The Darkness Within

Summary: Harry has killed Voldemort. He was forced to return to the Dursleys, and now hears a voice in his head. The voice comforts him in a way no one else has, but who is it? And what will Harry do with his life now when he's free? Slash LM/HP.

Pairing/s: LuciusHarry (first time on that one)

Warnings: In this fic Voldemort dies during the fifth year, all of his Horcruxes gone. That means Sirius is still alive. Nice Voldemort, Weasley-bashing (not on the twins and Bill; I just can't make them really mean), Dumbledore-bashing, Hermione-bashing. Mention of child abuse. Oh and a slash as the pairing above says. Phew. That was all… I think.

Disclaimers: I don't own Harry Potter.



"Voice in Harry's mind"


UPDATED 2016-10-27, some changes in speech and ages, as well a few scenes removed and/or changed.


Harry Potter, age 16, turned in his narrow bed and tried to go to sleep. He was angry at his headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. No, that was wrong, he was not just angry, he was fucking pissed. He had killed the one he was supposed to kill, and therefore did not need the 'protection' from Petunia Dursley. So why was he forced back here? He could have gone with Sirius to Grimmauld Place! Why did the headmaster always do things like this?

Just before school ended, Voldemort had done a surprise-attack on Hogwarts. What he did not know was that his Horcruxes had all been destroyed. Harry had directed his wand against him, and spoke the curse that had failed to kill him. Voldemort's eyes had widened as it hit him. The red eyes turned glassy and with a thud the Dark Lord had fallen down, dead. The Death Eaters had quickly been arrested, and they celebrated all night. Everyone except for Harry. He felt awful for what he had done. Voldemort had been a bad guy, he knew that, a real insane person but the pain and despair he had seen in those eyes… it had made the teen wishing he had never killed Voldemort. The moment before life had left that horrible man, Harry had suddenly forgiven him for all of his sins.

Harry punched the pillow angrily and tried to fight off the tears that the memory brought. He had hoped he would only have to return here, to Private Drive, to collect his things and then tell the Dursleys to go to hell. But of course he was forced to stay here, in a place where he could not grieve properly. He turned on the bed, drew the thin covers over himself and curled up into a ball. There was no way he could fall asleep peacefully in this house. Not as long as Vernon fucking Dursley was there.

Harry felt a cool hand touch his forehead and opened his eyes. Nothing. The hand moved slowly over his hair, stroking it back. The teen was lying on the bed with his eyes wide-open. He was savouring the feeling of this touch. Except for the one hug from Sirius and the odd hugs from Molly and Hermione, he nearly never touched people. Hands brushing, a pat on the shoulder… that was all. No one touched him in a way that told him that they really cared. Not like this touch, so gentle and comforting.

"Who are you?" he whispered out into the room.

"Sleep now," a voice answered. "I will keep you safe."

Harry blinked but found his eyelids too heavy to open fully again. He let them close fully and felt the hand moving again. He decided he liked the feeling.

He fell asleep with a smile on his face. The hand never moved away.


"Boy, get up!"

Harry woke with a start at hearing his aunt's shrill voice.

"Boy, don't lie around! Do something useful, like making breakfast!" Petunia continued to almost shriek. "And hurry up!"

The raven-haired teen slowly sat up, but froze as he heard a voice hissing:

"I will kill that bloody woman."

He looked around in panic, wondering where the hell it had come from. He swore he heard it echo in his head.


"I'm up!" he called back. "I'll be down in a minute!"

He hurriedly dressed and went to the bathroom. A meaty hand grabbed his arm, and spun him around. His eyes widened and he cowered back. Vernon grinned at him and said:

"Seems like the lessons finally has beginning to show. Too bad I didn't get the chance beating that freakiness out of you."


Harry found himself agreeing.

After breakfast they left Harry alone in the house. Vernon had grabbed him and swung his fist to his side, making the teen loose his breath. That was the warning. 'Do anything and you will see more of this'-warning.

Harry almost fled up to his room; in there, no one cared what he did. He closed the door and fell down onto the bed. Hedwig was not even here to keep him company; he had sent a letter to Sirius the day before and she had not returned yet.

He wound himself around his pillow and closed his eyes. If he could, he would run away right this instant.

"You can, you know. Nothing is stopping you from leaving now."

Harry blinked. That was true. He had done what he was supposed to. He had killed Voldemort; what else did they want him for?

"But I can't leave Hedwig…" he whispered. "She would be worried if she came back and no one was here."

"She probably flies back to your godfather. She's a smart girl."

He sat up. He had no idea why he was listening to a voice that was in his head. Before he knew it, he was already packing his things. He realized he would look stupid dragging around on the trunk when the voice interfered:

"Close your eyes for a moment, and I will show you something."

Harry complied, once more confused to why he listened to a voice in his head, and darkness surrounded him. Then a spark, and his whole body seized up. He groaned and fell down on the floor. It felt like electricity all over his skin. Bones grew inside of him, and all of his limbs ached. Something matured, and grew older, and it took Harry a while to realize it was him. It stopped, and he opened his eyes.

"Now shrink the trunk," the voice said. "Don't be afraid."

Harry raised his wand and did so. He expected Aurors coming and taking him to the Ministry for doing magic but… nothing happened. He picked up the trunk with a blink of his eyes and put it in his pocket. He took a look at himself in the mirror and gasped.

He was older, perhaps by a few years but he also looked completely different. Pulling his glasses off, he realized he could see just as well without them. His hair was much longer, and smoother compared to his earlier tangle of hair. As he brushed it away from his forehead, the scar was no longer there. He peered closer, only to realize the colour of his eyes had shifted as well; it had now mixed green with frosty blue.

He had filled out a little too, wasn't as thin. What could he be now, twenty? He felt older too, as if someone's thoughts had bled into him and helped his mind mature.

"Go now."

'I must be going crazy,' Harry thought.

"No crazier than anyone else," the voice replied.

Harry Potter walked out from Private Drive for the last time in his life.


He took the opposite to the Night Bus, the Day Bus, to London. He sat on one of the seats (thank Merlin for normal seats!) and looked out the window. He had no idea what he was doing, why he was doing this and what was going to happen. All he knew was that his heart felt much lighter than it ever had before.

"I will take care of you," the voice said.

'I know,' Harry replied. 'I know.'

He took a room in the Leaky Cauldron as he had no other place to go at the moment. He sat down at the bed and enlarged the trunk. He was not really surprised that he could do it but he was wondering a bit anyway.

"How can I do this?" he asked aloud.

"Oh, the wonders of magic," the voice said teasingly. "Nothing to worry about."


The voice seemed to hesitate, and then replied:

"I gave you some advantages, since I can no longer use my magic. I decided to give it to you."

"To me?" Harry asked in surprise.

"Yes," the voice said. "You deserve a good life after this, far away from all those who lie to you."

"Who are you?"

"… They called me Tom," the voice said.



"Alright. Why are you in my head?"

"I have been here for a very long time."

Harry snorted but believed it.

"I must really suck at Occlumency," he muttered. "Professor Snape was right about that one."

"I can teach you," Tom said quietly.

"You know Occlumency?"

"Yes, quite well. I can try teaching you it. But first you need some sleep."

"I think you're right about that."

"Go to sleep, and we'll go to Gringotts tomorrow to fix everything."


One day later, and Harry Potter's vaults disappeared. Later that same day, a new person came and opened a new vault; he had the name Priscus Metus.

'Where did you get the name from?' Harry, now named Priscus, asked Tom.

"Oh, it sounded good. Priscus Metus, Ancient Fear. Dumbledore is going to piss his pants."

'I think I know who you are.'

"Oh, really? Who am I then?"


