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You may be curious to know i performed an experiement on . i wrote another one-shot story featuring Sess/Kags entitled "Bombs" which i have to admit, got a very warm reception which i never expected. Somewhere along the line, from all these years of experience on , i know that some people's stories only get large number of reviews just from the smut contents alone which i kinda think, unless it is well written, is bad. i enjoy the occasional smut but sometimes coming across stories with the main purpose of getting reviews by pulling in readers with sex scenes is leaving me kinda depressed at how people are not recognising a good piece of written work and only just trying to get their rocks off...so i wrote "Single all the Way." a short, smutfic featuring Sess/Kag in a sex scene...just to see what reaction i would get.

You readers suprise me.

whereas i got feedback of a good nature, it was more of a stilted response and this put faith back into me that i can trust my readers to be mature enough and honest to respect and acknowledge a work of effort rather than a work of crass. there are of course some great smut writers out there and if you need me to point out who they are, i'd be glad to but what seperates them to the average 15/16 year old girl trying to get her rocks off in a literal sense, is they build the story up in a sensitive manner and a story is a story.

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The man with a plan...and not much in his brains.


The thing Kagome learnt was Sesshomaru was a good mimic. He would watch those around him with those sharp eyes of his and then react it himself, especially concerning his daughter.

He watched how Jaken held her or how Kagome washed her and then re-enacts it flawlessly under the watchful eyes of his servant and the miko who both try not to make it obvious they were staring.

Despite having odd moments where he went quiet and subdued, Sesshomaru was slowly responding to his environment around him.

Rin was still a sore subject matter and one best avoided, but Kagome was already chiding Sesshomaru on how to be "mortal."

And when he didn't listen, he usually found out she was correct.

Like the time he ignored his own body telling him he needed to eat, not use to having to eat more frequently than he did as a youkai, and nearly fainted until Kagome forced him to eat some cold broth leftovers.

Or the time when she had to look away from him first thing in the morning when he woke up, Kagome went bright red and gestured uselessly at him until he looked down to see other parts of him were very much awake and had been for some time.

Apparently, when she composed herself and explained, human men often woke up with an erection, something he now checked before climbing out of his futon.

He watched Kagome sew a small dress from some off cuts that were left over for repairing the inn's yukatas. The brazier and the lamp on the floor made Kagome frown in the limited light as she worked and curiosity drove him to ask what she was making. She was surprised when he asked if he could try himself and watching the human male cautiously sew his daughter's dress was an interesting sight, especially when Akemi fussed in her sleep and he absently, somewhat automatically reached a hand out and soothed her.

His wounds healed well and it wasn't long before he could walk unaided for long periods of time, going to bathe privately and occasionally taking Akemi to join him.

Kagome knew he didn't know what to think towards her, the occasional look of pain crosses his face once in a while and he would go quiet and somewhat snappy when she asked him what was wrong, as if to condemn her.

And she tried to ignore him, hard as it was living in small quarters in a town some hundreds of years in the past.

The day he took some money from their limited funds and came back with a map that was reasonably detailed, both Jaken and Kagome knew he was plotting their next move.

"We are here." He pointed to the map and Jaken helpfully placed an empty sake cup where indicated, earning a raised eyebrow from his master who carried on nonetheless in a voice that despite having lost its power was still stern enough to make even Akemi still and watch her father with wide yellow brown eyes.

"I...we..." he altered his word when Kagome grunted in agitation, "need to get here." His hand flew across the map to some obscure dot some distance away, now marked out by another sake cup placed there this time by Kagome.

Ignoring the clear annoyance on Sesshomaru's face, Kagome looked closer and saw their destination was now the mountains.

"Why, what is there?"

"Totosai. As my father's good friend he will help, I need a sword and we need somewhere safe whilst I..."


"Very well...we... plan our next move."

"How far is this journey?"

"Less than a day."

"Erm...Sesshomaru-sama?" Jaken looked ill at ease as Sesshomaru looked at him. "That was when you were a youkai, who knows how long it will take now."

