Im here with a story that has taken over my random muses, and I have to get it out!

Be gone demon, be gone!

I thing the subject of mortality and immortality are two interesting things that I feel have physcological issues that im drawn to. How would someone who was all powerful and took their strength, powers and immortality for granted be like when it is taken from them? Would they fall apart or learn to crawl then walk on their mortal feet? I think Sesshomaru would be stubborn but he isn't stupid.I actually enjoyed this story, I get the ideas for scenes as if they are mini movies being played and I can see this work both literally and visually.

See what you think!
Just to let people know, i own nothing to do with Inuyasha or the anime and manga!




The screams were louder, agony piercing each wail as they tried to console her, helpless in their offering for she could only do this alone.

She has been like this for nearly a day, and things were now dangerous for the Lady of the West and the unborn child who seemed to have

become stuck.

He didn't need to enter to know his mate was losing a lot of blood, the maids would frequently leave the room carrying bowls of bloody towels and scarlet hued water, grim faced and offering no hope to the Lord of the West as he sat out on the wooden floor in the corridor.

Staring at the screens before him, he tries soothing the relentless heave of his animalistic nature that fought to be free and protect his beloved from all pain and harm. Another wail, weaker this time made his nerves rattled and his fangs lengthened, losing a slight edge over his demon.

He brought his knees up to his chest and rested his elbows upon them, hands propping up his weary head.

He had cut short a scouting trip that would have spanned the perimeters of his land and rushed back when a messenger conveyed the message to him that it was time and Lady Rin was giving birth.

He still wore his armour and his swords were laid carefully to one side.

Sesshomaru, Lord of the West had many victories, lands, enemies, riches and respect to his name and he was powerless right now.

He rose to his feet and began treading the boards once again; gritting his teeth together and ignoring the whispers of his off duty servants who were peered at him from nearby corners as they gossiped.

It was late afternoon and the home lands where the House of the West resided has effectively grinded to a halt, everyone waiting for what the outcome of this would be.

He could already hear whispers that if this continues, both mother and child will be dead by sundown.

The faint murmurings of the nurses attending to Rin were drowned by another cry as she wailed how tired she was.

Incense to ward off evil spirits were cloying the air as yet more linen and fresh water was carried in, the draft of air that wafted outwards carried the strong scent of blood, sweat, tears and all the puzzling varieties of emotions from the inhabitants of the room.

He could sense they were desperate, fatigue was dangerous and the mild musk of hysteria form the nurses were all he needed to smell to know that even his highly trained physicians didn't know what else they could do.

His mate was human and they have no experiences with Hanyou births.

There was a faint patter of feet as Jaken worriedly and wordlessly approached him.

Sensing the urge to do something far more productive than pacing the halls of his home, he turned to his aide as a plan formulated.

"I'm going to get help. You stay and do all you can."

Noticing his lord reputable formality was gone; the imp nodded and watched his lord paced towards his office. The surge of magic told him he has turned into the great demon dog and was bounding away to destination unknown.