Clashing egos

Chapter One " Paradox Lost "

In deep space, a man clad in a lab coat walks through the void as if down a sidewalk. In the far distance, an ancient dieing star.

" My name is something I'd forgotten long ago. It was the age when light, and heat where young and time already old. Since then the universe has known me as Paradox, and I've walked the length and birth of time, and space. From Galven prime to Pariah's Keep, seeking to do what scientists should always in my opinion spend their lives doing, trying to make things better. "

He stops for a moment every so often to check an old fashioned pocket watch. He frowns each time as its not ticking.

" In my travels I have encountered only one barrier my knowledge can not over come, the laws of time. Forever immutable like the entity that sets them, known to those that brave the back of beyond to reach his tower as Clockwork. For reasons unknown to me, the Sol system, and its single life sustaining world Earth, have been sealed from me by his power since the fall of the Hybreed. "

At long last he reaches the withering star, as it begins surrender to gravity and fall in on itself its fuel spent.

" Shame really, watching a star wink out when you've seen it be born. Like loosing an old friend."

In a burst of hawking radiation the star falls inward, Paradox oblivious to any physical danger, he again checks his watch. As his own coloration begin to blue shift, as the massive gravity well forming 18 inches away begins to effect even him. It ticks only once, and thats enough for him to side step reality, and enter the flip side of our own universe.

An endless sky of unearthly green spreads out before him. Imposable structures, and floating islands dot its Escher-esq view of a world that is everything normal world isn't. Paradox looked on as if reading the morning paper.

" Only ride I can get lets me off on the far side of town no less. "

This is the realm called the Ghost Zone, by those that dwell here. What that means, about the inhabitance, and the nature of life and after life is always something that made him wonder. However his busy schedule has kept him from looking into it in ernest. The hair on the back of his neck stood up, and his watch ticked backwards a second, as he knew he wasn't alone.

" So much to do so little time or rather so much time. Clockwork you're keeping me from more direct actions, making every alien invasion, and mad Chronian a chore to deal with. You want me away from earth, why is that? "

" I'm so sorry my friend but Clock Work couldn't be here today. "

For the first time he could remember, Paradox was honestly and completely surprised. The sight before was a tall pale figure dressed in white, his cape flapping in an unnatural wind revealing its deep red inner lining.

" Vlad Masters? "

The new comer snarled in anger at the sound of his name, and struck out with a bolt of other worldly energy sending Paradox flying into the void.

" Masters has no place left in any world! So Plasmius is all that remains! "

Paradox hurtled though the weightless void fumbling for his watch.

" No, no this is all wrong! You should be heading slowly to Saturn's rings and hunting for a portal . . "

Paradox found three images of Vlad Plasmius orbiting around him, arms crossed and an smug smile on their faces. Retrieving his watch Paradox froze time around himself and hoped however Clockwork was blocking him, is didn't extend to the Ghost Zone. Vlad's three images ignored his efforts and merged back into a single being.

" My that is a fine watch you have their! Mind if I keep it? "

Paradox glanced at the watch, it was working, but his attacker was unaffected. Noticing his victim's fear, smiled revealing sharp vampire like fangs.

" You see that watch goes with my pendant. "

Paradox's eyes fixed on the now visible pendant. One of Clockworks artifacts, making his powers useless against creature.

" Masters, you have no idea the forces you are meddling with. Give me that, you'll revert to your proper point in time, and I can revert all the damage you've no doubt been causing. "

" How rude of you, I've already mentioned I prefer Plasmius. "

The monsters eyes glowed red, and everything went black.


Highway five fifty miles outside Bellwood, six weeks after the failure of the Highbreed invasion.

Kevin's audio system blasted Ember Mclain's debut album for the forth straight time, as Ben Tennyson writhed in agony in the back seat.

" Is this the only thing on or something? "

" No. "

Gwen smiled, Kevin's attack on Ben's ear drums wasn't unwarranted . .. this time. He'd had a chip on his shoulder since the Highbreed thing, and calling Ember Mclain a cow with a microphone she had to admit needed some payback.

" Ok, I'm sorry I insulted you're elevator music! "

Kevin lowered the volume at last, and began yet another lecture on music.

" This is not elevator music. It is in fact, the only thing allowed to play in this car written after 1969, because Ember Mclain respects the 60's. Everyone writes songs about the " martyred saints of rock 'n roll " like Hendrix, and Joplin. Ember, that girl writes songs about Amy MacIntyre ! "

Ben fumbled though the Omnitrix as Gwen spoke up.

" Umm I've never heard of her. Who is Amy MacIntyre ? "

Kevin smiled his roguish smile as he responded.