Sesshomaru said nothing, the words on the tip of his tongue just escaped instead as a long exhale as he frowned.

"It won't be so..." Kagome attempted to placate him but he stood up and left the room.

After giving it a few moments, Kagome went to find him and she found him sitting on the same stone bench in the gardens.

"Are you alright?" Kagome hesitantly asked.

He snarled; the action not looking right now as there was no beast within him and his actions.

"How do you do it? How can you live with these bodies, how can you live with being so weak?"

Before she could answer, he punched the bench beneath him and in the darkness of the night, she could see he split his knuckle open and it was bleeding, an action that surprised even him.

"Ow." He stated as he cradled his injured hand to him, watching morbidly as blood flowed from the wound.

"Come on. Lets get back to the room and I'll sort your hand out."

Kagome took his arm and escorted him back where for the remainder of the night he stared at the map morosely and irritably scratched at the bandages on his hand.

"We will get there Sesshomaru." Kagome spoke, once Jaken and Akemi had fallen asleep.

His lips were pressed into a thin line and his brown eyes were downcast, scrutinising the map. It wasn't until he prop his chin on his hand did she smile.

He was sulking.

"We need to get there before the snow falls and we can't get into the mountains. Winter makes everything stop." Sesshomaru muttered, his eyes tracing the terrain marked on the paper before him.

In her sleep Akemi grizzled and his eyes looked over at his daughter who stirred and slept on.

"Akemi needs to get somewhere safe soon...as although she is a baby now, all hanyou and youkai pups will hit a growth spurt very soon after they are born. We won't be able to keep her youaki under control if we are surrounded by humans."

Kagome frowned, "Is there a way of getting your dragon here?"

He shook his head.

"What about any friends, youkai friends?"

He looked up from the map and frowned deeper, his eyebrows now a deep 'V'. "We youkai don't have...friends."

"So there is no one we can get to? What about Inuyasha?"

"He's not even in this country and I'm starting to wish I was out there with him right now."

"Well you're not so stop thinking that!" Kagome snapped.

"I just know that if we are with Totosai, we would be in a better position to get help, be safe and sheltered during winter and I can get a sword. Totosai haven't let my family down yet."

Kagome nodded, "Ok, we'll get to Totosai."

Outside the rain fell harder and it punctuated the difficulty this journey was going to bring.

"We can do this." Kagome spoke, more to herself but even Sesshomaru looked doubtful.

"We will do this." Kagome smiled and her determined expression made him nod.

"We got no choice anyway."

"It's call being positive Sesshomaru..."

A raised eyebrow was her silent response and she frowned in response.

Sesshomaru plotted the course out on the map and it took another two days to get ready for the journey, one of those days alone was just spent trying to convince Sesshomaru that they needed to go slow for the first few days due to his just healed injuries.

That, and the fact it would realistically take three days to reach the next major town and not the one day he allotted for travel time.

On the morning of the allotted day they were to travel, Kagome had a stroke of luck when she decided to try her luck and spoke to a young farmer who was happy to drop them off at the next villager where they were heading for on his delivery of rice.

Across from her in the back of the wagon, she watched Sesshomaru recline regally across the sacks of rice and she could see upon his face that he was happy to be on the move. Akemi squealed the movement of the wagon causing her face to scrunch up into a giggle then a laugh as Sesshomaru rocked her.

The bag besides Kagome jostled and she put a steadying hand on it to lessen the discomfort for Jaken inside until they arrived at their destination.

The day passed well, the sun was shining and in the lull of their journey, Kagome fell asleep and when she awoke, she saw for herself that even Sesshomaru had nodded off with Akemi clutched to his chest, allowing her to see just how alike father and daughter were in that moment.

By late afternoon, the wagon stopped and Kagome carefully picked up the snoring bag and stepped to the side of the road and waved farewell to the nice farmer as Sesshomaru fashioned a sling to carry Akemi then pulled out the map to confirm their current destination.

Once they were sure they were alone, Sesshomaru kicked the bag and Jaken woke, eventually climbing out to much fussing.

And their journey began.

By the third day they were in bad shape...