Priscus could feel Tom stiffen in his mind and continued:

'Not that I care. You've been far nicer to me than anyone else.'

"You aren't bothered by it?"

'Well, you did call yourself Tom. That means you're different.'

"I guess I am," Tom said. "I don't feel anger and hatred all the time. I feel quite fine and normal. Before the outer me had died, I was angry all the time."

'You were probably influenced by your outer self, but I'm glad you're nicer. What are we going to do now?'

"Scare Dumbledore."

'What makes me think I am going to enjoy this?'

"It is because you will. Now there are a few things I would like to teach you before we meet him again, that old coot…"


"Harry is gone!"

The Weasleys looked up along with Dumbledore at the panting Sirius. Dumbledore smiled and said:

"I'm sure he was just outside."

"No, I checked! His things are all gone. I had to take Hedwig with me since he wasn't there."

Now Dumbledore grew slightly worried. Even if Harry's deed was done, Dumbledore needed him. They all needed him so that they would all come into the light. Ron looked pissed off that Harry was gone; without the raven-haired teen the redhead could not take his place in the spotlight, which Ron said himself he deserved for staying with him for all these years.

"Then I will do a tracking spell on Harry," Dumbledore said. "It would be truly sad if he has been lost."

He performed it immediately and to everyone's surprise it did not work. Sirius was nearly climbing the walls.

"What does that mean?" he shouted to the headmaster. Dumbledore looked dumb-founded but replied quietly:

"Either Harry has hid his own magic, or he is dead."


Priscus enjoyed his new, free life. He bought a house outside London and spent days fixing it. Tom began teaching him wandless magic and non-verbal magic and as Tom had given Priscus his own magic it turned out that he had become very talented. He grasped Occlumency within a few weeks and Legilimens he took step by step alongside learning spells. He learned several useful spells wandlessly in around six weeks, doing nothing but train and having a teacher inside his head ready to help him at any time.

He ignored the wide search for Harry Potter, since he was no longer Harry Potter and therefore he did not need to care. He lived the life he always wanted and kept himself out from both the Muggle world and the Wizarding World. He returned to Gringotts to sign over Tom's vaults to his own name, despite knowing Dumbledore would eventually find that and seek him out. It was alright. He would be ready for that.

The new school year approached, only three weeks left, but Priscus had no need for school anymore. Tom had admitted to passing knowledge to Priscus when he also aged the body, and anything Priscus still didn't know he could just ask Tom about it. In fact, it was rare that Tom ever shut up. The man inside his head was talkative and loved to chatter. Priscus got used to it after a while; Tom would be with him all his life after all and he learned how to listen to Tom while talking to someone else.

"You are going to get a job?"

'Yeah, I need one,' Priscus replied.

"You do not need one! You can sit on your ass for the rest of your life with yours and my money!"

'Alright, I want a job. I want to do something.'

"You have a foreign name and no experience. Who's going to hire you?"

'Someone will.'

"Yeah right."

'Want to bet?'

"Sure, you are going to loose anyway!"


45 minutes later:

"Alright, alright, I lost!"

Priscus grinned.

"But why did you have to get one at Madam Malkin?"

'I wanted to be there. She's nice, and she seemed very understanding when I put up the poor child-façade, although I admitted to being twenty.'

"Well, at least you used a different name and pretended to have been an orphan for most of your life. You know, I should've seen this coming."

Priscus walked down the street and went into Flourish and Blotts in search for something interesting to read.


"Blanc dear, will you come and help me?"

Priscus, who was working under the name of Blanc, came to Madam Malkin and saw she was measuring robes for the Weasleys. The whole Weasley family even. Ginny and Ron were testing school robes though and he saw Hermione with them. He found that he felt nothing for leaving them. Maybe just as well.

"What would you want me to do, Madam?" Priscus asked and cocked his head. His glamour just hid a few of his features, and made his body fill out a bit more.

"Hold this for me, dear."

Priscus accepted the box with needles so she could work more freely. Ginny, who was being tested for new robes, stared at him. He avoided her look, and turned to the rest of them. It seemed like they were all looking at him. Priscus turned his eyes to the floor and did not look up once. May as well play a shy young man while he was at it.

"How old are you, dear?" he suddenly heard Molly ask.

He looked up, unsure if she was speaking to him. And she was. She smiled at him and he replied:

"Just turned twenty, ma'am."

"Twenty, I see. Did you go to Hogwarts?" Molly continued.

Priscus shook his head. The two adult Weasleys frowned.

"You didn't go to school?" Arthur asked.

"No, sir," Priscus replied.

"Why not?"

"He became an orphan at a young age," Madam Malkin said. "Never could afford school, but he's a gentleman all the same."

He ducked his head, feigning modesty. Most of the Weasleys and Hermione were staring at him anyway. Bet they never thought there was someone who couldn't afford going to school, and was even poorer than them.

"Blanc, can you go and get some deep-red material for the twin boys? They like to wear the same."

Priscus looked up at the twins and they grinned at him. He smiled, put down the box with needles and went to get it.

"The boy was dressed better than us," Molly said to Madam Malkin, "and you say he was an orphan? Besides, Hogwarts is practically free!"

"Orphans don't use what money they have on books, cauldrons and potions ingredients," Madam Malkin said. "And the robe was a gift from me; what he used to wear was so worn he had patched it several times!"

Priscus came back and Madam Malkin pointed onto a stool. He set the material down and the woman said:

"Why don't you go ahead and help the two of how they want their robes? You know the drill."

He nodded and turned to the twins. They shrugged off their robes and came forth. They gave him a parchment and he took it, slightly confused. It was a painting of a robe. It was simple made, but would look really nice once done.

"Think you can do that?" one of them, most likely Fred, asked.

"I think so, sir. If you just stand there with your arms raised."

"Don't call me sir," the redhead complained. "It makes me sound old."

"Then what should I call you?"

"I'm Fred and he's George."

Priscus looked at them both, nodded and repeated:

"Arms raised, please."

Fred complied, and Priscus took out his new wand. It was custom-made in a slightly shadier store than Ollivanders but not in Knockturn Alley. He repeated the spell Madam Malkin had taught him and the rich-coloured fabric swept around Fred. He looked up in surprise but Priscus did not stop. He pointed with the tip of the wand on the parchment and then spoke another spell. Immediately the material began cutting itself.

"Would you like to have silver or golden buttons?" Priscus asked.

"What do you suggest?" Fred asked, looking down in fascination as the fabric continued working on its own.

"I think golden would look better in this case," Priscus said.

"Then we'll take golden."

Priscus summoned a small box with golden buttons just as the robe finished. He swiftly sewed the buttons onto the robe with a flick of his wand and said:

"Done. Does it feel okay?"

"Okay? It feels great!"

Priscus pointed to a mirror, and Fred ran forward to it. He turned around and checked it from all angles. He turned back to Priscus and said:

"A real artwork there! George, you're gonna love it!"

With another smile that made Tom snicker Priscus did the same with George. Soon they were both dressed in identical robes and they were grinning from ear to ear. Priscus waved his wand and the leftover from the fabric gathered in a box and shut itself. He managed to convince the twins to take off the robes and folded them. Fred and George looked at him curiously. Priscus faked fright however, and returned quickly to Madam Malkin with the robes.

"Already done?" the woman asked Priscus in shock. He nodded and put the robes in the other pile where the rest of the robes were. "Oh my, Blanc, you're getting faster than me! And how nicely made. Maybe I should retire and let you run the shop!"

Priscus snapped his head up, looking horrified at the mere thought. Madam Malkin laughed and said:

"Just joking! Since you're finished, could you deliver that to Mr Malfoy? It is the new dress-robe for his wife."

