Danny struggled against his captor, but she was an adult and seemed to be at least as strong as him, if not stronger, and the hold she was using to restrain him (and the fact that they were not on the ground) gave him little leverage to work with. He began running through options in his head (which was just a tad difficult because he was also fighting to regain control from the panic that had ensnared his mind). Just as he was about to try to wrench himself free, an odd voice that sounded like to voices speaking as one called out, "Hey fathead! Put him down!"

Everyone turned to look at the source of the voice. Haley stood there with her eyes closed, smirking at the ground. Dark Dan burst out laughing, "Oh, that is just too perfect. The town is overrun by ghosts. The world's mightiest hero has been captured, and who steps up to save the day? A seven year old human girl!" Dark Dan laughed even harder.

Haley's head snapped up and her eyes flew open, but there was something a bit odd about them. One of her eyes looked perfectly normal, but the other was glowing an emerald green.

"Danielle, what the heck are you doing," Danny muttered under his breath.

Two voices rang out in unison. One shouted "Dragon up," the other shouted "Going ghost." A ring of white flames surrounded the tiny girl's waist and spread up and down. Her small frame changed and grew as the flames washed over it. Finally close to the end of the process, the figure split in two.

Dark Dan had quit laughing by now, and for a moment everyone just stared at the two figures. They were black scaled dragons with white bands stretching across their necks, chests, and stomachs, white claws, and white hair. One had black eyes and wore her hair in pigtails. The other had green eyes, a black circle with a white DP symbol in it on her chest, and wore her hair in a ponytail.

Each of the two dragons knocked one of the Dark Phantoms back with an emerald green fireball.

"Danny," Jake began in a slightly shaken tone, "Did our little sisters just somehow combine their powers and become ghost dragons?"

"Stranger things have happened," Danny replied.

"No. I really don't think they have," Jake rebutted.

"And that is proof that you have never lived in Amity," Danny replied. A little of the life seemed to be coming back to him. He was getting back into battle-mode and remembering his golden rule of ghost-fighting: Never break down on the battlefield. Panic impairs your judgment. Catatonia* leaves you defenseless. Once the fight is over and everyone is safe, then you can go to pieces: you can lock yourself in your room and cry: you can lie awake trying to cleanse the trauma from your mind: you can scream into a pillow until you're exhausted: you can go flying and clear your head. However, you can only do this once you've dealt with the issue. While you're still in the middle of a fight, you fight.

"No wonder you left this place," Jake said.

"So, wanna try it?" Danny asked.


"Look," Danny sighed, "It's good strategy to use every advantage available to you when you're outnumbered and facing a powerful foe. So just get over the weirdness already."

"Alright. It's not like today could possibly get any weirder anyway."

"Oh, you just had to say that, didn't you?" Danny quipped as he and Jake returned to their human forms.

Danny went intangible and tried for the first time in his life to enter someone else's mind without overshadowing them. It was… different to say the least, but he managed it. Both boys shouted their battle cries, and rings of white flames washed over them.

The new transformation was rather peculiar for Danny. Normally, when he transformed into a ghost, a sort of chill came with it. This time however, he felt warm. The white flames that washed over him were not cold, like the rings of light his ghostly transformation invoked, nor were they scorchingly hot as one might expect fire to be. And another peculiar thing was that the normal rush of ectoplasmic energy and adrenaline that normally came with allowing the dead side of him to become more pronounced and letting go of some of his earthly limitations was toned down a bit and accompanied by a peculiar feeling of growth, increased strength, and good health. Not that he normally felt unhealthy.

Jake was equally taken aback by the new transformation. The heat that normally came with his transformation and had always felt so natural was significantly less strong this time, and yet… It had an edge to it, like the false chill when you're splashed by water so hot it almost feels cold. The transformation also felt less natural than it normally did. Turning into a dragon always came with the sensation of muscles growing and bones naturally reshaping themselves over the course of an organisms growth, but he had never questioned whether he was still the same thing he had been before. It wasn't so much that he became a dragon, as it was that he had been one all along. This time however, he felt very different. This time, the transformation brought with it the sensation of becoming something… else. Something other and alien. Adrenaline shot through him, as he tried to fight back the notion that the change felt permanent and he might never be the same again.

The two were so wrapped up that they completely failed to notice the splitting apart portion of the transformation until both stood in their new forms, and both simultaneously caught a glimpse of the other.

"Let's kick some ghost butt," Danny said forming his brand new claws into a fist.

A/N: Sorry it took so long for this update. I'll try to be quicker with the next one.

* Catatonia is the state of being catatonic