled down even more and more, just horrifying. The water was clear, without a real color but sparkled in every color when the sun hit the water just right and I hated that feeling of my nose smothering as I stepped out of a local pool or an ocean.

I think I agreed to do this because I didn't want to be alone.

I hated being alone.

But it didn't matter much because truthfully, I was always alone on the inside. No one really knew me. No one wanted to be around me because I knew what I wanted and I had it. I'd always get what I want and people either envied me or hated me for my cockiness and arrogance.

Matt Hardy.

He was just another one of them.

The belt was mine and I'd known it. I knew that belt should've been mine and I wasn't going to give away something so precious to be easily and that was why I remained alone. But so be it. If they didn't like me, then why should I care? I cared anyone. A secret part of my head just wanted friends but I couldn't have any.

I pulled up a duffel bag on the boat that I and Matt were sharing and he started paddling as the others paddled.

The sun was shining bright.

Why did I feel so dull on the inside then?

The sky was gleaming blue.

Yet I only saw the color gray burning up in the sky.

My hand was touching the water, feeling how cold it truly was as the sun burning through my body, endlessly burning me until I was nothing. I turned my head only to see Matt staring around, enjoying the atmosphere that was around him, light and breezy as the hot floor burned our legs and toes.

"Ever snorkeled before, Punk? You seem…I don't know—scared."

He enjoyed saying those words.

I could feel my face tighten as I stared deeply into those scornful hard brown eyes and how I wanted to punch him in the face but we had all decided that this would be a delightful evening with no one getting hurt. I wasn't forced to come along but I didn't want to walk around an empty house, laughing to myself about how much of an idiot everyone was when I truly felt like the moron I was talking about.

"I'm not scared."

"Yes, you are. I can hear it in your voice."

"Fear isn't the same thing as nervous."

The laughter was still bubbling so furiously in his eyes. "Why would you be nervous, Punk? I mean you can swim, right?"

I didn't want to tell him that I couldn't. I didn't want to risk the embarrassment, the humiliation of him knowing that I didn't learn when I was young and I certainly didn't want to learn now so I nodded my head and the hard look that I knew was materializing inside my eye out of habit and he slowly nodded his head, both of our eyes never moving away from each other's faces.

I was already dressed in a scuba diver's clothing, a dark blue color, had a breathing tank and was now wearing flippers. I felt like a fish and I watched Matt, who was wearing black, which made his pale skin pop. We both assembled our masks and I looked down at the water, suddenly completely and utterly unsure.

Matt dived in and I took off my mask, staring at him as he moved around in the freezing cold water on this hot day. He took off his mask for a moment to talk to me clearly. "You aren't coming, you big baby?" he asked me.

"No. The water's freezing."

"Sure it is," Matt rolled his eyes as he pulled the mask back up and dove into the cold water and I was left alone once again in the boat just because I couldn't swim and I couldn't tell him so. I was afraid of his reaction. A thirty year old male who didn't know how to swim. It was horrifying.

I watched him move in the water and envy bit through my veins. I wanted to be able to swim. I wanted to be able to move through the cold water without a care but I couldn't. I lost my chance when I was younger and I couldn't make it up now. I laid my head on my shoulder and just then, I thought I saw a blue fin wander off into the water.

Horror reeled through me as I looked around and realized that the boats that used to surround us were gone.

Did they not notice that Matt and I were gone? Did they leave us alone?

I watched Matt's head bob out of the water when he noticed the object and he swam towards me, holding onto the boat's edge and I watched his eyes land back onto the blue fin that seemed to disappear.

"What—?" he began as we were thrown off balance when the shark went through the boat and I was left watching as the teeth clawed at the wood and my heart was pounding so fast and so loud—I thought I was going to die—I felt two hands around me and I could hear Matt's voice from behind me. "Even if you deserve this for what you did to Jeff, I can't watch anyone die."

