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When Kurogane wakes up, the first thing he notices is Fai, sitting with his back against a tree, looking up to the stars. The almost full moon is lighting his hair, and it is easy to pick out the melancholy look on his face.

"You should get some sleep." Kurogane says, crossing over to him and sitting down beside him.

Fai looks at him and smiles. "At home, there's a legend that one day the white demon of time and dark demon of space will fight. If the white demon wins, time will speed up, and everyone and everything will die, but if the dark demon wins then space will take over and the whole world will be destroyed. Either way, the stars will go out and all will be dark."

Kurogane hesitates, unsure of what Fai means by telling him this. It isn't often that the blonde speaks about himself or his home without prompting.

"Does Kuro-san's Japan have a legend like that?" Fai asks.

Kurogane gives a little shrug. "I dunno. I never really bothered with that kind of stuff."

This time, Fai's smile reaches his eyes. "Kuro-pon has better things to do?"

"It's Kurogane, damnit!"

"Kuro-pon, Kuro-chii, Kuro-sama~." Fai hums, playfully.

"Kurogane!" He half shouts.

Fai puts a finger to his lips. "Shh, you'll wake the kids."

Kurogane glares at him, crossing his arms, but Fai is right. From beside the fire, Mokona untangles himself from Sakura's hold and pads over to them, settling himself in Kurogane's lap. "Aren't Fai and Kurogane sleeping?" He asks, through a yawn.

"In a little bit. We were looking at the stars." Fai says, smiling fondly at the creature.

Mokona looks up. "They're pretty."

Kurogane rolls his eyes at their childishness, and leans back against the tree. Mokona and Fai laugh at him, Mokona tugging on his cloak to draw his attention back to them.

"Kuro-chii doesn't agree with us." Fai says.

"I have better things to think about."

"Aww, that's sad." Fai says, and after a moment, when Kurogane looks at him, he realises that the mage seems to be completely serious.

"Mokona and Fai will have to enjoy them together alone then." Mokona sighs.

"You can't be together and alone." Kurogane points out.

"Of course you can." Fai says, smiling again. "How else can you be alone with a friend?"

"Fai and Kurogane were alone together before Mokona was woken by Kurogane's shouting."

Kurogane blinks, their madness briefly imposing on him. In a way, they were right. But at the same time… "That's wrong!"

"Oh? What else would Kuro-sama call it?"


"Shh!" Mokona hisses, half laughing, with a paw on his lips. "Sakura and Syaoran are sleeping!"

Fai is also giggling, and he brushes a strand of hair from where it's fallen into his eyes. "Such a noisy man. What are we going to do with him?"

"It's late, so maybe we should put him to bed? Perhaps Kurogane is grumpy because it's past his bedtime."

"I only got up to tell Fai to go to sleep!" Kurogane is even more annoyed now, and he growls the words out.

Fai tilts his head as he looks at him. "But I might have gone to bed already if Kuro-chii hadn't started a conversation, and Mokona wouldn't be up at all."

"That's – that's not true!" Kurogane demands, the only reply he can think of.

"Aww, Mokona, Kuro-kun's so grumpy. He definitely needs to go to bed."

"Let's go to bed too. Mokona wants to sleep with Fai and Kurogane!" As if to emphasise his words, Mokona pulls the edges of Kurogane's cloak around him, curling up comfortably in the man's lap. "We can snuggle up together!"

"I don't want to sleep with both of you!"

They laugh again. "Kuro-chii seems to think that he has a choice." Fai stage whispers to Mokona, leaning closer to do so.

"We're going to sleep together whether he likes it or not!" Mokona whispers back, looking up at Kurogane pointedly.

Kurogane growls at them both, and shifts as though he is going to get up, but Mokona clings to him, and he doesn't get any further than shifting slightly. "You're both mad."

"Ah, but we're not the ones who don't appreciate the beauty of the stars."

"I never said I didn't like it!"

"Kuro-pon doesn't take the time to enjoy these things." Fai tells Mokona sadly. "Stars, legends, people."

"I do!" Kurogane shouts, frustrated by their continual teasing.

"Not so loud!" Fai and Mokona say together for a third time, and then break down in giggles. Kurogane glares at them, and is about to make an angry reply, when a noise behind them draws his attention.

Syaoran is shifting from where he is lying along side Sakura, and as he sits up he looks at them in sleepy confusion. "Is something wrong? Why are you all awake?"

"We were just talking. It's alright, go back to sleep." Fai says, smiling at the boy.

"Are you sure?" Syaoran looks more than half asleep despite the question.

Kurogane nods. "Go back to sleep."

They wait, watching as the boy lies back down, and listening as his breathing slows as he falls back asleep.

"You should sleep too." Kurogane tries again, trying to act calmly.

Fai is looking back up at the stars again, the moonlight reflecting in his eyes. At first, Kurogane thinks that he is going to refuse, but then he smiles. "Alright, Kuro-san." He slides himself up gracefully, using the tree as a prop, and Kurogane follows suit, Mokona half clinging to Kurogane's arm, half cradled, half clinging.

Beside the fire, Kurogane lies back down where he had been sleeping before, and is just starting to find a comfortable spot when Fai lies down beside him. "What do you think you're doing?" He whispers, aware of Sakura and Syaoran's closeness.

"We're going to sleep together, remember?" Kurogane can hear the smug smile in Fai's voice.

"Yay~!" Mokona exclaims, clambering over Fai's side so he can snuggle up in the blonde's arms.

"I didn't say you could!"

Fai laughs softly, and Kurogane can feel the movement with the mage this close. "No, you didn't." He agrees, but still snuggles closer, leaving Kurogane unsure where to put his hands.

After a moment of putting up with Kurogane's uncomfortable shifting, Fai takes Kurogane's arm and drapes it over his side, holding onto his arm so that they're both hugging the already sleeping Mokona to Fai's thin chest.

Shifting just for a moment longer, Kurogane tries to deny that it's comfortable as much as it is unfamiliar to lie like that.

"Goodnight, Kuro-pon." Fai purrs.