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I don't know if you've ever tried baby-sitting, but if you haven't, do! It's actually not so bad after all.

It's nine o'clock and Dewey's gone to bed. I should really be telling the other two to go too, but I'm letting them stay up a bit later, since they did, you know, save my life and all.

I was supposed to give them dinner, but in the end we ordered pizza, since we didn't get back til 8. Dewey was practically falling asleep even as he was eating. I wasn't surprised, I mean he's only six and it's been a long day.

It was so funny, watching the other two, after me and Dewey got down from the tree. I mean, after I finished telling them how wonderful they were for rescuing us and nearly crushing the breath out of them both in a three-way hug.

Dewey said to us all, really solemnly, ''I'm sorry for running away and making you all worried.''

Malcolm and Reese both started to go a little red. ''We weren't worried,'' said Malcolm hurriedly.

''Yeah,'' said Reese, ''It was only Dylan who was worried really.''

I nearly choked, trying not to laugh, ''Yeah, right.''

Malcolm tried to look cool. ''It's not like we were scared what could have happened, I mean, why would we be? You're just our stupid kid brother.''

Dewey shot me a questioning look. I rolled my eyes. ''Sure, Malcolm,'' I said, as we turned to leave the park. ''Sure he is.''

All the way home they tried to convince us they hadn't been worried at all. Finally, Dewey said, quite firmly, ''We get it.''

When we reached the house, before we went inside, I made them all stop and look at me. ''Guys,'' I said, ''I really enjoyed being your babysitter, despite of everything. But you realise that I'll never be able to come back if your mom finds out about this. So you gotta keep quiet, yeah?''

Dewey put a finger to his lips and nodded seriously. ''We promise,'' said Malcolm.

''Well, duh,'' said Reese, ''you're, like, the best babysitter we've ever had.''

That was a little unexpected. ''Aww, thanks Reese,'' I said after a second, opening the door so we could all step inside. ''Now, who's for pizza?''

...Which sort of brings me back to where we are now. And - oh shoot - is that Lois' car pulling into the drive?

''Guys, quick, bed!'' I hiss at them, ''your mom's back!''

They both scarper, and I quickly collect up the remains of our pizza and its box, and stuff it in the bin, just as Lois enters the house.

''Dylan! How did it go? How bad were they?'' she asks, reaching the kitchen. ''Did they drive you insane?''

''Uh, no,'' I stammer, ''they were fine.'' Well, it's only half a lie.

''Really?'' she looks surprised. ''Oh.''

''Honestly, they were no trouble. In fact I'll be glad to babysit again...if, you know, you need me.''

''You know it's funny you should say that... Hal and I have to be out late again next Friday. How about it?''


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