Priscus looked to where she was pointing and a package was on the counter. He lifted the light package up and said:

"Where can I find Mr Malfoy?"

"He promised to be at the bookstore, but only for a little while longer since he has business to do," Madam Malkin said. "If you can't find him, come right back here. Payment is in the usual way; he knows what to do."

He nodded and walked out, ignoring the looks the Weasleys had gotten once the Malfoy name was mentioned.

"Mr Malfoy? Lucius Malfoy?"

'Yeah, what about him?'

"He is free?"


"Damn, he is indeed a sneaky man…"

'Yeah… really sneaky.'

Priscus came to the bookstore and went inside. He immediately spotted the blond man. He just sent Draco off to get the schoolbooks apparently, and the teen wandered off. Priscus came forth to the man, holding the package gingerly and said:

"Mr Malfoy?"

Lucius turned around, and Priscus saw himself in the man's eyes and thoughts. Lucius' thoughts marked him as a non-threat, and pretty. Priscus swallowed at hearing that.

"Yes?" Lucius said.

"Package from Madam Malkin. The new dress-robe for your wife. Payment will be done as usual, and Madam Malkin said you knew what to do."

"Aah, yes," Lucius said and took the package. "Thank you… are you new?"

"Yes, I am. My name is Blanc, sir."

"Blanc…" Lucius took his chin and turned his head upwards so the man could take a better look. His thumb moved gently over Priscus' jaw, making Tom shout insults at the man to leave his Priscus alone! Priscus would have burst into laughter if not for his Occlumency shields. "I will remember your name, young man. Now go. Tell Madam Malkin my thanks for such a fast order."

"Yes sir," Priscus said.

"That damn Lucius," Tom growled. "He is attracted to you."

'But I'm a man.'

"So? He still likes you."

'But his wife…'

"Oh, she is having affairs as he is. They are merely friends; married only because of their parents."

Priscus walked back to the clothes store in deep thought of what Tom had said and noticed with a small groan the Weasleys were still there. He walked inside and Madam Malkin looked up at him.

"Was he there?"

"Yes, he was. He thanked you for being so quick about it."

"No problem, no problem," the woman mumbled as she measured Percy. "Blanc, there are a few customers waiting further in. Do you think you can take them?"

"Yes ma'am."

He gladly escaped them and came to the new customers. A woman with a very reluctant child. Priscus could handle that and put on his most charming smile.

"Taught by the best."

'Control that ego of yours, Tom.'


Lucius looked at his wine-glass and pondered about the young man from earlier. Blanc… a simple name for such a beautiful man. There was something dark about him though. Something very dark, and the blond man wanted to find out what.


Priscus found himself a few days later sitting outside a newly-opened café with Lucius Malfoy. The man had politely asked him if he would like to join and have some tea, and Priscus had no reason to refuse. Tom even shut up, but made Priscus swear the moment Lucius did something he did not like, he would strike back.

Lucius watched the timid man for a while. Priscus stirred his tea and took a sip before looking at the blond man. Lucius seemed to like his eyes and smiled at him.

"Is there a reason why we are here, Mr Malfoy?" Priscus finally dared to ask.

"Sometimes, some things don't have a reason. This is one of them. I guess I just want to talk."

"With me?"

"Yes, with you. I find you interesting."

"Me, interesting?"

Lucius reached across and took Priscus' chin in his hand, tilting the head up. He blinked but did not move away. Instead, he placed one of his hands on Lucius' and said:

"Why do you find me interesting?"

"I have never seen you before," Lucius said. "You are hiding something."

"Everyone has their secrets," Priscus reminded.

Lucius smiled and agreed. The smile made warmth curl in Priscus' belly.


A knock on the door made Priscus looked up from the Daily Prophet. The magical signal alerted him of who it was. Dumbledore.

"Finally!" Tom screamed. "I've been waiting forever for the old coot!"

'Behave,' Priscus dead-panned; it was not like he was going to let Dumbledore stay for long. He didn't look like the man who worked for Madam Malkin. At home there was no glamours or modest robes; he wore a dark blue robe with silver lining, something Tom said fitted his status as young and rich. He left the newspaper on the table next to the armchair he had been sitting in, and went to open the door. Should he get a house-elf perhaps? Well, he could think about that later, and pulled the door open.

"Yes?" he asked, arching an eyebrow at the old man in front of him. The headmaster looked a bit nervous actually.

"Good morning, my name is Albus Dumbledore and I have some questions, Mr…?"

"If you do not know my name, how did you find your way here?" he asked.

"I was only told of the address, not of your name."

Priscus opened the door fully and then said:

"My name is Priscus Metus. Come in, sir."

Then he turned and walked back inside. Albus Dumbledore hurried up to follow.

"Mr Metus," the old wizard said, "do you know a man with the name Tom Riddle?" A subtle wave of magic came out, as if that would intimidate the man into saying everything Dumbledore wanted to know.

"Yes, in fact I do," Priscus said as he sat down in the same chair he had been sitting in before the headmaster came. He placed his arms on the armrests and crossed one leg over the other, letting Dumbledore know he was not frightened by the headmaster's magic. "I was in his will to take over all of his vaults in case of his death."

"Do you know him personally?"

"I was only a small child when I met him, Mr Dumbledore," Priscus said, making Mr Dumbledore sound like a curse. "I do know he went under the name of Voldemort."

"Did you support his ideals?" the man asked and Tom snarled in Priscus' mind.

"I prefer staying out of all that nonsense," Priscus replied, looking awfully relaxed as he checked his nails, sprawling the fingers out before him. Tom snickered before mentally giving Dumbledore the finger. Priscus managed to stop his smile. "I have nothing against Muggles, but I have nothing against those who wants blood-purity among wizards and witches."

"Few people share your philosophy these days," the old headmaster said.

"Well, that is not my problem," he said, leaning back. "Was there something else?"

"You opened your vault the same day as Harry Potter's disappeared. Do you know anything about it?"

"I moved back to England not too long ago, and the first thing I did was open a vault at Gringotts. I was not aware that Harry Potter's vault disappeared the same day."

Dumbledore's thoughts came out, he's hiding something and Priscus cocked his head, saying:

"Something wrong?"

"No, nothing," Dumbledore said. "I think that will be all."

"Then I shall show you out," Priscus said, standing up again. "I do hope you can find Harry Potter; it would be so sad if he perished so soon after he was free."

"Free?" Dumbledore said, turning around by the outer door.

"Evening," Priscus said and closed the door in front of a very startled headmaster.


"Priscus, he wants you."

Priscus knew that already and turned to look at Lucius with a timid smile.

"Is it for me?" he asked and tilted his head. He was wearing a dark green robe with silver lining and a silver snake-broach. Talk about Slytherin colours, but he fit well in them. He was glad his body type wasn't much different without the glamours. He almost wished he could remove them in front of Lucius.

"Yes," Lucius said, rising from his chair. "Do you like it?"

"Very much, sir."

"Please, call me Lucius."

"Lucius," he repeated. He looked at himself in the mirror again and continued, "Why are you so kind to me, Lucius?"

"Because no young man like you should be forced to work in a normal store, even though Madam Malkin does wonderful clothing. You are royalty, I see it by the way you carry your body and the way you speak."

The man was right behind him and against his will Priscus felt his breath hitch. Lucius Malfoy had never inflicted such emotions in him, but he hadn't interacted with the man on this kind of level. Besides, he was a child when they met before, and they were on opposite sides as well.

Lucius smiled softly and slowly wound his arms around him.

"You are very beautiful in that robe," he whispered into Priscus' ear before gently pressing a kiss to the pale cheek. "But I am sure you are even more beautiful without clothes."

"You have your way with words, Lucius," Priscus said and leaned into the embrace.

