Return of Bakugan

The Brawlers sent their bakugan to next day in the afternoon everyone's bakugan came back to said"Drago?Drago!"he said ,Golem,Preyas,Angleo,Diabo,Skyress,Waren and the other bakugan 's parents payed to do the house bigger for the brawlers,other brawlers and all the brawlers parents to live Dan:Pryus Neo Dragonoid, Apollonir,Falconeer,Saurus,Serpenoid,Mantris,Terrorclaw,Gargonoid,Warius,Ravenoid,Tuskor,Robotallion,Griffon,Juggernoid,

Stinglash,Siege and newly Runo:Haos Blade Tigrerra,Griffon,Siege,Saurus,Tuskor,Hynoid,Juggernoid,Robotallion and Marucho:Aquos Preyas/Angelo/Diablo,Siege,Stinglash,Limulus,Juggernoid,Terrorclaw,Robotallion,Newly Elfin,Tripod Epsilon and Julie:Subterra Hammer Gorem,Tuskor,Rattleoid, and Shun:Ventus Storm Skyress,Monarus,Ravenoid,Falconeer,Newly Ingram,and Alice:Darkus Alpha Hydranoid,Newly Centipoid,Exedra,Fear Ripper and Gate Cards and Ability Cards fell down from the sky just like the said"Everyone promise to not release you bakugans",everyone said "right!".Everybody went home with their went home and opens the door and saids "hi mum,im home".Then gos upstairs to go to his was 10:59 says to Drago "so welcome back home home drago".Dan says to Drago "Good Night Drago and put Drago next to the talked to his friends went to sleep at 's house is connected the morning at 9:00am Dan wake up and got Drago and he says to Drago "Good Morning Drago".Then Dan goes to have a was on a paper board and its floating and Drago is on he went out of the bath and puts his clothes on and go outside with Marucho to battle Jenny and Jewels.