Well, Sesshomaru was in bad shape.

And stubbornly wouldn't admit it.

Just like he wouldn't admit he got them lost, not even when Jaken pointed out they passed the same waterfall twice.

And just like he stubbornly passed up every opportunity to rest and it wasn't until Kagome saw blood on the grass behind him did she sigh and signalled to Jaken they were stopping.

Sensing his travellers were no longer following, Sesshomaru stopped and turned to see Jaken , Akemi strapped to Kagome chest and the miko herself staring at him.

"We're stopping." She stated.

"I can see that, why?" he asked and he looked to the ground when Kagome and Jaken lowered their eyes to stare at his feet.

He winced but straightened up, "We need to push on! We haven't got far."

"Oh I think we can afford to rest a moment." Kagome highlighted this by pulling off the bag on her shoulders and sitting herself on a boulder that jutted up through the ground.

Jaken followed suit and even Akemi betrayed her father by choosing this moment all day to finally fall asleep against Kagome's breast.

Seeing he was defeated and outnumbered, Sesshomaru hobbled to another rock and seated himself, staring at his feet and not wanting to see the damage.

"Jaken, could you scout ahead and see if that town is nearby and report back to us?" Kagome asked, the imp stood back up and did so without a retort which surprised both humans.

Settling Akemi down nearby, Kagome knelt before Sesshomaru and took off the thin leather boots and then the wadding that bound his feet.

Using the water from a water skin, she washed away the blood to see the old branding scars upon the soles of his feet from the torture he endured reopened and from the state of it, he wasn't going to be walking again soon without agony.

"I'm running out of salve for these and dressing. We need to get to this town soon to allow us to restock and for you to rest up."

"We can't stop." He hissed as she prodded a sore spot.

"No, no we can't but you need to take it easy. You're human and we can't have you keel over just yet."

They quietly ate and Kagome made Sesshomaru rest his feet in the fresh air until Jaken returned to inform them they were much closer to the town than previously thought.

So far they have kept off the paths but not too close to the woods where they knew demons roamed and they been lucky they haven't encountered any on the night they slept in the open.

Whether the charms Jaken put up worked or not, it wasn't something they were going to diminish.

After binding Sesshomaru's feet and reminding him that since they were near civilisation once more, he was now Osamu by name. They departed abet slowly until they reached the main road where Kagome waved down a wagon and the two humans, a baby and a toad imp in the bag trundled into the town.

The courtyard below their room was full of men and maikos intermingling with the rare sighting of a geisha or two as the night darkened and the party atmosphere grew more rowdy.

They secured room above an inn which was also a popular tea house and since turnover here was apparently high and wealthy, the decor was more vibrant and opulent.

It also meant they had to be on their guard more.

Kagome already had a drunk trying to hit on her as she returned from the baths and Sesshomaru returned to their room sporting a smear of red paste on his lips where a prostitute offered her services free due to his good looks and kissed him.

Wisely Kagome said nothing as he fumed and muttered about being handled by the lowest of the low and changed behind the screen in the far corner.

The night so far wasn't quiet as drunks attempted to walk into the room, lost and confused as to where they were trying to get back to until Jaken put a hex on the doors that burned any fingers that tried to open them.

The futons were laid closer to each other than normal and Sesshomaru slept closer to the door with a knife under his pillow.

The following morning Kagome took an early stroll and bought herbs and the much needed first aid necessity for Sesshomaru and returned to see him in a panic.

Akemi was wailing and no matter what her father, imp and miko did, she wasn't going to stop.

Kagome felt something sharp protruding from her gums and saw the white tips of two fangs growing downwards.

"She's teething! She's only a month old!"

"Pups grow up fast as that is how we survive. Get her something to chew on."

Handing Sesshomaru a comb, Akemi was happily chewing on its handle before long and disaster was temporarily averted and quietened.

"You know this means she will be able to eat solids now? And soon her markings and whatever tai-youkai traits she inherited will be visible."

And Kagome saw the fatherly concern that was so long absence appears on his face as he jostled his daughter as he calmed her down.

