By Bluminous

Author's note: I do not own Harry Potter and Bleached. The characters in this story belong to Ms. Rowling and Bleach creator Tite Kubo.

Chapter 6: Calm before the storm

Retsu Unohana walked slowly along the halls of her barracks, inspecting the reconstruction efforts to her damaged barracks and healing station. Her vice-captain Kotetsu Isane followed a step behind, while giving the fourth division captain her progress report.

"We're ahead of schedule, Captain." Isane said. "At this rate we will be able to return the bed ridden patients to their rooms in their respective barracks in three days."

"I am pleased to hear that Isane." Retsu Unohana replied. "What of our barracks and garden?"

"They were the most damaged during that cowardly attack." Isane replied. "The contractor said that it will take about a week. Meanwhile, the captain commander has generously given us his permission to use the first division facilities for our daily training and sleeping quarters."

"Send the Captain Commander my gratitude." Unohana said, a small smile blossomed on her smooth face.

"A few other squads offered their facilities to house our division." Isane continued. "What should I tell them?"

"Tell them that the fourth division appreciates their offer, but we have already accepted the Captain Commander's offer."

"I'll write the letters at once." Isane said.

She bowed to Unohana and her personal bodyguard, since he also outranked her and headed back to the partially rebuilt fourth squad office. As she turned a corner she glanced at the two powerful Shinigami out of the corner of her eye and smiled, Isane knew her beloved captain was safe from harm. She did not doubt her captain's capabilities, but having someone who was an expert at assassination protecting her eased Isane's mind.

Captain Commander Yamamoto showed his concern for one of the most respected and oldest captains in the Gotei 13 by assigning the Secret Mobile Corps Commander to be Retsu Unohana's personal guard. It was a bold and powerful statement to both the cowards that organized the attack on the fourth division and to the rest of the Seiretei.

It showed how much Yamamoto valued Retsu Unohana, and by assigning Soul Society's top assassin to merely act as her guard caused the raising of eyebrows from the noble clans and the citizens of Seiretei. It was the first time they heard that the elite and rarely seen commander of the secret mobile corps be delegated as a mere guard to the fourth division captain.

Retsu finished her inspection and decided to visit her division. Some were recuperating in the first division barracks, and had sustained injuries from the surprise attack. Retsu had healed them personally, but she knew patients tended to get bored quickly while confined to bed and would try to sneak out, even her fourth division, hindering their healing and creating more work for her top healers.

She glanced at her worst patient, who walked beside her and a cheerful smile crossed her serene face. Harry was a terrible patient, he always pushed himself in training even though he had been injured the previous day. It had taken Retsu herself to guard her young lover while confined to the hospital, and she had to admit that she had greatly enjoyed his company and thinking up ways to keep him occupied. She used her body as one tactic, though she didn't know who enjoyed it more, but one thing she did know that she had come to value and care for him.

"How is the mobile corps doing?" Retsu asked, concerned for the wellbeing of Harry's own division while he had been temporarily reassigned to guard her.

"They're doing fine." The young man replied. "I have the squad captains report to me of their progress, and Soi Fon's kind enough to watch over them during her free time."

"That's nice of her." Retsu disappeared using Shunpo, travelling at speeds considered to be at a high level to reach her destination. Harry was with her, always keeping a wary eye for any possible attack.

Seeing as Harry wasn't about to reply, she decided to move to the topic she knew was bothering her young lover. "You're worried about Kuchiki Rukia."

Harry nodded. Rukia's execution would be tomorrow, after being moved earlier than expected again by the Seiretei Senate body. Harry knew that he would have to act, after himself and Jyuushiro Ukitake exhausted all legal means as their appeals, petitions were immediately rejected.

He had persistently asked Kyouraku Shunsui and Jyuushiro what their plan was, but both captains merely told him to just keep quiet and that he would know when the time was right to act.

The two finally arrived at the first squad barracks, the only compound nearest the white tower, the shrine of penitence where Rukia was currently housed. The two Shinigami immediately felt the spiritual power of the captain commander's vice captain, Sasakibe Choujirou before he could be seen and stopped, they could tell that he was heading right for them.

"Captain Unohana, Commander Potter." Sasakibe greeted the two. "The Captain Commander wishes to speak with you, Captain Unohana."

"Of course." Unohana replied.

