Title: Threads

Characters: Fay and Kurogane

Rating: U/FFNet equivalent (I swear they're no more canon-y than they are normally!)

Word count: 1138

Summary: Fay catches Kurogane at something he didn't expect, and is delighted, much to Kurogane's dismay.

Comments: No spoilers. Kurogane and Fay are stuck in my head atm, so I attempted to write them out. I have no idea how IC they are. D: And unbeta'd because I'm a lazy bum and can't be arsed to find one, so please scream at me if you spot any mistakes. (If this doesn't work removing them from my brain/they insist on lurking, I might turn this into a series of drabbles of moments between them. Iunno. I should be working on other stuffs).

Also. Fay? Fai? I used Fay (since it seems to be official) but iunno. What do people think/say?

Kurogane growled as he looked up from the dark fabric of his cloak. He might not have heard Fay approaching, but he could sense the blonde's eyes on him.

"What?" He asked bluntly, stabbing the needle through and just missing his fingers.

"What are you doing?" Fay asked curiously, finally leaving the doorway and coming over to lean over Kurogane.

"What does it look like?"

"I didn't know you can sew, Kuro-pii."

Without even looking, Kurogane could tell that the idiot mage was smirking. It was in his voice, in the little chuckle that accompanied his words. He refused to look at the blonde as he sat down opposite him, and instead kept his eyes on the tear in his cloak. Still he felt the uncomfortable prickle of eyes on him as he worked, and soon he snapped. "What do you want?"

Almost immediately, Fay shoved his coat in front of him, knocking his hands and hiding his work so that Kurogane stabbed himself with the needle. He yelped, dropping his work and shaking his finger as he finally looked at Fay, glaring at him.

"Oops! Sorry, Kuro-rin!" He didn't sound apologetic at all, and Kurogane glared at him once more, before gathering up his cloak again, finding his needle, and getting back to work. Fay watched him for a moment before he held up his coat again. "It's got a tear in it, see?"

Kurogane looked up, and yes, the white fluffy monstrosity did have a rip in the hood's lining. It was probably from that damn white bun. "Well? Repair it yourself, I'm not doing your dirty work." He put the last stitch in, knotting the thread, and then holding it up to bite the excess off.

"But I don't know how to!" Fay whined.

Rolling his eyes, Kurogane folded his cloak roughly over his arm. "Then you should learn." As he rose to put it away, Fay bobbed in front of him, stopping him in his tracks.

"Is that an offer, Kuro-tan?"

Looking down at the mage, Kurogane considered it. No doubt if he didn't Fay would find plenty of reasons to bug him with any rips and tears he found in any of their clothes. Half an hour now to be able to brush him off any time Fay bounced up? "Sit down." He commanded.

Fay gave an excited whoop, and ducked past Kurogane to the bed, sitting down on it cross-legged and watching him expectantly. Kurogane shook his head at his childlike manner, and bent to pick up the abandoned sewing kit on the floor before joining him.

"Cut some thread and thread a needle with it." Kurogane told Fay, tossing the kit into his lap. Fay was quick, but even his nimble fingers weren't steady enough to get the thread through. "Lick the thread, it makes it easier."

"Yes, Kuro-sensei." Fay smirked at Kurogane as he licked the end of the thread.

Kurogane growled, and snatched it away. "Not like that. Watch." He dragged it between his lips, flattening it between them, then passed it back.

Fay clapped his hands together. "An indirect kiss!"

The ninja blushed and growled again, shoving the thread in his face. "Do you want help or not?"

"Aww, but Kuro-pii!" Fay pouted, but he'd taken the thread back, and was passing it through the eye of the needle. Nimbly, he caught the other end and dragged it through. "What next?"

Kurogane hesitated briefly, still fuming, and considering how best to explain the next action. "Pinch the lining so that you don't get the hood – not there, over the rip. Good, and now pass the needle through it at the beginning of the rip, but make sure you don't pull the thread all the way through."

At first, Fay tugged too hard, even with Kurogane's warning, but the second time he went a little slower, making sure to leave a tail of white thread along the lining.

"Right, now knot the end to the thread so that it doesn't pull out." Kurogane watched as concentration almost erased the smile on Fay's face, blue eyes watching with an intensity that Kurogane hadn't expected to see in them. Like that, he almost looked normal. "Keep passing the needle through over the tear. Try and keep close to it, but not so close that the stitches will pull at the fabric." Kurogane told him when Fay looked up at him again after putting his knot in.

For a long moment there was a silence of concentration, Fay keeping his eyes on his work, and Kurogane keeping just as close an eye over his shoulder. "Why have you never had to mend clothes before?" Kurogane asked, giving into curiously.

Fay gave a half shrug. "I was well looked after." There was something about the words that didn't seem to be right, a half-truth rather than a truth or a lie, but Kurogane was so used to Fay lying that he brushed it off – and besides which Fay had just completely messed up his line with his latest stitch (on purpose or not, Kurogane couldn't tell). He almost reached out to correct it himself, but then remembered that he was meant to be teaching Fay, not doing it for him.

"Take the thread out of the needle and use it to pull the stitch out." Kurogane offered.

"Why did you learn to sew?" Fay asked as he tugged the needle free and stabbed it at his hood.

"Not so rough! You don't want to pull the lining!' Kurogane reprimanded him quickly, putting a hand on Fay's hand and then taking it away. "Because I didn't have someone around to do it for me."

The bad explanation hangs in the air between them as Fay rethreads his needle and starts again, more carefully this time. Kurogane watches him while trying to think of something to ease the tension, but that's Fay's usual job, not his, and the blonde seems more interested in concentration on what he's doing with the needle than the silence. Kurogane could hear Fay's breathing from this close; loud over the silence, mingled with bird cries from the window and the noise of the city from even further away.

"That's it all sewn up. Do I tie off the end now?" Kurogane started a little at the sudden question, and hesitated. Fay noticed, and smirked at the ninja, and Kurogane glared at him in response.

"Obviously. Then cut it off close – on that end and the front, and put the threads, scissors and needles back." He rose, his lanky frame unfolding from the bed gracefully, and stalked off, not looking back.

Fay watched him go, head tilted, a thoughtful smile on his lips. A moment before the door slammed shut, he let out a soft, "thanks."