"We'll be fine." Kagome broke off a small piece of cooled dumpling and held it up to Akemi's mouth and watched her messily shove it in her mouth, her hand to eye co-ordination already developed.

She gave Sesshomaru's shoulder a squeeze and relief was clear in his eyes as his daughter dropped the chewed comb and gurgled happily.

But the wailing of Akemi persisted into the night along with the noise of other drunk patrons and after Kagome telling Sesshomaru about how her mother soothed her brother when he was teething by running whiskey on his gum, then a longer conversation of her explaining what whiskey was and him confirming he knew she was from the future thanks to threatening Inuyasha once, Sesshomaru came up with an idea.

That idea was Sake and he ordered in his panic four bottles.

And when Kagome came back from the baths, she found Akemi slightly crossed eyed and giggling at nothing, Jaken giggling at her in response and trying to stand in the corner using the empty sake bottle as a stick...

And Sesshomaru looking rather confused and drunk staring at the bottle.

"This...Sesshomaru is confused....what is happening...to me?"

"You're drunk." Kagome frowned as she checked on Akemi and made her drink some water before bedding her down.

Jaken fell over his own feet and immediately fell asleep in a heap which left Kagome's attention purely on Sesshomaru who was absently playing with a strand of his hair.

"This Sesshomaru...doesn't...even get...drrrrrrunk.....eeeeever...."

"You are human now, your tolerance is way lower I suspect than a demon. Here, drink some water."


She froze as he pushed his face right up to her own, she could see his brown eyes glazed over, his individual lashes batted in confusion as his lips opened and closed. His warm breath ghosted over her skin as she smelt the alcohol on his breath and a scent that was uniquely him.


She was cut off but his own lips crushing her own, his arm flung around the back of her neck causing her to fall into him, his own teeth accidently biting her lower lip.

She hissed and tried to move away but his own heavy body covered her, caging her to the floor as his lips bumped messily into her own.

The wet slither of his tongue tackled her own as she opened her mouth to tell him to get off and somewhere his warm hand first groped her breast then slid up her bare leg where the yukata parted.

In her anger, she noted that as much as she was attracted to him despite being Inuyasha's idiot of a brother and that no woman was immune to his good looks even as a human, she could feel he was aroused and was so hard it burned through his clothing down to the skin of her clothed stomach.

"Rin." He breathed and she choked out, "I'm not Rin!"

He froze.

His breathing loud in her ear as she stared up at the ceiling, still with confusion as to what he was thinking now.

Within seconds, he ripped himself off her and staggered on his feet.


She mutely nodded, sitting up and clutching the yukata she wore together at her breast.

He staggered back into the wall and slumped against it, rubbing his hands down his face as his eyes burned into hers.

And before she could work out what he was thinking or doing, the shoji door behind them was pulled opened and he stumbled out, his uneasy gait thumping down the corridor until she heard him pick up his pace and run from the building.

Tears burned her eyes and despite knowing in her heart that she wasn't at fault for this incident, she couldn't forget the look upon his face when he realised she wasn't Rin.

The sheer look of desperation, despair and heartbreak was so plain to see.

By the time she wiped her tears away and came to her sense to try and tack down Sesshomaru, she knew it was too late and she couldn't leave an inebriated Jaken and Akemi behind.

Making sure a candle was burning safely inside the lamp and Sesshomaru's futon was rolled out and laid before the door, Kagome decided all she could do was get some troubled sleep.

At some point in the night Sesshomaru returned and it was his bare back that greeted Kagome the following morning. His black hair pooled on the mat below him like some great ink spill and the bleached cotton sheet was drawn up to his waist and revealed in his sleep he still wore his hakama.

He stirred and he rolled onto his back, one arm draped across his chest whilst the other lay beneath his head.

There was still a faint flush across his cheeks due to the Sake and when he pouted in his dreams, Kagome sat up further to see on his side of the face further from her was an interesting looking black eye and a split lip.

She scowled and decided to leave him be as no doubt he will awake in a foul mood and she was not looking forward to that.