Harry moved to follow, but Sasakibe stopped him. "Commander Potter, Yamamoto only wishes to speak with Captain Unohana privately."

"Do you know how long it would take?" Harry asked.

"An hour at least, if my experience serves me right. He wishes to discuss the logistics details and cost for the rebuilding of the healing station."

"Fine then." Harry said. "I'll wait for you here Captain Unohana."

After the two Shinigami departed, Harry decided to meet with his old superior, and vanished in a swirl of wind, as he used a high level of Shunpo to quickly reach the secret training grounds.

Secret Training Grounds, outside of Seiretei

Ichigo recovered from the shock of his blade blocking Zangetsu's and leaped back to regain his guard. Unlike before, he was lasting much longer with every sword and was putting up quite a fight against Zangetsu. He spit out the blood on his mouth and prepared to charge when his opponent suddenly vanished, on its place stood the weird humanoid shaped Bankai training equipment that Yoruichi claimed that Urahara Invented.

"Huh?" Ichigo stared dumbly at the sight. He was so focused into the battle that he couldn't comprehend what happened.

"We're taking a break Ichigo." Yoruichi jumped down from the cliff she stood on to observe her charge and removed the clasp that bound her hair in a ponytail.


"This is the end of your first day of training." Yoruichi explained. "Why don't you head to the hot spring over there and relax. It will help relax your muscles."

Ichigo nodded and embedded his current sword deep into the rock. Looking at the hot spring and the pool where the water gathered, his eyes lit up with anticipation and quickly shed his dirty clothes stained with his blood and dirt.

As usual his strange teacher Yoruichi teased him again by exposing her naked body when she joined him inside the hot spring, and his face blushed red with embarrassment. He hadn't seen a real live naked girl before aside from the pictures in his porn collection and he simply was shocked to see Yoruichi in her naked glory.

Her strange preference of sitting Indian style while she faced him didn't help matters at all, it seemed that Yoruichi had no sense of modesty. He couldn't blame her though, Yoruichi had nothing to be ashamed about but he'd seen more private parts of a woman than he'd cared to see. Indian style.

At the thought, his cheeks blushed red with embarrassment and decided to change the topic. Thankfully Yoruichi had changed back to her cat form and was happily swimming around the small pond and Ichigo was able to flush out the perverted thoughts out of his mind.

"Hey Yoruichi?" Ichigo looked at the black cat. "You know this place reminds me a lot of the place where Urahara Kisuke trained me, the one under his shop."

"It should."Yoruichi licked her paw and stared back at him. "Because that was an exact replica of this place, and he built that to remind himself of this."

"Who exactly is Urahara?" Ichigo asked. "He's a Shinigami too, isn't it? He wields a soul slayer."

"He is." Yoruichi replied. "He was the former captain of the twelfth division, as well as the founder of the Technological Development Bureau."

"That crazy idiot was actually a big shot once?" Ichigo asked, his eyes wide open.

"He was very talented." Yoruichi admitted. "And also, a bit lazy at times."

"Heh, then I guess he hasn't changed." Ichigo said. He remembered another Shinigami that he had recently met and figured to ask his question now, since it seemed like Yoruichi was in a telling mood. He figured he'd get lucky and learn some information.

"Then there's this shinigami I wanted to ask you about. I know it seems personal, but who exactly is Harry Potter? I know you are familiar with him, and Kuukaku said that he was your apprentice."

"Just like you said, he was my old apprentice, and took over my position once I left soul society as supreme commander of the mobile corps. What else do you want to know?" Yoruichi asked. Her voice had a slight tinge of anger that even Ichigo noticed.

"He's not just a regular Shinigami, isn't he?" Ichigo asked. "He didn't report us to his comrades when he discovered us. Does that mean he'll fight with us? Is he our ally?"

"You're full of questions today." Yoruichi said, glad that Ichigo's line of questioning didn't head to more personal matters.

"Please tell me!" Ichigo pleaded.

"Harry was... a very interesting Shinigami. He's very special." Yoruichi closed her eyes and savored the hot water as memories of her time with Harry right on this hot spring flashed through her mind. "You know Ichigo, you could consider Harry as another master, since he also trained under Urahara. I bet the training techniques that Urahara taught you came from teaching Harry. He was Harry's first apprentice in sword fighting techniques."