He took me into his arms and we were thrown into the water and the weight of the terror that was pulsing inside of me made my arms wrap around his body, every inch of him, until he tried to reach upwards and when he did, he took a deep breath and looked around, his hands still wrapped around me, protectively, oh so very protectively as I looked around. Our boat was smashed to pieces. He led me towards a plank of wood and threw me on top, still staying in the water and scanning for the oversized fish.

I thought I was going to die today.

It was horrifying to know that your life could've changed in an instant. I looked around to scan for other boats but no, nothing.

Fear overtook me.

What if we never got home?

I would never let Hardy know that I was horrified, so very petrified, thinking that I can never go home, thinking that no one can ever see me ever again. He sat beside me and I saw my black duffel bag there and Hardy did what he did best. He went inside of the water and went off to get his red bag and mine, swimming and splashing water everywhere, he threw my bag with a force of hate on my lap and he sat up at the water, breathing and inhaling pure oxygen.

"You should've died and you know that."

I stared at him as I punched him in the stomach, making him hit me in the face and I wanted to hit him back but at that moment, I noticed how tired my muscles were and just scowled at him before I looked through my soaked bag to see my items still undamaged except possibly the electronics.

"Jeff, I need to call Jeff. You have a phone?"

"Yes, I have a phone but I'm not giving you so you can call that worthless piece of trash."

Anger blew up in his eyes, "that 'worthless' piece of 'trash' is my brother and if you don't give me the damn phone right now, I'm going to practically give you to that stupid shark. Give me the damn phone."

I unwillingly gave him my soaked phone, "here, Hardy. But consider this the last time I'm ever giving you anything."

I hated him with every fiber of my being, possibly as much as I hated his brother and I watched his cold face melt away into a look of concern as he asked that piece of Hardy trash if he was fine and if they had seen a shark, skipping to a short version of what happened and he kept on nodding his head even if Jeff couldn't see that and he ended the call with a quick 'love you, too' and gave me back my phone. "Got any food?"

"No way I'm giving you any of my food."

"Why not?"

"I give you access and by lunch time, we'll both be starving! Don't you have any of your own food?"

"Jeff carries around the food because he says that I finish it off fast."


"How the hell are we going to get to dry land? I can't stand another minute with you." Matt spat out, acid in every word he said, as I stared deep into those hard brown eyes, watching moisture dab across his lips as he licked.

"How the hell should I know?" I snapped.

"Punk, I hate you."

"Like I love you," I sarcastically said, watching as Matt flopped on the plank and I looked around the water, and when I looked back at Matt, he was deep into his sleep and I heard my phone buzz as I brought the cold metal to my ear, feeling the coolness of it.


Jeff Hardy.

"This is my phone, Hardy."

"Is he okay? I gotta know."

"Your brother's fine…but if he gained anymore weight, we'll both sink."

"Ha, ha," he dryly said, sarcasm burning in his voice. "Can you wake him up?"

"So he'll bite my head off? Not a chance. Where the hell are the rest of the boats?"

"I'm not on a boat anymore. We stopped halfway and we're on dry land. I'm socializing in a bar with everyone else."

"A bar?" I said, disgusted, thinking of all those drunken people throwing up on the floor and doing horrid things they won't remember just for a sweet sip of acid and acid knots twisted in my stomach as hard as ever. "You all left us alone? We could've been killed for all you can know! And why doesn't Matthew have a phone?"

"He doesn't do well with phones in a boat. And we didn't leave you alone. You lost our trail."

"I wasn't paddling! Your idiot son of a bitch for a brother was!"

"You don't talk about him like that!"

"I can talk to him however I want to talk to him." I snapped the phone shut before he can have a chance to respond, taking short and sharp breaths as I put my head on Matt's stomach, using him as a pillow because of his body fat, and I felt completely and utterly nauseous as I felt his hand wrap around my neck, smothering me as my feet glided on the edge of the plank, soaking in water.

I really hated snorkeling.

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