Getting changed behind the screen and then looking for Jaken. She found him inside their travel bag where he had made a bed from her modern clothing she had hid them in order to blend in with feudal society, she had to smirk at Jaken who made a sleeping bag out of one leg of her jeans. Deciding he too needed his sleep, she closed the bag back up and stood upright just as the shoji doors slammed open, awaking all occupants.

Sesshomaru jerked upright and immediately regretted his action, his head now clutched in his hands as a sickly green tint drained his cheeks.

In the doorway were two men, both so fat that when they breathed, their bellies jiggled. Their hair was messily pulled back and both men were unshaven and uncaring about their appearances.

"We've come to collect what you owe, Osamu Tashio." One man growled and Sesshomaru, if possible went paler.

"What?" Kagome snarled, arms crossed as the two men stalked further into the room, both sets of eyes leering at her and she suddenly became very afraid of just what Sesshomaru/Osamu had done last night.

"Your husband had accrued debts at the game last night and you are what he offered." The other man spoke and Kagome felt sick.

"You what?" Osamu?!" she stared at Sesshomaru who had rather uselessly chosen that moment to be sick in the empty rice bowl.

"You sold me to these men to settle your gambling debts?! You don't even know how to gamble!" Kagome drew back her leg and kicked him; feeling briefly satisfied when he groaned in pain and muttered an apology.

"You...you....fucking bastard!" Kagome howled as the two men smirked, "A woman with a dirty mouth would be a well received addition to the tea house."

"You sold me to be a whore?!" Kagome roared and went to take another kick but the two men apprehended her and attempted to drag her from the room.

Fortunately Jaken had enough foresight to recognise that someone needed to do something and he kicked and struggled his way from the bag, until it rolled across the floor before the men and the accosted Kagome.

Both thugs froze and looked at the bag in confusion then one of them grunted in surprise as Jaken himself emerged with narrowed eyes.

"What the..."

Before he could complete his confused statement, the man was hit by a bolt of magic that sent him flying back into the shoji screens behind him and Kagome wrestled herself free from the limp grasp of the other thug and ran towards Akemi.

She whirled around the room and grabbed most of their possessions and was opening the window to escape when Sesshomaru stopped the second thug by throwing the rice bowl he was sick in directly at his head.

Even Sesshomaru cringed in disgust as the thug howled and tried to wipe his face free of the vomit as Jaken continued to fire magic at the first man until he sagged to the side, unconscious with some form of sleeping spell.

Swiftly, Sesshomaru kicked the feet from under the blinded man and delivered an elbow to the back of his head, knocking the thug out.

"Quickly, we must go!" Sesshomaru pulled on his haori as Jaken ran to the window by Kagome who had tied Akemi to her chest and was now climbing over the window frame and down the side of the building, anchoring each foot on the edge of the horizontal wooden slats.

Once they all lowered themselves into the alley beside the inn, they quickly righted themselves, Jaken hastily shoved into the bag which was carried by Osamu and they silently headed onto the main street and by the time the two thugs had came to and alerted their boss the woman was gone and the inn keeper was now out of pocket, Osamu, his "wife" and child and the strange little demon were long gone.

To say Kagome was angry was a big understatement.

It was like saying the sea was nothing but a puddle and that Mount Fuji was but a mere hill.

Kagome was Pissed...with a capital 'P'.

It took them two days to walk to the next nearest village, only stopping to buy dumplings and eel from roadside vendors and shacks.

And in all that time, Kagome said nothing to Sesshomaru who resorted back to his normal sulking rather than saying sorry.

It came to a head when that night, around a fire kept small to make sure it didn't lure anything to their camp, Sesshoamru snapped and said something along the lines that he could now see why Inuyasha had taken off numerous times with Kikyo just to avoid a second longer with a frigid, petulant miko who acted no more than a child at the best of times.

The camp froze and then in a flurry of indignant pain, Kagome stormed off into the darkness.

"Sesshomaru! That was uncalled for!" Jaken admonish, long forgetting that the human male was indeed his one time, youkai master.

"She asked for it!" He snapped, crossing his arms across his chest and stared at the fire.