"Oh." Ichigo stared at the water and pondered another question. He knew he was strong, but a little help wouldn't hurt when it was time to rescue Rukia. "Why didn't he turn us in when he had the chance?"

"I haven't been here long, but Kuukaku told me some rumors." Yoruichi answered. "Rumor has it was that Rukia trained under Harry in the secret mobile corps to improve her hand to hand fighting techniques, at the request of Rukia's older brother, Kuchiki Byakuya."

"Kuchiki... Byakuya." Upon hearing that name Ichigo clenched his fist. He swore he'd beat that man to a pulp.

"Yes." Yoruichi nodded. "And Kuukaku told me that Rukia looked up to Harry like a brother. In a way, Harry decided to help us because of her."

"I understand." Ichigo said, admiring the powerful Shinigami. He now knew why the man decided to help them, since he too had younger sisters to care for. He's give up his life for them. "That's how true brothers should treat their younger sisters."

"Idiot." Ichigo glared at the vice captain of the sixth squad, Abarai Renji. He knew that the red headed fool was about to reach Bankai, he could already see Renji's zanpakutou manifest into something large and powerful though it still didn't have any distinct shape.


The unofficial substitute Shinigami followed the voice and found his strange ally, Shihounin Yoruichi glaring at him on top of a cliff.

"Do you want to just stand all day or are do you want to complete Bankai?"

Ichigo nodded and grabbed another sword embedded at the ground nearby. His zanpakutou had called them aspects of himself, and though he didn't know what that fully meant, he could already feel his reiatsu getting stronger as the day progressed.

News of Rukia's execution date being moved forward spurned him on, and he ignored the cuts and bruises he sustained while sparring with Zangetsu, the physical manifestation of his zanpakutou. He only had one thing focused on his mind, and it was to achieve Bankai to save Kuchiki Rukia.

A black blur caught his eye and he immediately raised his sword to block a strike that would have severed his arm from his body and responded by kicking Zangetsu back a few meters. He quickly followed his attack with a thrust, but Zangetsu had anticipated his move and leaped high into the air.

Ichigo desperately wanted to follow him, but he knew that Zangetsu was too far up for him to attack, unless he used the nearby cliffs to use as leverage. He knew he could defeat his zanpakutou, but Zangetsu kept on avoiding him once he realized that Ichigo was slowly gaining ground.

The middle aged man wearing shades landed, and quickly parried a slash and countered with a kick, and it connected to Ichigo's chest ending him crashing through the rocky floor.

"Too careless." Zangetsu said in his deep and creepy voice. "Remember that your opponent can copy your moves and improvise, so you should adapt as well."

Ichigo nodded and picked up another sword, his last had cracked when he used it to slow his momentum as he was pushed back by Zangetsu's kick. Ichigo didn't know, but every sword he had used, and destroyed in the process of dueling his Zanpakutou had subconsciously taught him a lesson in fighting, making him stronger and molding his reiatsu in preparation for Bankai.

He moved slowly to the side, observing Zangetsu's every move, and noticed that he was also doing the exact same thing. The two circled each other for a moment and then Ichigo moved, vanishing quickly and appeared behind Zangetsu. They quickly exchanged blows, a parry, a thrust, a slash, the earth around them trembled at the power of their strikes.

Ichigo raised his left hand and blocked a kick from his zanpakutou and he stepped closer to the old man and knocked him off balance with his shoulder. Quickly changing his grip on his sword, he slashed from the side, using his momentum to increase the speed of his sword.

He expected to finally hit the old man, but his blade just met air. He looked up, and again Zangetsu was in the air, avoiding his attack. He could have followed him, but he knew that the last time he tried it, Zangetsu used his downward momentum to parry Ichigo's upward strike.

'This can't go on... I'm running out of time!' Ichigo thought. He gripped his sword tighter, as frustration overcame him.

"I've had enough!" He yelled. He slashed his sword towards Zangetsu and his eyes widened in shock as a mass of reiatsu leaped out of his sword and headed to his opponent. He felt it, a tiny portion of his reiatsu in his arms had momentarily vanished and reached his sword. How did he do it?

It seems that Zangetsu was expecting this all along, and easily deflected the mass of reiatsu with his sword and redirected it to the side. It cleaved a large scar at a nearby cliff, showing everyone how powerful the strike was.