"Hmm, is that so? I've heard it before, but I like hearing it from your mouth the most. Dear me, I think I may have a bit of a fancy for you…"

"But your wife?"

"She's my friend, Blanc, the best one anyone could ask for. We keep no secrets. She knows I have other people, and know she has other people. Don't think I'm betraying her, or forcing you to help me betray her."

"Priscus, don't let him take advantage of you if you don't want him to," Tom said.

'Is he nice?'

"As a person? Great. As a lover? I've heard he was good, but I didn't really have sex with anyone."

'Of course not,' Priscus said while arching into Lucius' embrace. 'You are the fearsome Dark Lord; the Dark Lord doesn't do love.'

"Watch your mouth you cheeky brat, and focus on what Lucius is doing."

Priscus did so and moaned as Lucius bit his neck lightly. This could lead to a very interesting night…


"You are beautiful," Lucius said as he lay down onto the bed on his side, his head propped up by his elbow so he could continue watching Priscus.

Priscus blushed and wanted to hide his face. The blond man laughed and said:

"No need for embarrassment. Just saying my opinion."

"It's just that no one has ever said I'm beautiful," he said.

"Well, you are," the man said and moved to draw the covers around them. "Sleep now, my beautiful raven. Worry of nothing."

"I have work tomorrow," Priscus pointed out.

"Madam Malkin will surely feel sorry when you quit," Lucius said, "but I will make it up to her. I know quite a few numbers of people who would love to have the honour of working with her."

"Why me, Lucius? I'm no one special."

"Doesn't matter who you are. You have a way of moving my mind… and your beauty is so intoxicating."

'Would he still like me if he knew I didn't look like this?'


Priscus fled to his manor the moment he could and locked the doors and windows magically everywhere with a sweeping motion of his wand. One of the newly-hired house-elves showed up, startled at the noise and said:

"Is something wrong, master?"

"No," Priscus replied and sat down in an armchair. "I'm fine… just need some time for myself."

"Yes, master," it said and looked at him. "Call on Blinky anytime you need her, master."

"I will do that," he said and Blinky popped away.

'What am I supposed to do?' Priscus asked Tom. 'I've never been in love, so I don't know if I love Lucius… and I don't know if he loves me.'

"He seems to love you," Tom replied."Of course, he will try to find you once he find you are gone… which should be about now."

'He doesn't know I look like this,' Priscus said. 'So I can walk past him and he won't know me.'

"Don't underestimate him,"the man warned. "He will find you, if he wants to."

Priscus was both afraid and happy that Tom was right.


Lucius sat by his desk, head in his hands while Narcissa watched him worriedly.

"Have you checked Madam Malkin?" she asked.

"Yes," Lucius replied. "Blanc had already owled her and said he was quitting."

"Anyone who knows the man?"

"No one except for Madam Malkin," he replied. "Why did he run away?"

"He's still young, Lucius," the woman said and put a hand on his shoulder. "Young, and approached by you, one of the most powerful families in this society. He must be so confused about all this."

"Should I stop looking?" Lucius asked his friend.

"No," Narcissa replied and smiled reassuringly to the man, hoping to lift his spirit. "If you love him, keep looking. I'll help you."


"Priscus, go and eat now!"

He winced at Tom's shrill voice and turned in bed. He hugged a pillow close to his chest, trying to block out the pain his heart emitted but to no avail.

"I can't," he whispered to the distressed man inside his head. "I feel so ill…"

"Go to Lucius!" Tom said. "There has been a bond created between you, so go to him! You need him, and you love him so much it hurts when you are apart!"

"But I can't hide underneath a glamour all the time!" Priscus said, tears spilling from his eyes. "He will never know the real me!"

"Tell him the truth," Tom begged. "Just go to him. Please, I beg you. Don't do this to yourself."

Priscus sniffed but got up slowly, uncurling from the pillow. He knew it was true; he needed Lucius, and he loved the blond man. He crawled to the end of the bed, but his strength failed him and with a solid thud his body hit the floor.


Blinky popped into the room as she had heard the dull sound. When seeing her master on the floor, she gave up a shriek and ran up to him.

"Master!" she said. "Master, are you alright?"

"Go…" Priscus whispered. "Go to… Malfoy Manor… find Lucius Malfoy and bring him here… He can help me…"

"But if he won't follow Blinky?" the house-elf cried out, petting Priscus' hair as if to calm herself.

"Tell him that Blanc wants to tell who he really is," Priscus said. "I am Blanc. Tell him your master goes under many names, and Blanc was one of them. Go… now."

Blinky nodded fervently, and rose up. She levitated Priscus' body up on the bed again and drew the sheets over him. He tiredly closed his eyes and succumbed to sleep. For how long it was going to last anyway.


"Master, there is a house-elf wishing to see master."

Lucius and Narcissa looked up at one of their house-elf and Lucius frowned.

"Send it in," he said and looked away from his papers for a moment. He did not have time to get interrupted; he was busy trying to find Blanc for Merlin's sake! He did not have time for anything someone might want him to do, or money someone wanted to borrow. Why this day of all days, why now when he was too busy to think about anything else but Blanc.

A house-elf with a black skirt and blue vest came inside. She bowed to the two of them and said:

"Blinky was told to bring master Lucius Malfoy to Blinky's master."

"… What?" the man said, blinking.

"Blinky is Master Blanc's house-elf."

Lucius' eyes widened in shock. The house-elf continued:

"Blinky's master goes under many names, and the one master Malfoy knows Blinky's master as is Blanc."

"What is your master's real name?"

"Master will tell it himself!" Blinky said and tugged at his robes. "Blinky was told to get master Malfoy, and Blinky is a good house-elf and does what master tells her. Quickly now; master has been very ill for several days and says master Malfoy can help him."

Lucius found himself being dragged by the surprisingly strong house-elf and Narcissa said:

"Go with her, Lucius. House-elves don't make up such lies on their own."

He turned back to Blinky and nodded. She shone up and said:

"Thank you so much for following Blinky willingly, otherwise Blinky would have Stunned master Malfoy and master doesn't like it when Blinky Stuns annoying people!"

Lucius gaped at her, but Blinky had already turned around and continued to tug on the man's robe. Bewildered, he followed, hoping this energetic house-elf would bring him to his elusive Blanc.


Blinky rushed up the stairs, Lucius following. She ran into a room, unbelievingly fast for a house-elf. As he got closer, Blinky gave out a shriek and shouted:


His eyes widened as he saw a body lying on the floor in what would be the master bedroom. Blinky helped the man to sit up and Lucius got his first look at the shy young man he had fallen in love with, now without the glamours.

By Merlin, he was beautiful. His raven hair danced around his waist as the man moved slowly, emerald and frosty blue eyes tired and unfocused. His pale skin looked paler thanks to the hair and his body was slim. He wore a simple green sleeping-robe and underwear. His chest was exposed and Lucius stared at the beauty he had fallen in love with. Right now he fell even deeper in love.

"Master!" Blinky shouted, making the blond wake up from his absent thinking. "Master Priscus!"

Priscus' head rolled back and he coughed weakly. Due to his dry throat, his lips were sprayed with blood. Lucius, without thinking, rushed forward and took a hold of the man.

"Do you have any potions in this manor?" he asked the house-elf.

"Yes master sir. In the potions lab."

"Bring me a Fever-reducer, some Nutrient potion and a Dreamless sleep potion. And some water as well."

"Yes! Blinky will!"

She popped away and Lucius turned his attention to Priscus, to Blanc. The tired eyes widened slightly as Priscus saw who it was.

"Blanc," Lucius whispered. "Priscus… is Priscus your real name?"

