Ron learnt so much from Lupin. He knew now that it would hurt like hell when he first transformed but it would get easier with time; that the signs would start showing after the first transformation; he would grow taller and would get muscles, big ones.
'There is one thing that is different from me and you, Ron. You will have to hunt for meat, as you are a pure-blood werewolf and on the day of a full moon, you will not be able to eat normal food, as it will make you incredibly ill,' informed Lupin.

'Why, Professor? You are a werewolf too, I saw you on full moons you still ate, and erm... why aren't you tall or erm...muscular?' Ron asked nervously but Lupin just laughed.

'As I'm a muggle born, only pure-bloods will get taller and been muscular. Please call me Remus now, I am not your teacher anymore,' smirked Remus. Ron disagreed.

'You are, you'll teach me how to be a werewolf...will you?' questioned Ron. He wanted...needed someone to teach him how to be a werewolf, he wanted to be a good werewolf but just didn't know how.

'I would be delighted too. But I warn you I am not a great werewolf myself, as I don't really want to be one,' Remus finished.

'I think Remus and I will leave you young people to talk and discuss. I need to have a quiet word with Remus, but please do be my guests and stay here,' spoke Dumbledore.

'Well I would love to Professor but Romania calls, its breeding season and all hands on deck. Sorry Ron, oh and... Sorry Remus about earlier,' Charlie looked down, he felt guilty about what he had called Remus and about leaving his brother, when Ron needed him the most.

'Oh that is fine Charlie, I'm sure I would have done the same thing,' but Charlie disagreed he had a violent temper and Remus was calm mannered and patient. Charlie made his way over to Ron and gave him the tightest hug he could.

'Love you, brother,' He whispered into Ron's ear, 'see you soon, 'nd hold out,' Charlie didn't want to let him go, but he knew he had too. Charlie made his way to the office door.

'Wait up,' Percy called.

'Sorry. I have to leave; it would look suspicious if I was not at the ministry on time,' likewise, Percy walked over the Ron and whispered in his ear.

'Love you Ron. Keep safe and don't get found out, I do not think either of us would like it when they find out,' Ron knew who he meant by them. The ministry hated werewolves, and they certainly wouldn't want one at Hogwarts.

'I better leave with Percy, I work at the ministry too,' Penny said, she hugged Ron and gave him a sad smile. He liked her; he hoped she would one day be his sister-in-law.

They waved one last time to Ron, Bill, Remus and Dumbledore, before departing the large office. Remus and Dumbledore, once more, made their way to the door.

'Professor Dumbeldore, before you go, can I ask you something?' Ron asked.

'Of course you can,' Ron was starting to grow on the old professor.

'You see that bookcase,' the remaining eyes travelled to where Ron was looking and pointing.

' bookcase on magical creatures,'

'Would you mind if I borrowed the books, read them and returned them? I have already read all the books in the library on creatures. "Accio" is a very good spell for getting library books,' Ron smirked. He had performed that spell so many times he had lost count, 'and I see book titles that I haven't seen before,'

'Of course, I have no use for them. Please take them and keep them, as you probably see I have too many books already,' he gestured to the edges of the office, each wall was full of bookcases, stacked full with books; on different subjects and in different languages.

'Thank you professor,' Ron beamed; he couldn't believe it; all that knowledge on creatures he just didn't know yet. All those creatures!

'Oh, don't worry about leaving, me and Bill can take a walk around,' Bill nodded his head in agreement with Ron.

'Why thank you,'

It was still early for a Sunday morning. The dew was still fresh on the grass and the sky was now a fresh blue colour. Ron walked beside his oldest brother and a good silence hung between them. They talked and laughed like old times, when Bill had been at home. Bill glanced down to his watch. 8:30.

'Think it was time I left, before everyone woke and wondered why I was here, I've never been a good liar,' Bill smiled at Ron; like the other two brothers, he was reluctant to leave Ron and Ron didn't want him to go. Ron felt so alone without his brothers by his sides.

'Oh...good point,' Ron put on a happy voice but Bill knew him to well, he knew that was a hollow and fake voice. Bill turned to face his youngest and most favourite brother. He looked straight into his bright crystal blue eyes.

'You know I don't want to go, but I have to. Neither did Percy, Charlie or Penny. Me, Percy and Charlie feel so bad, we left you with a family you don't get on with. You never speak to Dad, you hate Ginny and she certainly hates you too; plus, Fred and George weren't the nicest people to you when you were young and they still say that their not even related to you. Only Mum looks after you and she sometimes can't focus on you, with Fred and George making mess everywhere they go,' Bill disliked his family, for what they were like to Ron. He knew Ron felt distant from them and only his Mum talked to Ron or showed any love towards him, except his oldest brothers. Bill knew Fred and George loved him, they just didn't know how to show it.

'Don't feel bad, please. It's not your fault; I have to learn to grow up without you guys always by my side. I have to grow up now, now that I'm a werewolf. Anyway I have Hermione, Harry and the rest of my friends to look after me now. I miss you guys, of course I do; you're my brothers,' Ron stared into his brother's eyes. Bill understood, they had to give him space to grow. Ron was wrapped into a bear hug by his brother; Bill's hugs were almost as good as his Mum's.

'Look after yourself. Love you. I'll miss you,' Bill let go of Ron.

'Miss you too, owl me, yeah?'

'Course, silly!' Ron watched his most caring brother walk slowly toward the large rusty iron gates of Hogwarts, it was obvious Bill didn't want to leave.

'Bye Bill, see you soon,' Ron put on his happiest voice and cheekiest biggest smile.

'Bye,' called back Bill, he strolled out of the gates. Snap! Bill apparated away from Hogwarts. Ron felt strangely alone as he made his way back up the winding path to the castle.