"We'll have a break." Yoruichi said. "Ichigo, you need to rest for now."

"We don't have time!" He snapped. "I can fight!"

"It's only for a short moment." Yoruichi said. She tossed a water bottle at him and the young man eagerly drank its contents. Your wounds are beginning to bleed again. That means your reiatsu's running low and we need to change the bandages."

"Is that alright Zangetsu?" Yoruichi asked.

Zangetsu nodded and merely stood there. "Think on what you just did Ichigo. Your attack was powerful, but it is clear you don't have the control to properly contain its strength."

A cloud of smoke caught the eye of all three, and Ichigo noticed an extremely large head pop out from the mist.

"What the hell?"

"He's done it." Yoruichi smiled. A figure approached through the mists, revealing an exhausted Renji, wearing a strange cape with red fur. His face and arms were dripping with blood, though his face wore a proud and victorious smile.

"I might as well take a break, but I figured I need to show you this." Renji said proudly. "I thought it could motivate you properly."

For once Ichigo didn't have an insult ready to hurl back, as he admired the large Bankai that Renji achieved.

"This, is my Bankai, Baboon King snake Tail." Renji said. The enormous head, eerily shaped like a hollow mask lowered itself beside Renji. The vice captain of the sixth squad fondly patted its head, while its segments, made out of what looked like bamboo pieces, coiled around the Shinigami.

"Congratulations, Abarai." Yoruichi said.

Renji nodded, and quickly sat down, clearly exhausted from achieving Bankai. The large hulking presence of Renji's Bankai vanished in a puff of mist and smoke, revealing his sealed Zanpakutou.

"You need to rest, before you use your Bankai again." Yoruichi said. She tossed another bottle at the tired Shinigami, and perched herself on a nearby rock.

"That was hell. Zabimaru's very stubborn, just like me." Renji said fondly.

"So is he." Ichigo said, pointing a thumb at Zangetsu.

Renji eyed the physical manifestation of Ichigo's Bankai and noticed that he was staring at a cliff high above them. He frowned, and followed Zangetsu's gaze and paled. On top of the cliff, near the entrance was a figure, dressed in the attire of a regular Mobile corps Shinigami.

What scared the shit out of Renji was that the mobile corps member was wearing a white haori over his uniform, meaning it was the mobile corps commander himself that was looking at them. He was about to warn his companions that their secret hideout was discovered when the mobile corps commander decided to warn them himself.

A powerful wind picked up, and a moment later they could all feel the immense spiritual power of Seiretei's top assassin. Yoruichi looked surprised at first, and then merely stared at their visitor.

"Yoruichi, can you hold him off?" Renji asked. "I'm low on reiatsu but if we all try to take him at once, perhaps we'll have a chance. I'll have Zabimaru destroy the entrance..."

"Relax Renji." Ichigo said. "Yoruichi knows this guy. He's an ally, I think."

Renji seemed unconvinced as he drew his zanpakutou from its sheath and faced the mysterious Harry Potter. However, nobody was standing on the cliff, and he fell down on his seat when he saw his target standing beside Yoruichi. He didn't even see or felt him move.

"Commander Potter." Renji said weakly.

"Oi Renji." Harry said. "I thought I noticed your reiatsu. Weren't my men supposed to be guarding you?"

"Yes sir, but they were relieved by Captain Aizen and his men. I wouldn't have escaped undetected if it was your men that were guarding my cell." Renji said.

"I didn't know there was a shift change." Harry frowned. He sat on the same ledge Yoruichi sat on and scratched the back of his head.

"Must be Fuuko who authorized it." Harry continued. He faced Ichigo and glanced at Zangetsu. "So that's you Zanpakutou huh?"

Ichigo glared at the newly arrived Shinigami and nodded. "This is Zangetsu."

Zangetsu merely nodded at Harry's wave and continued staring at the young Shinigami. Ichigo thought he looked surprised, but thought it wrong since the old man rarely showed emotion.

"Wind type huh?" Harry muttered, as if talking to himself. "You sure?"

"Who are you talking to?" Ichigo asked.

"My zanpakutou." Harry explained. "She wants to go out for a moment."

A blast of wind knocked Renji and Ichigo off their seats. As the wind died down they gawked at a tall woman with creamy white skin, a very fantastic figure wearing a tight black dress. Her curly, long black hair and the tattered hem of her dress, similar to Zangetsu's fluttered in an unseen wind.