"No," he whispered. "Not at first… I was… someone else once… but now, I am Priscus. I will forever be Priscus."

"Who were you before?" the blond asked as he gently closed the sleeping-robe when Priscus began to shiver.

"Doesn't matter. I am me now. The only me I wish to be."

Blinky came back with the potions and popped away to get water as well. Lucius helped Priscus to sip the Fever-reducer before gently getting him up on the bed. Priscus relaxed against the pillows and obediently swallowed whatever Lucius wanted him to drink. After he had sipped some cold water the house-elf had brought the blond man fed him the Dreamless sleep potion.

"I will be here when you wake up," was the last thing Priscus heard the man say.


"Priscus, wake up. You've worried him enough as it is."

He sluggishly followed Tom's words and blinked his eyes open. Lucius' arms around him tightened and the blond man said:

"Feeling better?"

Priscus nodded and yawned. He sat up, the man following. Lucius stroke his hair and moved it aside to reveal a pale neck. Priscus looked at the man and said:

"Do you… hate me now?"

"Why would I hate you?" Lucius asked, surprised.

"Because I lied!" he replied and looked away. "I'm not poor, all I've done is lying to you and…"

He was silenced by Lucius kissing him deeply. Priscus fell back and moaned as Lucius nibbled on his lower lip. His arms wound around the man automatically.

"Lucius," he panted as they drew apart

"I don't hate you," Lucius said. "You are here now; you are still the same person I fell in love with. I love you so much Priscus."

Priscus wanted to sob of relief but opted to bring Lucius' delicious mouth back to his own so they play some more.


Finally they made it downstairs for something to eat, but Priscus kept glaring at him. Lucius looked just fine, the pompous git, and laughed when he noticed the glares.

"Whatever is the matter, love?" he asked.

"You mean the incident in the bathroom when I accidently pushed you up against the wall and had my way with you? Oh, it was essential."

"See if you like it when I do it."

"Oh, don't get my hopes up already."


"If that's your pet name for me, fine."

Priscus had to smile. But as they came to the dining room, Lucius repeated the question of who Priscus once was. He thought about it. Lucius hadn't left, despite the fact they had met over a lie. They had met each other several times over lies. Priscus took a breath, and plunged in:

"I am the one who made the Dark Lord disappear."

"Harry Potter?" Lucius whispered.

"Don't call me by that name," Priscus said. "I hate that name, ever since I was eleven years old and realized the Wizarding World practically worshipped that name."

Lucius didn't move at first. Priscus wouldn't take back the words. If Lucius truly liked him, then the past shouldn't matter. He was glad when Lucius took his head in his hands and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"You are Priscus," Lucius said. "Who cares what names are in your past? You're my Priscus now."

Priscus fell into the hug and held onto Lucius as tightly as he could.

"You were the tool to kill the Dark Lord," Lucius said. "Right?"

"I never wanted to kill anyone, not even Voldemort. In a sense though, he isn't dead."

"He isn't?" Lucius asked.

"He's different of course, much saner and much nicer," Priscus said. He got up his wand and pointed it against his temple. 'Is it okay for me to pull you out for a little while, Tom?'

"Of course it's alright."

Priscus and Tom had worked out a spell that would allow Tom to step out into the living world in real, solid shape. Not for an unlimited time of course but for a couple of hours.

Now he spoke the spell and dragged his wand away. Lucius watched in fascination as smoke poured out from the tip to fall onto the floor and spread. A shape began to rise. The blond man gaped as a much younger Voldemort appeared, dark hair and glowing red eyes. He was dressed in plain black robes and raised a hand in greeting.

"Morning, Lucius," Tom said cheerfully. "Lovely day already, isn't it?"

"Tom, don't make him more confused than he already is," Priscus said.

"What? You know I don't congratulate directly so I'm trying to congratulate without actually congratulating."

"That didn't make sense at all," Priscus snapped and Tom laughed.

Lucius snapped his mouth close and said carefully:

"My lord?"

"No, no, it's plain old Tom now," the former Dark Lord said. "I'm not as crazy as I was before-"

"Your craziness now compared to then are almost worse," Priscus muttered and Tom glared at him.

"That wasn't nice!" Tom accused.

"I don't do nice anymore," Priscus said. "Not to you at least. Blinky!"

The house-elf popped in and looked up at her master with huge eyes.

"Yes, I'm fine, Blinky," he said with a smile. "And I wish for some breakfast along with Lucius and Tom."

"Breakfast will be ready shortly then, master!"

She popped away and he turned to the two men. Lucius turned to Priscus and stroke his hair lovingly. Tom rolled his eyes but yelped as Priscus, without looking, sent a hex on him. Lucius could not help but laugh at the sight the former Dark Lord presented.


"Lucius? You are flying on clouds, my dear friend."

"Is it that obvious?" Lucius asked dreamingly.

Narcissa laughed and went over to him.

"Luckily Draco isn't here, or else he might have considered sending you to St Mungo, just in case you had gone insane while he was gone at Gregory's house," she replied. "Did you find him?"

"Yes," Lucius said and sat down in an armchair in the living room. "He is not the man I met but he's still as beautiful and in some sense, still as shy."

"But it feels good to be with him, right?" the woman asked and sat down.

"It feels wonderful. Just sitting and watching him is wonderful. I invited him for dinner on Friday."

"Did you now? It will be a pleasure to meet him, but Draco…"

"Draco knows we take lovers. He knows we are like siblings, only married because of our families. He will understand."


"Your father is taking a lover to the dinner on Friday?" Pansy asked Draco. "Fine with me."

"That's not the problem!" Draco said. "I get that they have lovers, but to invite them to a personal dinner at Malfoy Manor is taking it too far!"

"Don't get so upset," the girl said and looked at him. "It's not like they would get upset if you bring a different lover with you to each dinner."

"My parents are married!"

"And not in love," she finished. "Mother says your parents are only friends, and you know that."

"But still. Our reputation-!"

"It's wide-known that both your parents take lovers, and yet nothing has happened to your reputation," she reminded. "Now stop fussing; who knows, you might like him… or her."

"It's a him," Draco muttered.

"Now remember, don't judge him beforehand," she said and looked at Draco. "He might be a really nice and kind person who will take good care of your father."

Draco snarled at her, but it did not face her. She knew his anger was not because he did not want his father to be happy; he was only afraid that his father's heart would be broken.


"Lucius, I have enough money to buy up every store with wizard clothing, so why do you insist in buying clothes for me?"

Lucius kissed the pouting lips and smiled.

"Because I want to," he replied.

"This must have cost a fortune!" Priscus protested.

"Not when you are a Malfoy."

He looked down at the black and green robe he was wearing. He turned around to look at himself in the mirror. His eyes softened; Lucius spoiled him far too much.

"If I ask you, will you wear that on Friday?" Lucius asked.

"Of course I will," Priscus said with a smile. "I don't think I own a robe quite like this."

"Soon you will own more," Lucius said and kissed his cheek. "Because you are so beautiful in them."

"But you like me more without clothes, right?"



Draco waited for his father's lover to arrive. His father was currently dressing and had asked his son to greet his lover once he arrived. The teen looked at the time; soon the man would be late, and no Malfoy accepted lateness.

Exactly five seconds before six-thirty, it knocked on the door. Draco opened it and found himself staring at his father's lover. Pansy came out into the hall to have a look at the man herself. They both stood staring.

He had raven hair framing his face, unique emerald and blue eyes and dressed in an elegant black and green robe and over that a black cloak with white fur on. While he was as long as Lucius they saw clear as day that he was much thinner. He arched a thin eyebrow and said:

"You must be Lucius' son, Draco. A pleasure to meet you; I'm Priscus Metus." He wore black, thin gloves.

