Love? Or a career?

Sumary: She is Japan's nr 1 F1 racer. Her 'boyfriend' is the manager of her racing team. A certain violinist steps into the picture and turns her world upside down...


"Hurry up dear, we'll be late" A man in his early thirties called out to his girlfriend. He stood 6" tall, had spiky black hair and grey eyes. All dressed up in a dark blue costume, he looked at his watch for the 'th time in the last 5 minutes.

A tall blonde woman stumbled into the room, putting on her low boots. "I'm ready, I'm ready!" She said annoyed "You're the one who wants me to be the perfect, pretty girlfriend" She added. She ran a hand through her short, unruly hair "Does my make-up look ok?"

"You look delicious" He said while pulling her in for a nibble on her neck.

"Hey, you said we were running late" the blonde exclaimed, pushing the man away from her. She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the front door...

My name is Haruka Tenoh, 25, professional F1 driver and very good at it. World Champion for 3 consecutive years...

I like fast cars, racing and beautiful women... Then why did you just see me with a man, you ask?

Well, His father, William Brass, an American, is the manager, sole-sponsor and even owner of our F1-team... And did you think a woman, no matter how skilled, would make it to the ranks of the pro's?

It all started with the try-outs for the Japanese F1 team. One of their racers decided to drop out to start a family with his new wife. And since it had been my big dream to join the formula 1, I decided to give it a try. Trying couldn't hurt.

When I finished the drive, with amazing timing, a man came to me to congratulate me on my excellent timing. I did however notice the surprise in his eyes, when Hiroshi, the team captain, introduced me as Ms. Tenoh...

The man introduced himself as, Andrew Brass, Co-owner of the team. He was more involved with the racers than his father was.

I immediately saw by the look in his eyes that he was interested... And I don't mean my driving skill...

So he offered to 'talk business over dinner' and I accepted. What else was I supposed to do? I was this close to becoming a racer, finally, and this man was not going to hold me back.

During this dinner I noticed the glances he threw at me. I also noticed he was torn between the decisions. One: His doubt to let a woman in on the racing team, two: his romantic (read sexual) interest in me.

I took advantage of the latter, even ended in bed with him that same night. It paid of when I received a phone call 2 days later, telling me I was accepted and I could start training along with the team the following week.

So, 5 years and 4 racing seasons later, I'm here: a threefold World Champion, still the 'girlfriend' of Andrew Brass and getting ready for a business meeting/reception. And, although I'm a tomboy, Andrew wants me to be the pretty lady.

It's a typical man-thing, I guess, wanting to parade their women in front of each other 'Hey look at the piece of meat I'm getting some off...' It disgusts me! But I'm gonna go through with it. I'm gonna stand there, look pretty, smile sweetly, lay my head on his shoulder... All for the sake of my career.

Love, you say? That'll have to wait a few years, 'till I retire from racing...