"You again?" The woman asked. She turned to Harry and caressed his face with a finger. "What's the slut doing here?"

"Stop taunting her Fujin." Harry said, allowing his Zanpakutou to play with his messy hair. "You know very well that she has recently returned."

Fujin smiled and turned her attention to the other physical manifestation of a zanpakutou.


Zangetsu bowed at his fellow Zanpakutou. "Fujin."

"Enjoy your chat Fujin." Harry said, jumping off the ledge. "I need to talk to Yoruichi."

Yoruichi nodded and the two vanished, appearing on the other side of the training grounds. This left the two Shinigami still gawking at Fujin, apparently mesmerized with her charm.

"That's Commander Potter's Zanpakutou!" Ichigo whispered to Renji.

"I can't believe she's such a chick. Wow!" Renji replied.

Fujin apparently heard them and merely smirked at their direction before she returned her attention to her fellow Zanpakutou.

"Ichigo, show respect." Zangetsu said.

"Ichigo huh. This is him?" Fujin said. "I pity you Zangetsu. You used to be so much stronger."

"What do you mean!" Ichigo said angrily. "I'm not weak!"

"Look at yourself Zangetsu. You're barely what I remember you. You can't even appear without relying on that pervert's device." Fujin continued, ignoring Ichigo's question.

"We are strong." Zangetsu said simply.

"You're not whole. You're conflicted, battling with the two natures within you." Fujin replied. She turned her gaze to Ichigo, her black eyes studying him. "And he is weak."

"I'm not weak!" Ichigo shouted, insulted by the strange zanpakutou spirit's words. "Come here and fight me! I'll show you what's weak!"

Fujin raised her right arm and from nowhere strong winds pushed Ichigo, sending him crashing into the wall and holding him in place.

"And what of your other half?" Zangetsu countered.

"My Harry is strong." Fujin said, as a wide smile formed on her face. Her dress and hair fluttered, as if showing her excitement. "And he is pure. Undivided. Unlike him."

"What does she mean Zangetsu?" Ichigo shouted.

"You will understand soon Ichigo." Zangetsu said. "I and I alone know you will be strong enough when that time comes."

"You did always try hard." Fujin said. "I grow bored. I'll go back to see what my Harry is doing. Maybe they're fucking already!"

Fujin cackled and slowly disappeared, parts of her dress and body blown by a gentle breeze that headed towards where Harry and Yoruichi vanished.


"How's he holding up?"

Yoruichi glanced at her old apprentice who stood beside her. She was still getting used to his new appearance, from the young teenager she had picked up far in the outskirts of Rokungai. His white Haori fluttered against a gentle breeze, a result when he was letting out a bit of his reiatsu.

She only knew a few others who had such a similar effect with their reiatsu, one was the captain commander. The old man literally made everyone sweat when he was annoyed, and she knew it was because of his overwhelming reiatsu and his famous zanpakutou, Ryuujin Jakka.

Another one was the famous boy captain and prodigy, Hitsugaya Toushiro, whose cold demeanor made most experience a severe chill up their spines when he was provoked.

"He's getting better." Yoruichi Shihounin replied. "He's almost there Harry. He just needs one small step before he achieves Bankai."

"Rukia must be really special to her, for him to come all this way to save her." Harry mused. "I wonder how Byakuya will react when he learns that this intruder has a crush on his sister?"

"He'll probably skin him alive faster than you can say Bankai." Yoruichi joked. She moved closer to her old lover and sighed, longing to feel his arms around her. But she knew this what not the time to think such thoughts, and she didn't know how much Harry had changed since she abandoned soul society.

"So what's the reason for your visit?"

"I just want to know if your group will be there on time." Harry said. "If you can't make it, then I guess we'll have to act by ourselves."

"Who are these 'we' you are talking about?" Yoruichi asked.

"I can't tell you yet." Harry replied. "Just know that if your group decided to act, you won't be alone in facing the full wrath of the captains."

Yoruichi smiled and gently stood on her toes and gave her Harry a gentle kiss on the cheek. Harry merely stood there and gave her a small smile before he disappeared in a gentle breeze.


"Ken-chan! Look!" The small pink haired girl hanging on the left shoulder of Eleventh division captain Zaraki Kenpachi pointed at the figure standing just outside the First division headquarters.