In Jaken eyes, Sesshomaru looked so alike to his own-half brother at that moment he blinked.

Somewhere deep in the fauna that was the trees and bushes, there came a deep wail and Sesshomaru's sulk was forgotten as he sat up and stared to where Kagome last disappeared through the tree line.

"She doesn't want to be here, you dragged her through that well against her wishes Sesshomaru. She's now here saving you and Akemi from what was certain death and you just insulted her after treating her like the dirt on your shoes and trying to flog her away to a whore house."

Jaken quietly spoke, his yellow eyes were a-glisten with anger.

Another sob broke through the night air and Akemi gave a cry of her own, picking up on her foster mother's pain.

"What do I do?"


"But this Sess..."

"Will apologise! You have no choice and she is all that is keeping you alive." Jaken punctuated this command with a short stubby finger pointing towards where Kagome was.

"Fine. But I'm only doing this as otherwise her pathetic snivelling will draw every demon and animal towards our camp." Sesshomaru stood up and walked away from the light of the fire into the gloom of the night.

He didn't have far to go where lead by the quiet sobbing of Kagome, he found her sitting waist deep in a stream.

She turned her head to him, "I fell in! I was trying to get away from you and I...fell in!"

Somewhere in his gut, he felt the rolling sensation he had come to learn was guilt and with a sigh, he trudged forwards to the woman who had started crying and waded through the stream and knelt before her.

"Just leave me here! I want to dieeeee!" Kagome wailed, her tears shone silver in the waning moon directly above them and her fists flopped uselessly besides her, splashing the water as he reached out to her.

"Kagome, I'm sorry. I have no right to say what I said. I have no right to be forgiven for getting you caught up with my debts. I am sorry."

He wrapped his arms around her waist and under her knees and lifted her from the stream and carried her back to the bank where Kagome's sobbing quietened down to sniffles.

He didn't know what to do, not even when Rin was upset did he know how to console an upset female, so all he did was sit down and held her close to him until Kagome stopped and the front of his haori was now damp with tears and wrinkled from being fisted in her hands.

"Why bring me here Sesshomaru?" Kagome quietly asked.

"I didn't know what else I could do, I was near the well and felt your presence through all the magic there and thought you could help."

"I want to go home." She sounded so small and fragile that Sesshomaru closed his eyes as the guilty feeling in his gut became a boiling roil.

"I'll get you home someday Kagome, I owe it to you."

"I didn't kill Rin."

They were both so quiet for a long time until he whispered, "I know you didn't."

"I wish Inuyasha was here. I don't what he would do to help us but I miss him."

He didn't know what to say and wisely stayed quiet.

"I'm sorry this is happening to you Sesshomaru, even though I think you're an idiot at times, no one deserves this."

Thank you for those...kind hearted words...I think." Sesshomaru frowned and deciding that returning to the camp was a better idea that sitting by the stream in the dark. They rose to their feet and after a few more words directed at Kagome to ensure she was actually ok, he lead her back to camp and together they took off their wet sandals, tabi socks and their outer kimono and haori and laid them out by the fire to dry.

"Everything alright now with Kagome?" Jaken asked, once Kagome was asleep on the other side of the fire and Akemi was having her last feed of the night as Sesshomaru held the small water skin full of milk to her lips.

"I think so, she wants to go home Jaken."

"I could have told you that for nothing."

"I don't think I can get her home, I mean I lost everything including my powers and she's stuck here with me. I can barely keep myself alive let alone Akemi..."

"Sesshomaru-sama...she is a lot stronger than you give credit for. I think if you permit me to being so bold to say it, she is the one keeping us alive."

Looking over at his servant, Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow, "Since when did you get so wise and clever Jaken?"

The imp went red and for once, went quiet.

Sesshomaru hoisted Akemi to his shoulder and patted her on the back to burp her, as shown by Kagome. His eyes fell on the woman herself and he sighed, something he has been doing a lot of late.

"What am I doing?" He whispered into the night, the starts twinkled in silent response as next to his ear Akemi finally belched.