The name screamed richness, ancient, power, danger. This was no mere one-night stand his father had; this was one who would stay.

"The pleasure is mine," Draco replied. "I bid you welcome to Malfoy Manor."

Priscus stepped inside and had a look around.

"It is as beautiful as Lucius described it," the man said in awe. "I can see my manor does not stand a chance to this magnificent building."

"Have you not learned not to feed a Malfoy's ego?"

Priscus smiled at hearing Lucius' voice and Draco and Pansy turned to see Lucius walking down dressed in silver and black robes, his hair straight and his cane as usual by his side.

"I find it difficult to open my mouth without feeding your ego, Lucius dear," Priscus said with a scoff. "You enjoy manipulating my words far too much."

Lucius smirked. Priscus removed his cloak and it was taken by a house-elf. Pansy and Draco quickly moved towards the dining hall but looked back to see how the two men greeted each other.

Lucius gave him a deep kiss. The raven-haired man gently grasped the robes with one hand while cradling the blond head with his other, leaning into the kiss with a happy sigh. They seemed to have known each other for longer than Lucius had said. Priscus seemed to know all the places that would relax Lucius, Draco noted. The man was observant.

As they separated Priscus smiled and stroke Lucius' side in a comforting manner.

"You are tense, love," Lucius murmured yet Pansy and Draco caught it. "Why?"

"Albus Dumbledore…" the younger man muttered."If there is one person I hate on this earth it is him."

"What has he done?"

"You know I knew the Dark Lord," Priscus said as he absently stroke his lover's cheek. "Mr Dumbledore has made it his job to nag me about it."

"You did not know the Dark Lord as we knew him," Lucius said as they began to walk. "You knew him as he was when he was human."

"He never was, Lucius," Priscus said gently. "He was born above humans, and shall be treated as such." Tom whooped in his mind, earning himself a mental slap on the head from Priscus.

"Whatever you say, my dear," Lucius muttered before pressing a kiss to the man's cheek.


Dinner was far more pleasant than what Draco and Pansy had imagined it would be, and by the end of dessert Draco had decided Priscus was perfect for his father. The raven-haired man seemed to know everything about Lucius; he was quick in his mouth and seemed determined to make his lover smile as much as possible. He had the behaviour of a pure-blood, his movements perfect and his table-manners far better than theirs.

Draco and Pansy retreated to the living room while Narcissa had promised to sleep over with her lover. It left Lucius and Priscus alone in the dining room.

"Is it strange to see Draco and Pansy?"

"Not really," Priscus said. "It feels like my old life has completely slipped out of my mind."

"Is that good or bad?" Lucius said.

"Hmm… a bit of both I imagine."


Dumbledore was getting desperate. There was no sign of Harry Potter and that Priscus Metus was everywhere. Although subtle, that man had been everywhere. Everyone spoke well of him. He had the money, he had the charms and according to the latest rumours, he had the Lucius Malfoy.

The two men had been seen walking in Diagon Alley together, a bit too close to be just friends. Their smiles and looks had said something else than friendship. It had screamed love. He had one of the most powerful men in the Wizarding World when it came to money and influence in his hand. Dumbledore needed to get Priscus Metus out of the way.


"I believe we have already discussed all we needed to."

"Well, there are a few more things I would like to ask you," Dumbledore said.

"Why is a simple headmaster asking me all these questions?" Priscus asked, crossing his arms over his chest. "It's too damn early in the morning, you come flanked by people and think you can get your way. You have to excuse me, but this is my manor and my grounds. And I want to be left alone."

"Your connection with Voldemort will then be known, and no one will ever want to do business with you," the headmaster said in triumph. If Priscus had not been so annoyed, he would have rolled his eyes.

"Please, the Ministry already knows about my connection," he said. "I'm not frightened that the whole Wizarding World will know; I have given a statement about my connection to Voldemort and it's free to be viewed by anyone who would want to. Now I bid you a good day and hope you won't come here again."

"I'm sorry I can't do that," Dumbledore said and wrenched the door open. "My Order is fighting against those left of Voldemort's people, and you are one of them. Therefore you are to be killed here and now."

Priscus stared at him. Had Dumbledore always been this irrational, or was the disappearance of Harry Potter taking a toll on him? According to Tom, "I don't bloody care that bloody man is going to die!"

"You've got to be kidding me," he finally said.

"I am not. Alastor, restrain him."

Priscus' wand was out within a moment and Moody flew outside in the next. Tonks tried to reach her wand but in vain; the spell coming from him made her collide with Moody outside. Priscus pointed his wand against Dumbledore and said:

"Leave, or else I will alert the Ministry."

"Yeah, leave you fucker!" Tom shouted in his mind, waving his arms around. "You are so dead when I get to you, Dumbledore! You better ruuuuuuuun!"

Priscus managed not to wince at Tom's screeching voice and said to the headmaster:

"Well, get going. Out."

After he managed to get the crazy man off his property, Priscus went to the living room. He threw some Floo powder into the flames and stuck his head in.

"Cornelius Fudge at his office."


Cornelius Fudge was reading the Daily Prophet, having just arrived at his office when the fireplace came to life. He lowered the paper and when he saw who it was he jumped up.

"Mr Metus, what brings you to my office this time of day?" the man asked, kneeling down. The man in the fire looked tired and stressed. Cornelius knew from having spent some time with both Lucius and Priscus both enjoyed to sleep in late which it was surprising to see the younger of the two up so early.

"I wish to file a complaint and didn't know whom to turn to."

"A complaint?"

"Yes, against Albus Dumbledore. I should have filed one long ago."

"Has Dumbledore been harassing you?" Fudge asked.

"Yes, several times. Last time was a few minutes ago; I forced them away," Priscus said. "Who should I turn to?"

"I can personally file that complaint for you, Mr Metus," the Minister said. "Is Lucius with you?"

"He's still asleep, the lucky bastard."

"Then go to him, and don't worry. The complaint will be filed within the hour."

"Thank you so much Cornelius," Priscus said, very glad the Minister was on his and Lucius' side. Money and some charm could do a lot. "What would I do without a good man like yourself?"

Fudge was touched by the praise and once the conversation had ended he rushed to have the complaint filed and brought to attention. No one messed with Lucius Malfoy's lover, not even Dumbledore.


"What happened, love?" Lucius asked sleepily as Priscus snuck into the semi-dark bedroom.

"Nothing," Priscus said as he shed his bathrobe and pressed up against his lover. "Just some nuisance."

"Why do I have the feeling it is something big?" the blond murmured even as he wrapped his arms around Priscus, closing his eyes again.

"Don't worry about it," he said. "Just… let's stay like this."


Dumbledore looked at the parchment in fury. How dare that Priscus Metus dirty down his, the great Albus Dumbledore's name? How dare he file a complaint? Dumbledore was just making sure to get rid of the nuisances of the world, and yet one of the biggest ones dared to try dragging him down in the dirt!

He tore forth a parchment and wrote a furious reply to both Fudge and Priscus, determined to not let it end with this.


Lucius looked at Priscus after having read the angry reply from Dumbledore. Draco and Pansy were in the living room as well, choosing to watch the two. School was to begin in a few days for them, starting their sixth year.

"What exactly did you do?" Lucius asked his lover.

"Oh, just filed a complaint on him."

"What? You just don't do that against a man like Albus Dumbledore!"

"I didn't do it against him," Priscus said. "I filed a complaint against a mad man who tried to kill me."

"Kill you?" Lucius repeated.

"What? Did you really think Dumbledore was going to let me live? I am a nuisance in his eyes, one that needs to be dealt with."

Lucius grew livid; how dare that old man? Draco and Pansy stared at Priscus who merely continued to sip some tea a house-elf had given him.