Zaraki had recently recovered from his wounds from the battle with Kurosaku Ichigo, and he was in a pleasant mood when he woke up, grateful for the fun Ichigo gave him. He couldn't wait for a rematch, and decided to head to where he heard Ichigo's friends who were recently captured where detained.

"Ah. Harry Potter." Zaraki grinned with anticipation. He knew the young mobile corps commander could give him a workout and stretch his legs a little.

"Hey Yachiru." Kenpachi asked the pink bundle of energy on his back. "Do you think he'll play?"

"Harry always likes to play!" Yachiru exclaimed. She stood up at Zaraki's wide shoulders and didn't have trouble with her balance despite Zaraki running at near top speed. "Harry-kun!"

Harry turned to the voice and waved at the young girl and her captain. "Hey Zaraki, Yachiru."

"Oy, whatcha doin' just standing there like a statue?" Zaraki asked.

"I'm waiting for someone."

"Oh. Why don't you play with me then? We haven't sparred for a long time." Zaraki asked. He withdrew his zanpakutou from his sheathe and pointed it at Harry. Yachiru jumped over to Harry's head and messed his hair for a moment before she leaped out to the side to watch the fight.

"Yey Ken-chan! Yey Harry-kun!" Yachiru yelled.

"I really don't have the time." Harry said. "I'm waiting for Retsu you see, and my schedule's full for the day. Perhaps some other time?"

"You're pussy whipped kid." Zaraki taunted. "C'mon, don't be afraid of Unohana. She won't know."

"I won't know what, Captain Zaraki?"

Both Shinigami froze upon hearing the voice and turned to see Captain Retsu Unohana standing beside Yachiru. Zaraki slowly eyed the Fourth division captain, wondering how she'd managed to sneak up behind him without him feeling even a smidgen of her reiatsu.

"Captain Unohana!" Harry said. "You're finished with your meeting?"

"I am." Retsu nodded and calmly walked towards Harry. "Good morning Captain Zaraki, I'm glad to see that your wounds have healed."

"Uhh yeah." Zaraki grinned nervously. "I was just talking to Harry here... he told me he was busy."

"He is." Retsu smiled at Zaraki and placed one dainty hand on Harry's shoulder. "He's been handling the security preparations for the execution tomorrow."

"However, I am concerned, Captain Zaraki. I know your wounds have healed, but shouldn't you take your time and not push yourself too hard?" Retsu's eyes focused on the eleventh division captain, while her smile remained on her serene face. "I am merely stating that fact because of your welfare after all. It would sadden me to see my efforts to heal you go to waste because you exerted yourself too hard."

Retsu Unohana and her best healers generally concentrated their attentions on the higher ranking shinigami. They especially took care of the eleventh division captain's injuries, knowing that his division would soon fall into chaos without him and the top officers around to instill order.

Zaraki merely nodded and continued on his way as Yachiru jumped on her usual position on his back. The young girl turned to them and waved. "By Harry-kun! Retsu-chan!"

Retsu smiled back while Harry chuckled beside her. Even now, he hadn't met anyone as scary as his Retsu. She could really make most piss their pants with just simple words. Harry involuntarily shuddered at the thought of making Retsu Unohana mad at him and hoped that day would never come to pass. He'd rather face the Captain Commander one on one rather than let that day happen.

"Oh?" Retsu looked surprised at Zaraki's quick departure. "Have I said something?"

Harry shook with barely held laughter. He really couldn't figure out if Retsu was doing it on purpose, or was really clueless about how intimidating she could be.

"Harry?" Retsu looked up in concern at her dear lover's face. "Are you feeling well?"

"I'm fine Captain Unohana." Harry replied. "Shall we have lunch?"

Retsu nodded and Harry tensed when he felt her hand slide under his white haori to squeeze his buttocks. He pretended that nothing was going one and endured while Retsu fondled him. She could really be devious at times, to a casual observer it merely looked like the captain of the fourth squad was walking closely beside her elite personal bodyguard.

"Would you object to having lunch at my quarters?" Retsu asked softly while a few Shinigami they passed bowed to her. "Though I enjoy eating with our fellow Shinigami, the meeting with the captain commander made me quite hungry and I prefer not to wait since my house is just around the corner."

"Anything you wish Captain Unohana." Harry replied, steeling his face to remain impassive. "Whatever you desire."

