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However cliché it may sound, it was a dark and stormy night. The rain was sheeting down the windows of the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle as Jack and Maddie chased after the ghost kids. That's right ghost kids plural. There was another ghost kid now. As if it wasn't bad enough to have one ghost kid terrorizing the town, he had to add insult to injury and go get his sister to participate in his reign of terror. He was mocking the fact that they hadn't managed to catch him yet. Well, Maddie Fenton would catch them and make this town safe for her children: Jazz, Danny, and her newly adopted daughter Dani.

One shot came particularly close to the ghost girl and the ghost boy turned around a look of shear fury in his ectoplasm green eyes.

"That's it!" the ghost kid screamed. although Maddie would never admit it, she was terrified, and for a moment honestly wished she did anything other than ghost hunting, "You have no idea how much is at stake for us when we try to protect you people every darn day! We try our hardest and What do we get in return, A bunch of PSYCO GHOST HUNTERS trying to re-kill us! Well, THAT'S IT! WE'VE HAD ENOUGH! LET'S SEE HOW YOU PEOPLE DO WITHOUT US FOR A WHILE! LET'S SEE HOW YOU MANAGE WITHOUT US RISKING OUR AFTERLIVES FOR YOU ON A DAILY BASIS! WE'RE DONE PROTECTING PEOPLE WHO WANT US DEAD, ER! GOOD BYE! And good riddance." And with that, the ghost boy grabbed his bewildered looking little sister and flew off into the night.

Maddie Fenton was still frozen in place and didn't know what to think. For once, she thought she may have been wrong. Perhaps all ghosts weren't heartless monsters with no emotions other than vengeance and fury, because she could have sworn that, for a moment, as he turned to leave, she saw tears glittering in his ectoplasm green eyes. But what was all that nonsense about protecting them? He'd stolen, hadn't he? And he'd held the mayor captive, hadn't he? But, somehow, the ghost kid leaving had the feeling of a last ray of hope abandoning a dark place, like when a train finally quits stopping at a forgotten little town that no one ever leaves or comes to.

Maddie Fenton went to bed that night pondering the strange sense of hopelessness the ghost boy's leaving had given her. She decided she was probably just tired and would feel better in the morning. Little did she know that an even worse nightmare would await in the morning, when she would find that two of her children were not in their beds.

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