"He's not going to admit he tried to kill you, and will ridicule your words if you try to make them see it," Lucius finally managed to say.

"But he can't deny it under Veritaserum," Priscus said with a chilly smile.

"Wha…? You took this further or what?"

"Lucius dear, would you like to accompany me on a trial tomorrow? Albus Dumbledore is accused of attempted murder of your lover, so it's only right you're there."

Lucius gaped. Priscus rose up and said:

"I am not keeping silent. Dumbledore should have learned not to mess with me."


Dumbledore nearly spit the tea out as he read the parchment. He, the great headmaster of all, was accused of attempted murder? This was getting out of hand!

He got up from his chair and threw some Floo powder in the fireplace.

"Cornelius Fudge's office," he stated and stepped through. The moment he came into the room and saw the minister alone he said, "Is this a joke, Cornelius?"

"What is?" Fudge asked, a bit confused. Dumbledore seemed to think the Minister was able to read minds, since he never explained why he came. Another thing that made Cornelius annoyed at the headmaster of Hogwarts.

"Accusation of murder! Me?"

Oh, it was about that? Well, say so earlier, senile old fool. "Yes, Mr Metus said so, and I can't very well argue with the memories he sent me."


"Yes, that could happen so I asked some people check the memories. They all said it was actual recordings."

Dumbledore felt the snare pull tighter around himself but would not give up.

"I refuse to bend myself for that man-slut."

"You call Priscus Metus, one of the Wizarding World's richest men a slut?" Cornelius said. "I would change my words if I were you, Albus. The trial will happen. If you have not done anything, then why are you making such a fuss?"

Dumbledore spluttered, pale of rage and the Minister raised an unimpressed eyebrow.

"You should go, Albus. The trial is tomorrow, and maybe you would want to prepare."

"I don't need to prepare for anything," the man said chillingly, "as I have done nothing."

"Then why are you so upset?" the Minister asked sweetly, and Dumbledore knew he was caught.

Instead of saying anything he merely swung around and went through the fireplace again. Cornelius scoffed and continued with his day.


Lucius walked down the corridors to the trial room with Priscus by his side.

"This is going to be a long day," Lucius said to him. "Are you ready for it?"

"All of my days have been long, some of them endless," Priscus said. "This will be an easy day for me."

As they closed into the room Fudge walked up to greet them.

"Most of Dumbledore's Order has gathered," he said and looked at the two. "So prepare for some rather harsh words."

"We are used to it, aren't we darling?" Lucius said.

"Well, I'm used to ignore it so I can't very well remember what they scream," Priscus said with a vague wave of his hand. "Let's get this finished, okay?"

"Of course," Lucius said. "I rather not stay in the same room with them for too long."

Fudge led them to the room and Lucius opened the door. He took Priscus' hand and placed it on his bent arm. Priscus smiled and curled his hand around the man's bicep before they walked in.

"You liar!"

Moody's voice cut through the sea of shouts but Priscus paid them little attention. He walked over where he and Lucius were supposed to sit, and met Umbridge. She smiled sweetly at both of them and Tom sniggered in Priscus' mind.

"Good day, Mr Malfoy, Mr Metus," she said, looking cheerful. She had been looking forward to get rid of Dumbledore.

"Miss Umbridge," Lucius stated with a charming smile. "You look absolutely lovely today."

She blushed and giggled a bit. Priscus leaned over and said:

"Those robes are gorgeous, Miss Umbridge, fitting you absolutely perfectly. Pray tell me, where did you get your hands on such fabulous thing?" Lucius had to admit the man knew his way with words, as she blushed, hiding her delighted smile with one of her hands.

"I had it sent to me from France," she said and looked at the two. "I recommend it for you; they make very nice robes, just the way you want it."

"What do you say, Lucius dear? Care to fit me with one?" Priscus asked, squeezing the man's arm.

"I would love to," Lucius said. "Only for you."

Umbridge smiled at the scene but regained her serious expression as Fudge called for order. The two lovers immediately straightened a bit and Lucius took a first look at the Order.

They were all lined up, except for Priscus' old friends. Maybe they were too young to be in the Order. Lucius spotted Sirius who sat at the very end and he did not look well. He remembered it was Priscus' godfather and the man who would do anything for his godson.

"Priscus, your godfather looks to be in bad shape."

Priscus looked over and his eyes widened a fraction.

"I didn't know he cared about me that much," he muttered to Lucius. "I think I need to speak to him after the trial."

"Of course, love. We'll just catch him afterwards."

"Catch him how, Lucius?"

"Well, I don't know. Kidnap him perhaps?"

Priscus had to smile at that.

"Everyone, today we have gathered to face a serious accusation. Albus Dumbledore is accused for attempted murder on Priscus Metus. Mr Dumbledore, how do you face the accusation?"

"Not guilty," the man said, voice loud and clear. He looked around the room, dressed in dark blue robes, perhaps to appear magnificent or at least serious.

"Very well. We shall start with watching the memory Mr Metus has provided us with. Please, have a seat Mr Dumbledore," Cornelius said and nodded to one of the Aurors. He brought forward a special Pensive that would allow the whole courtroom to watch the memory.

Priscus did not bother watching it, knowing it already and instead leaned in to inhale as much of Lucius' scent he could, calming his racing heart. Tom's gentle caresses on his mind made his eyes drop half-close, and he felt Lucius' arm snake around his waist, squeezing his hip in reassurance. Their fingers intertwined and Lucius pressed a gentle kiss to his brow as the memory started.

Once the memory was over the Order started shouting but Priscus did not bother to listen. He saw Sirius slowly inch away, looking around for an escape. Their eyes met and Sirius' own widened. Priscus smiled at him and tilted his head before turning to Lucius.

"Can you have someone bring Sirius out right now?" he breathed into the blond's ear, glancing over at the man on the other side of the room. Lucius looked as well, knowing Sirius would see it and replied:

"Of course, my dear, just a moment."

He snapped his fingers and a house-elf showed up.

"Bring Mr Black out and to Malfoy Manor in my study," Lucius ordered. "Also give him a drink while he waits."

"Yes, master," it said.

"Be discreet."

"Of course, master, Iris will be discreet."

As she popped away Priscus hummed and said:

"Is she new or what?"

"No, she is the one who handles my most of my business," Lucius murmured. "I trust her the most."

"Oh, the big mean Malfoy lord trusts a house-elf. Where is the world leading to?"

"Shush, you."


"You slut!"

"How many times have they shouted that already?" Priscus asked Lucius curiously.

"Too many bloody times," Lucius growled and glared at the Order as if his look would set them on fire.

"Now, now, love, calm down," he said and patted his lover's thigh. "They are just angry because their little Dumbledore just got himself a place in Azkaban."

"Order! Order!" Fudge demanded. "This trial is now over, so please move to the exit!"

"This isn't over!" Moody shouted at the Malfoy and Priscus. "You little man-whore, you will see your death soon enough!"

"May I kill him?" Lucius muttered to his lover.

"Mmmm, I think you have to get in line… dear Tom is giving me a headache with his screeching."

"I do not screech, I fucking SCREAM! But I am going to kill that fucking wooden leg freaky-eye!"

Priscus winced at the tone, and Lucius kissed his brow.

"Then let me and dear Tom kill him together," Lucius said, "for dead he is."


Sirius got up once the two entered the room and said:

"I never thought the day would come, but I thank you for taking me away from there, Mr Malfoy."

"No need to thank me," Lucius said. "It was my dear Priscus who wanted it."

Sirius looked at Priscus who said:

"Can you keep a secret, Padfoot?"

The man's eyes widened, and Priscus grinned.