"Good." Retsu smiled and the two Shinigami continued on their way.

An hour later, a sweaty Harry leaned back on the futon after he spent himself inside Retsu. As he predicted, Unohana Retsu wasn't interested at lunch at all and immediately pounced on him the moment they stepped inside her modest sized house.

Retsu turned to him and rested her head on his shoulder, savoring the feeling of Harry's semen leaking out of her. She looked up and started nibbling his ear with gentle bites, while her fingers traced circular patterns on his chest.

Harry knew why she was so spontaneous in their 'extra-curricular' activities these days. Normally she would wait until both their duties have been completed, since Harry knew Retsu took her responsibilities seriously. Not even he, Retsu's companion and lover for years can assume to just drag her to a vacant room and shag her silly while she was on duty. It was all up to Retsu to decide, and he abided by that unspoken agreement throughout their time as lovers.

Harry groaned when he felt himself respond to Retsu's ministrations of his manhood and turned to face her for a fourth round. He knew why she was trying to distract him to not think of Rukia's execution, and he had to admit it was working pretty well. He couldn't control himself anymore and grabbed Retsu and pushed her back to the Futon while he impaled himself within her. She always liked the fourth time to be the most vigorous round after all. As he started to thrust inside her, Harry wondered if she was doing this in honor of her fourth division.


Meditation Garden, Thirteenth Division headquarters

"My my, Harry's getting impatient." Kyouraku Shunsui said when Harry appeared on Jyuushiro Ukitake's garden. The two captains were discussing their plans for tomorrow, Shunsui drinking Sake while Jyuushiro sipped his herbal tea.

"This is the third time you visited in two days." Jyuushiro greeted the younger Shinigami.

"You said you had a plan." Harry said, getting impatient. "When will you tell me what my part will be for her rescue? All you keep saying is that I'll know when the right time will be."

"Relax Harry." Shunsui plucked a blade of grass and placed it on his mouth.

"Relax?" Harry shook his head and leaned on a wooden post.

"Harry, do you know the implications of what we're about to do?" Jyuushiro asked.

"Of course I do." Harry said.

"Harry, it is one thing for an ordinary Shinigami to betray Seretei." Jyuushiro explained. "But for captain class Shinigami..."

"The old man would kill us." Shunsui finished. "And there's only two ways out for us, and one is to follow Urahara's path and be exiled. That means we will leave Seretei forever."

"Are you prepared to accept the consequences?" Jyuushiro asked.

Harry looked out at the night sky, the moon bathing Jyuushiro's garden with an ethereal glow. He remembered the faces of the people he treasured and nodded. "I am. I can't just let my former subordinate just die like that. Something's not right, and I'm going to do something about it – damn the consequences."

Shunsui chuckled while Jyuushiro sighed. The two senior captains exchanged glances and beckoned Harry to sit in front of them.

"Harry, you need to know certain things about soul society. You're one of our youngest captains..." Shunsui explained.

"Soi Fon's younger." Harry said. Technically he wasn't ranked as a captain, since his official title was supreme commander of the secret mobile corps. He knew though what a captain class Shinigami meant, someone with great spiritual power and skill.

"Yes, but she's been a Shinigami longer than you." Jyuushiro said. The long white haired captain straightened his robes and poured Harry a cup of tea. "Harry, you may not be aware of this, but the old man expects a lot from you."

"Me?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

"You've been the commander of the mobile corps for many decades now, and despite the separation of the corps and the second division, you've handled the corps' responsibilities even with fewer men."

"It was a rough start." Harry said, remembering when even he and his senior officers had to perform the simplest of jobs to show the newer corps members how it was done.

"Strange though, was a greater influx of female applicants to the mobile corps academy." Shunsui mused. "I bet that was the result of our young, dashing commander finally being seen by the general populace."

"Knock it off." Harry glared at the older captain. "That kind of thinking is the reason why Nanao keeps on rejecting you."

"Hey! Nanao-chan loves me!" Shunsui whined.

"Oh yeah?" Harry countered. "I bet if I asked her out, she'd say yes."

"You wouldn't dare!"

"And will you really do that? I wonder what Captain Unohana would say." Jyuushiro said. He laughed at the sight of Harry who was quickly looking around the garden. Seeing his beloved Retsu nowhere near the vicinity, he settled at glaring Jyuushiro.

