Summary: Five years after the events of Continuum, the galaxy seems to be at peace. However, a new threat has appeared, and a new Stargate team must rise to meet the challenge. OCs, but with plenty of canon characters thrown in.

Author's note: This story takes place several (5-ish) years after the end of Stargate: Continuum. The galaxy now relatively at peace, and, on earth, the Stargate program has finally been declassified. The now-famous SG-1 has semi-retired. However, as we will soon see, things are not destined to remain peaceful…


Episode 1

"Flash Drive"

The day was quiet. The twin suns shone overhead, together giving light and heat to their faraway companion.

That light was currently irritating the members of SG-13, who were striding through the middle of an abandoned village complex. The massive Navaho-style city was built right into the side of a mountain, hundreds of feet above the fertile riverbed below. A single drawbridge connected it across a deep chasm to the stone stairwell which represented the only access to the city.

Two men in SGC uniforms were plodding through the dust of the village street, or (more accurately) the roofs of the houses below them. Their feet kicked up clouds of strange silver dust that had seemingly accumulated all over the village.

"It's strange. It's like they picked up and left, leaving almost everything behind." Daniel Wayland declared. He was a civilian archeologist who had joined the Stargate program a month ago, and was constantly being confused with Daniel Jackson, SG-1fs civilian archeologist. Thus, most people had taken to referring to him by his hated middle name, Charles.

"Maybe something scarred them away?" Mike, the team leader, said. He was a middle-aged man, with prematurely-grey hair. His aged appearance hid the fact he was a Navy SEAL-one of the U.S. Navy's most elite group of warriors. He had been re-assigned to Stargate Command shortly after the Stargate program had been declassified. "Maybe it was whatever caused this strange dust."

"Possibly, but I don't think they left to get away from something- there aren't any signs of a panicked exit. It's more like they just dropped what they were doing and left." Charles responded. "They didn't even take their weapons." He added, picking up a battered-looking staff weapon. "Frankly, I don't know what to make of it. Back on earth, the Navaho weren't a migratory culture."

After a long pause that consisted mainly of Charles studying the staff weapon and trying to figure out what an Indian tribe was doing with a Goa'ould weapon, and Mike trying to hum Zack Brown's "Chicken Fried" quite unsuccessfully, Mike finally broke the bored silence.

"Maybe Megan will have found something by now."

"Maybe." Charles said, dropping the staff weapon. A cloud of silver dust erupted where it hit the ground.

It wasn't very far to the large patio where the team's scientist had began setting up her equipment and politely informed the other two members of SG-13 team to "bug off". However, as they rounded a corner to find a very strange sight- Megan was kneeling in the middle of the patio, with her scientific equipment scattered about, her scanning device hanging in her hands, almost forgotten, as though in a trance.

Directly in front of her stood a tall woman with blond hair. An energy ribbon erupted from the woman's outstretched hand, striking Megan's forehead. Rather than a Goa'ould hand device, however, the beam seemed to be coming from a complex vine tattoo that ran down her arm.

Even as he reached for his weapon, Charles noticed that the strange woman was the most attractive he had ever seen. She was tall, slender, and extremely graceful. He also realized that she wasn't human- her ears swept back to a elegant point, and her eyes were a startling bright purple. She was wearing a loose-fitting pair of pants and an overly tight sleeveless shirt of some sort, with an extremely low collar that displayed another vine tattoo encircling her neck. A white rod was clipped in a quiver-like holster on her back.

"HEY!" Mike yelled, cutting through Charles's thoughts and bringing him back to the reality of the situation- an alien was attacking one of their teammates with a unknown device.

The strange girl spun to face them. With amazing speed, her hand went to the white rod on her back. She had it un-cliped and pointed at the two humans almost faster than Mike could see. Instinctively, he recognized it as a weapon, and his own P-90 came up, safety off and ready to fire.

Greetings, explorers from Earth. I welcome you to my world. A voice seemed to speak.

"Who are you?" Mike demanded.

I am Elairia, watcher of this world. I welcome you in peace. There is no need for your weapon.

Charles felt a tingling feeling starting in the back of his mind, like a wave of static. Even as he tried to pull his gun from its holster, a tide of calm flooded over him. He let his hand drop, and the gun fell from his fingers, sending up a cloud of silver dust when it hit the ground.

Mike, too, felt suddenly calm, but he fought it. He forced his fingers to tighten around his rifle, forced his arms to raise it again.

Finding his voice, he demanded "Then why are you pointing one at me?"

Your mind is strong. You are a great warrior among your people.

The calmness intensified. Every fiber of his being cried out to him to lower the weapon. After a moment's struggle, he brought it to his shoulder again.

This time, he pulled the trigger.

An explosion of bullets resulted as the weapon spat out fifty armor-piercing rounds in two seconds, a hail of fire that would have pierced half an inch of armor plate and brought down any living creature in the galaxy.

Not one of them touched. A fraction of a second before he pulled the trigger, an energy shield blossomed into existence from the end of her weapon, protecting the alien woman.

A focused wave of static filled his mind, clouding his thoughts. Mike lowered the now-useless weapon, not even able to reach for a second clip.

The alien strode calmly forward, reaching her right hand toward his head. The leaf tattoo on her palm pulsed in its own inner light as she ran it over his head. Intense pain suddenly cleared his mind, but froze his body. However, even this strange respite ended as the pain was dragged away, and the clouding calm returned. She lowered her hand.

Your mind is strong, but overly simple. Unlike the other two, it would be of little use to me.

The calm abruptly ended. Then a powerful blast of energy lifted him from his feet, flinging him into the wall. He hit the ground hard, and his mind fled the waking world.


Author's note: Well, that's the beginning chapter. The heroes of this series of will be making their appearance in the next chapter.

Those of you who know weapons are probably screaming at me that a P-90 can't penetrate half an inch of armor plate, even with armor-piercing rounds. For that little inaccuracy, I plead poetic license.

For those of you who are wondering about what a Navy officer is doing at an Air force base, I figured it this way: if the Stargate program has been declassified, it is no longer a purely Air force operation- both Army and Navy, as well as civilian elements, would be represented.

Reviews are extremely appreciated, by both me and my finicky muse. I love hearing what everyone thinks of my writing, even if it's just "Nice story, I enjoyed it." or something like that.