"Harry?" the man whispered as Lucius left them alone… well, not exactly alone but Sirius needed to know a few things before Tom was dragged out from Priscus' mind.

"It's Priscus now," he said. "Sit down, Padfoot. I got a lot of things to tell you."


"I'll kill Moody!"

"You have to get in line, dear godfather. Tom was first and Lucius placed second."

"At least let me kill one of those people from the Order then!"

"Now, now, take it easy," Lucius said seeing Sirius' murderous look. He expected froth to appear any minute and Sirius' hands twitched as if he wanted to wrap them around someone's throat.

They were seated in the living room, Narcissa upstairs dressing for dinner and Draco in his room with a few friends.

"At least Remus isn't in all of this," Sirius said and slumped down on the chair.

"Where is he?" Priscus asked.

"He's at a cottage the Blacks own, I gave it to him," Sirius said. "He prefers being alone or with me, so no one knows the location besides me. He was… well, upset is an understatement when I told him you were gone. I had to go there to calm him down, otherwise he would have torn everything and everyone apart to find you."

"I easily forget he's that way," Priscus said. "Kind and gentle Remus do have a temper."

"And a bad one on top of that," Sirius added.

"And he always get worse if something happens to me," Priscus said, leaning into Lucius' side.

"You kidding me? You're his cub, he rather die himself than letting any harm come to you."

"Cub?" Lucius said.

"Yeah, Remus is a werewolf as you probably already know," Priscus said. "He has some of the werewolf's traits like calling a child he cares about for his cub. I'm his cub, despite the fact I'm not a child anymore, and nothing is allowed to harm his cub."

"I remember once when you were just a few months old and you fell down the stairs. Merlin, we thought he was going to kill us in full werewolf mood."

"Really?" Priscus laughed at the mental image and Lucius shook his head in amusement.


"Iris," Lucius said.

"Dinner is to be served; Iris has made sure there is a plate for master's guest Mr Black."

"Well then, shall we?"


A few hours later

Remus entered Malfoy Manor cautiously, looking around with tired eyes. He had taken on his best set of robes but still felt poor when he saw the grand hall before him, the beautifully stairs up to the second floor and beyond, the different large double-doors leading to room upon room.


He looked back at the main hall, startled, before the full weight of Sirius came down on him. Both men crashed to the floor, Sirius laughing heartily and Remus shouting:

"Look where you run, you big clumsy idiot!"

"So," Lucius drawled out to his lover. "This is your godfather and your honorary godfather at their normal behaviour?"

"… More or less. Sirius will always be Sirius," Priscus said. "Aaaaand… Remus will always be Remus." Tom snorted in his mind.

Now the werewolf saw them and his eyes widened in recognition when he saw Priscus.

"How does he know?" Lucius muttered.

"Must be my smell or something."


"Werewolves can smell a lot more than humans," Priscus said as a matter-of-fact. "Ugh… I just sounded like Hermione."

It seemed like Sirius was finishing with the quick explanation and allowed Remus to walk up to Priscus who freed himself from Lucius' grip and walking forward.

"Long time no see, Moony."

The man dragged him into a hug and took a deep breath.

"It is you," Remus said, looking into Priscus' eyes. "And yet it's not."

"It is me," Priscus said. "A lot of things happened this summer, Moony. Come on, we'll explain it all and please don't kill anyone."

"It feels like you're going to tell me something that will make me wish I could kill someone," the man said.


Lucius looked at the werewolf worriedly as he placed a hand over his eyes, said hand trembling slightly.

"I'm not going to kill anyone," the man said. "Although I wish I could. How long was Dumbledore's sentence?"

"Until he died," Priscus said and checked his nails.

"Where is Moody right now?" Remus asked.

"Not telling you, because I fancy having you outside of Azkaban," Priscus pointed out.

"Well, he is going to die either way," the werewolf said.

"It seems like I should make multiply copies of Moody and let each one of you kill your own copy," Priscus muttered.

"I want the real one!" they all shouted at him, Priscus wincing at Tom's voice sounding the loudest as he was already inside Priscus' head.

"This is not going to be easy," he mumbled.


Alastor Moody was angry as he walked down the corridor of Hogwarts. How dare they throw Albus into Azkaban, and then vote forth Severus Snape as the new headmaster? Not even the deputy headmistress had complained! It was still being decided, but it was either going to be Snape or McGonagall.

His wooden leg made it echo in the hall, his fury rising for each minute. The students were eating dinner as he walked towards the Great Hall, but he could care less.

Then a man stood before him. He stopped and looked closely at the man. His eyes opened, and Moody knew who it was.

"Voldemort." It sounded rather stupid when it came from his slack mouth.

The former Dark Lord grinned darkly and said:

"Dear Alastor, it's back to old Tom Riddle now. May I invite you to a splendid torture session tonight? You will be the victim of course."

He barely had time to draw forth his wand before he was hit in the back of his head. As he began falling, he saw who had hit him.

"Black," he managed to get out, but Sirius' eyes remained a dark fury and then Alastor Mad-Eye Moody fainted.


He woke to hear animated talking. Recognizing Narcissa's voice, Moody opened his eyes.

"Our dear guest is awake!" the woman said, delighted, clapping her hands like a child. "Lucius, Priscus dear, everyone!"

He looked over and saw Sirius and Remus get up from a couch nearby, Sirius' waving of arms suggested he was speaking about Quidditch. Moody wondered what potions the two had drunk to be in the same room as the Malfoys.

Lucius showed up with Priscus by his side. Moody snarled, especially when Priscus leaned in to give Lucius a peck on the cheek.

"You're dead!" he screamed, not caring he was bound and at their mercy. "You damn, stupid boy! How dare you go up against Albus Dumbledore, the great leader of the light?"

"Lucius my love, I hear a very annoying insect," Priscus said. "Would you like to take care of it for me?"

"Allow me that pleasure," Lucius said.

"Not without me!" Sirius protested, and Remus shook his head at his friend.

"And I wouldn't want to miss it out," Tom's silken voice said as he glided into the room.

Narcissa stood up gracefully and said:

"I'll have some Firewhiskey and wine brought to the living room. Are you coming with me, Remus, Priscus dear?"

Priscus hesitated before kissing Lucius and then said:

"Have fun, love. Don't let him off too easily."

He took Narcissa's arm as Remus had done and the three walked to the living room, already a subject chosen and vividly discussed.

Lucius, Tom and Sirius turned to Moody and all of them grinned.

"As Priscus' lover I demand to be allowed the final blow," Lucius said.

"Alas I am living inside of Priscus' head but fine," Tom sighed. "Sirius?"

"He's your lover, but also my godson," Sirius said. "The next to final blow."

"Deal," Lucius agreed.

"Godson?" Moody spluttered out. "Have you forgotten your godson is Potter, Black?"

"Who said Priscus wasn't Harry?" Sirius asked and raised one eyebrow.


Priscus heard Moody scream and put his hands over his ears. Remus stroke away some of his hair and held him close. Narcissa ignored the sound, used to screams and sipped some wine.

After a while Priscus grew used to the screaming and took away his hands. Still, he made a show he did not enjoy the noise. Remus got his wand up and put a bubble around the three, shutting out the sounds. Narcissa raised her glass to the werewolf and said:

"Although I am used to it, I appreciate that."

"Thanks Moony," Priscus said and moved to sit cross-legged on the couch where he and Remus were seated.

"No problem," the man said. "I was growing fairly annoyed at it as well."

He tugged Priscus close again and he allowed it, sinking down into Remus' side, taking comfort of having him and Sirius on his side. He was not alone; he had his lover, Tom, and so many more. His life was now complete.


Finally finished! It took me some time, but it's long!

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