Inuyasha glared at his reflection in the water. He growled and turned around. "What's wrong foolish little brother?" Sesshomaru taunted. "Sesshomaru, what do you want?" Inuyasha growled. "Oh nothing of course," he answered smirking at the younger demon's obvious rage. "Then get lost!" Inuyasha yelled. "What has gotten you so angry?" Sesshomaru asked. "Nothing that concerns you!" Inuyasha growled, "Now leave!" Before Inuyasha knew what was going on, Sesshomaru appeared in front of him and pressed their lips together. After a moment he pulled away. "What in the seven hells do you think you're doing?!" Inuyasha yelled. "Hm, you have to admit you liked it," Sesshomaru said. "Answer my question," Inuyasha growled, very much aware that he was blushing, from embarrassment.

"Kissing you," he replied smirking. Inuyasha growled and launched himself at his older half-brother. Sesshomaru sidestepped and as his brother fell to the ground he ripped his own clothing off along with his brother's pants. Sesshomaru thrust his already hardened 10in cock into his brother surprisingly tight ass. "What the hell?!" Inuyasha half yelled half groaned. Instead of answering Sesshomaru pulled out then shoved back in hard. Inuyasha groaned despite himself. Sesshomaru shoved into him hard continuously. After he came, still inside his brother he grabbed his brother's hard 9in cock and jerked him off roughly. Before the younger came the older started to move inside of him.

Inuyasha gasped sharply when he came. Sesshomaru tightly held onto Inuyasha's cock as he fucked him. They both came again and Sesshomaru pulled out of his brother. Inuyasha spun his older brother around and shoved his cock into his brother's very tight ass. Sesshomaru moaned as his brother ripped into him. Inuyasha pounded into him hard and fast. Sesshomaru managed to grab his cock and jerk himself while his ass was being pounded. Inuyasha came deep in his brother and still continued to pound into him. Sesshomaru continued to jerk himself off while the younger fucked him with everything he had. Both came again and thay stood facing eachother, Sesshomaru smirking and Inuyasha panting.

Sesshomaru easily shoved his brother back down then sat on his cock. Sesshomaru expertly bounced up and down on it first slowly then faster as he jerked himself off. Inuyasha came in his brother again. Sesshomaru gently set his brother on his cock. The younger slowly moved himself on his brother's cock, eyes closed. Sesshomaru stroked his brother's cock as he fucked him. Inuyasha started bouncing faster giving both more pleasure. They came at the same time. Sesshomaru helped Inuyasha stand then got dressed. With a final smirk in his brother's direction he left.