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The blonde racer, growled inwardly when she noticed the crowd that had gathered 'for her'. She always hated these kind of things, especially when they were 'just for her'. The media always gathered to these things, like hungry wolves that hadn't eaten for moons.

But she kept her polite facade and pretended to enjoy herself, fully aware how, once more, Andrew held her close to him, showing the world his trophee girlfriend. She looked around, hoping to spot some aqua curls, but she knew the girl would not have been invited. Instead she noticed her teamates, two of the three had goofy grins on their face and she quickly moved away from Andrew towards them.

"I swear if any of you had something to do with this, I'll kill you" she growled in a low voice.

Benjiro and Jiro grinned widely at her "We're to lovable to be killed and you know it" Jiro stated.

"And yes, we knew" Benjiro finished.

Haruka narrowed her eyes at the two young guys, which they found all to amusing. Hiroshi stepped in before a set of bickering would start "At least pretend you're enjoying yourself, you can go to your room after an hour or so, if you feel dreadful in here"

Haruka smiled a fake smile at Hiroshi, at least he understood her dreadfulness without marveling in it like those other two.

"And Andrew would want some action for reward then, too" Jiro added which earned him a punch in the ribs. She knew he was propably right and barely kept her self from shuddering. She grabbed a glass of champagne from one of the passing waiters and gulped it down in one go.

The four mingled with the guests, travilling as a group. When they saw Andrew coming they moved on, before he could catch up, like the little children they were. Hiroshi always shook his head at this but stayed with them none the less. Mostly to keep an eye on Haruka, who was enjoying her cocktails way to much.

Suddenly the crowd felt silent and turned for the small stage at the center of the room. So did the four racers. Haruka's eyes widened when she saw HER Michiru climb the three steps and take place at the middle of the stage. She saw the blue eyes searching for hers and when they locked a small, knowing smile played on both women's lips.

Again, wordless, the young girl placed her violin at her chin and started playing a soft lovely tune. Haruka felt the strong love flowing from that tune and it was all for her. Enchanted, she stepped closer towards the stage, followed by her buddies, who were equally entranced by the beauty performing.

After a while the music stopped and the aqua haired girl opened her eyes again, finding Haruka's once more. The blonde swore she saw some tears forming in them but the vanished just as quick.

The musician left the stage and moved towards them. Andrew, who had managed to catch up with the four, stepped forward and extended his hand to the small girl. "A very pleasant performance" He stated with a fake smile. His eyes were cold as ice.

"Thank you, Mr. Brass. As I recall we agreed to a kiss from Ms. Tenoh?" Michiru said with a wide grin, and loud enough for the four racers to hear. In the corner of her eye she saw how her lover turned bright red at this one.

"I believe I disagreed on that one" Andrew stated with a forced chuckle. He turned toward the champion for backup and found her dumbfolded. He, off course, intrepetred this as rejection for the smaller girl and once again turned towards the musician, his voice a threatening whisper "What have I told you about that lesbian stuff?"

Michiru flashed him a challenging smile.

"I'm sure they have something to feed you in the kitchens and you may take your leave as you feel like it" The last sentence was more loudly, for the group to hear. The last part was clearly meant an order.

Haruka was pulled out of her revery "Andrew don't be rude, off course you can stay at the party, Mi—Miss" The aqua haired girl was the only one who got the almost-slip from the racer, when she almost called her 'Michi'. She didn't fail to notice the sparkle in the blonde's eyes when they looked at each other. It was so nice to be together, in the outside world... But both knew they couldn't really be 'Together' under all these watchful eyes. Michiru saw the same longing and pain she felt, reflected in her lover's eyes. This is when she finalle knew, TRULY knew, that Haruka loved her. Now she felt certain about them and she flashed the blonde a warm smile, a gesture Andrew didn't miss.