"That wasn't funny." Harry said.

"I know." Jyuushiro said while his fellow captain laughed. "I just said that to get both of you back on what we were discussing. The old man sees a lot of potential in you and Toushiro."

"We're just fulfilling our duties."

"And you've been doing them extremely well." Jyuushiro nodded. "Old man Yama sees you and Toushiro as future pillars of the Gotei-13."

"What do you mean?"

Shunsui Kyouraku took off his bamboo hat, all appearances of being gone drunk. "Politics in the thirteen court division guardians is complicated Harry. You weren't a Shinigami then, but there was a time that several of our captains and vice captains disappeared without even a trace."

"It's awfully similar to the recent one where Yoruichi and his group vanished." Jyuushiro added.

"Yes, and I think there's a connection." Shunsui said. "Before then, Soul Society enjoyed long term stability. When a captain leaves his division, that division typically suffers for a short time before the new captain restores order within the ranks. It takes time for that captain to regain the trust of his men, and asses the abilities and personalities of his officers."

"And when I came here, most of the captains were fairly new." Harry said.

"That's right." Shunsui said. "Another drawback to what we are experiencing is that the new captains barely interact with one another. Certain factions form with their own agendas."

"Take a look at Urahara's successor, Mayuri. Heavens knows what that man's doing in his experiments right now. He barely talks with any of the captains and only attends the meetings because of his fear of Yamamoto. Komamura really idolizes the old man, but again he's not the most sociable of captains."

"Now that Aizen's dead, Gin's left to his own devises and I'm worried that no one's there to restrain him." Shunsui finished.

Harry nodded, he knew how cruel Gin Ichimaru could be. He was even worse than Zaraki in some ways, but at least with the eleventh division captain Harry knew how to deal with the man.

"Yamamoto looks at you and Hitsugaya to herald a new era of stability for Seretei." Jyuushiro said. "Haven't you wondered why among all of the captains, he always makes the time for you and Hitsugaya?"

Harry remembered the numerous times he had tea with the captain commander, and most of the time he was accompanied by Hitsugaya and the ever energetic Yachiru. He always wondered the purpose of those meetings, they neither discussed anything of note, and both Hitsugaya and himself felt uncomfortable during the duration of those meetings.

"Yeah, obviously you two are the new favorites." Shunsui grinned. "I think old man Yama forgot about us, Jyuushiro, now that he has two young, and flashy captains to mold."

"So now do you understand?" Jyuushiro looked at Harry in the eye. "You have to know the results of what will happen."

Harry nodded. "I'm serious. I'll be ready when you need me to."

"Good." Jyuushiro said, coughing slightly. "Now that we have that out of our way, why don't I get some sweets for our little guest."

Harry sensed the presence of a strong reiatsu headed towards him. He turned his head to the direction of the strong reiatsu and saw a pink blur before it ran straight into him, knocking him on the wooden floor. He quickly stood up and found a pair of small sandals standing on his right shoulder.

"Good evening Yachiru." Jyuushiro said kindly, his coughing fit finished. "Isn't it a little late for you to be still up?"

"Ken-chan's feeling restless and decided to look for his new friend Ichii, or maybe visit Ichii's friends!" The short pink haired girl exclaimed. "I think he wants to play with him since Harry-kun here is too busy."

"So what brings you here Yachiru?" Harry asked. He rolled his eyes as the eleventh division vice captain grabbed clumps of his hair and tried to form spikes out of them.

"Oh yeah!" Yachiru smile grew and withdrew a small package from her robes and threw it to Jyuushiro. "Here! Re-chan asked me to give this to you Ukki!"

Jyuushiro caught the package wrapped in brown paper. Once he saw what it contained, he smiled at the young girl and tossed a pack full of candy in turn. Yachiru leaped off Harry's shoulder and spun in the air, an amazing feat of acrobatics, before she caught the candy.

"Thanks Ukii!" Yachiru giggled before she plopped down on Harry's shoulder and swung her legs happily as she started to consume her loot. Harry refrained from berating the girl as the heels of her feet hit his chest painfully.

"I don't know how your girlfriend does it, she always seems to know when Jyuushiro needs her medicines the most." Shunsui mused.

"I'm smart!" Yachiru chirped, gaining amused looks from the captains around her.

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