But before he could say anything, Benjiro joined in the fun. He stepped up to Michiru and very bluntly, in his charming special way "Do you wanna go out with me?" He flashed one of his biggest puppy-looks here.

"Um,... No thank you" Michiru said, uneasily.

"But I'm so cute and cuddly" Benjiro whined.

Right, only a man can say such a thing about himself, Michiru thought smiling wryly at him. "Sorry, but I'm not intrested in men" She said looking pointedly at Haruka, making the blonde gulp.

"Whoa..." Was all he said and he looked from the violinist to Haruka, back and forth, back and forth,...

"What are you doing" the racer asked him annoyed.

He flashed her a goofy grin "Putting my fantasy to work"

Haruka narrowed her eyes "what do you mean by.... You Pervert!" She slapped him, hard, on his arm, followed by a punch. Soon they were wrestling in a playful manner.

Andrew rolled his eyes "Will you stop it you two!" he snapped "what will the media think of you?"

Haruka, who was caught in an armlock of Benjiro, looked up "That we're very cute like this?" Benjiro snickered at this, knowing that the fact was SO true and knowing that a statement like this got Andrew on his goat.

"Well stop it, and act upon your status" Andrew snapped.

"My status?" Haruka mused, narrowing her eyes at him.

"As a celebrity and sport icon" Andrew stated.

Haruka gritted her teeth at him.

Michiru shifted a bit uncomfortably at the scene unfolding before her. She wanted to intervene but didn't know how, without giving herself away. Luckily, for all of them, the main act of the evening began.

Andrew, starting to make amendments with Haruka, explained to her how their main act had cancelled at the last moment and how he found these guys at the last moment but they couldn't get here before nine so he had to fill in the extra time with 'that Kaioh girl'.

Haruka gritted her teeth at this. But instead of arguing with him, she focused her attention to the stage. Three boys, know as the Three Lights to place and started to play. They had similar hairstyles, a long ponytail, but in diferent hair colour. Oh great, a boysband, she thought groaning inwardly. She inspected the three players on stage and decided she couldn't stand the black-haired boy's face... for no real reason.

Michiru stood there looking at the boysband. Their music wasn't really her thing. She shuffled from one foot to the other, clearly bored. This wasn't the world for her, she thought. She looked at the blonde she loved so much. She was also watching the show, her face showing no emotion. Michiru wondered how ofter her Haruka had worn that iron mask. She decided to leave the 'festivities'. She walked past Haruka, brushing the racer's arm in a parting gesture and left the room.

She took a few steps into the empty corridor and shuddering she leaned her back on the wall, taking deep, shuddering breaths. Approaching footsteps made her look up and she found her self drowning in green eyes she loved so much. Before she knew her back was pressed to the walls and her lips were locked with the blonde's.

Michiru broke the kiss "Haruka, no, they'll see..." She was silenced by a strong kiss.

"I don't care" the blonde whispered hoarsly "I don't care if he kicks me all the way back to Japan for this..." Haruka trailed kissed from Michiru's jaw to her neck making the smaller girl gasp. "I want to be with you, this is to hard" She breathed in the musician's neck, nuzzling the girl.

"I know..." Michiru michiru stroked some blonde strandes behind the racer's ear. "It was so difficult, being there and not being able to reach out..."

Haruka brought their lips together once more, starting slowly. Soon the passion burned up between the two lovers. Haruka trailed her hands up the violinist's legs, grabbing the girl's firm butt. Michiru gasped, wrapping one leg around the blonde's waist, pulling her as close as she could. Her hands moved up and down a strong belly...


He had looked everywhere in the room looking for the blonde racer, but she was nowhere to be seen. The other's hadn't seen her as well, so she must have left, he asumed.

He left the room and entered a deserted corridor, realising it was not so deserted as he thought, when he heard a couple making out. He spotted them and his jaw droppped when he recognised a certain blonde, engaged in a passionate kiss with the violinist.

He quickly stepped towards them and pulled the blonde away by her arm...