" Gwen I'm shocked! I though Ben was the only one that didn't know our legends of rock. She was a rocker at the tail end of the 60's. Girl got tired of her boyfriend slash manager changing her lyrics and walked out on him and the label. I figured she expected him to come crawling to get her back, he didn't Two weeks later Hendrix dies, and albums the label already had the rights to sold better then new. Everyone just kind of forgot about Amy after that, she died in a fire the next year, but everybody was to busy crying over Joplin to care. Kind of sad if you ask me. "

Ben reached up from the back seat and finally turned the music off.

" Aaaa at last! You know Kevin I can honestly can't remember walking in on you listing to this while you work on the car or something and you never play anything while we drive. "

He glared at Gwen, and smile like a bratty 10 year old with a hand full of sand. His cousins face got bright red with embarrassment, and he knew he'd guessed right about Kevin owning this CD.

" Oh, I get it this was on the radio the first time you two made out. "

She snapped back in anger.

" BEN! "

Ben kept pushing.

" Did he call you Ember when. . .? "

Kevin had the car on the shoulder in a heart beat slamming Ben into Gwen's seat.

" I told you before, watch how you talk to her! "

Kevin had the door open by the time Ben came to his sences, and the look on his face made been go for the watch on reflex. Kevin grabbed Ben's wrist first preventing him from changing form, and dragged him out of the car.

" Kevin what are you doing! "

" I've had it up to here with you lately Ben! Your mouth hasn't stopped since WE beat the Highbreed! Even after I get turned into side show attraction! So I need a break! We have three Plumber bases to check for your Grandfather. Gwen and me will take pair on the Wisconsin border, and you get Amity Park all to yourself hero boy! We'll pick you up on the way back if your attitude improves! "

Kevin shoved him back , and he landed on his butt hard. He locked eyes with Kevin from the ground, and had the Omnitrix set for Humongousaur and yet another bad decision when Gwen called out.


The neon-purple light of pure mana filled the area, as Gwen put a wall between the two like a frustrated nanny pulling to children away from each other. Gwen spoke.

" Ok, no fighting. Ben Amity Park is the next exit, maybe ten minutes away as the Jeyray flies. We will be back for you and by then hopefully everyone will be calm again. "

Ben turned away from Kevin, and looked at Gwen like she'd gone crazy.

" You are letting him dump me on the side of road? "

Gwen,s wall came down, as she walked back to the car. She turned and answered him before getting back in.

" Normally I'd stick up for you, but you just implied I'm a slut that puts out at 15, so no not this time. "

Ben spent the next five minutes watching the tail lights of Kevin's car fade in the distance, his blood still boiling. He couldn't help but think about a fight with Gwen AND Kevin.

' Cannonbolt ' he thought ' or maybe Chromastone '.

Then he remembered he didn't have Chromastone anymore . . .


Amity Park, one year after the " Phantom Planet " incident.

Danny looked over his list of chores.

Inventory weapons cache: Done.

Clean the lab: Done.

Change ecto-filtrater: Done.

" OK once I vacuum the living room, I'm done. Right after I clean the fridge, run a diagnostic on the ops-center, and burn Dad's old jump suits. Then I'm free . . .go looking for Dani, and hope Mom doesn't kill me."

" Still in the dog house little brother? "

He turned to see his older sister sitting on a lab table, with that " about to give a lecture " look on her face.

" Well considering I'm not allowed to see Sam, or Tucker, and am being home schooled until I find Danielle and bring her " home " I'm peachy. "

Jazz looked like she was trying not to twist the knife.

" Danny you didn't mention you had a clone running around until last month. You where eating oatmeal, swapping stories with Dad. Then you up and mention their is another Fenton floating around homeless somewhere for what a year and a half? How is she eating? Where is she sleeping? You said she was sic at one point, and treated her with an invention Dad made as Ghost poison and screwed up so bad it came out as medication. "

Danny just hung his head.

" I know Jazz, I know. It just I was kind of accustom to keeping secrets till recently. Then, well then theirs Dani herself. She just flies off to I don't know where, and maybe I was just thinking Dani can take care of herself. I get it now, I didn't know what to do with Danielle, so I just ignored the problem. "

She hoped off the table, and walked over to him.

" Some times Danny seeing how you handle everything that comes your way since you got your powers, it's easy to forget your only 15. Mom gets over protective a lot when it comes to her kids, and I think she's seeing Danielle as the third kid they never got around to. "

Danny spoke like he'd be practicing it the bathroom mirror, and maybe he had.

" Trust me, before Ghost Getter number three showed up, I let my ego run away with the show a few times. "

" Haha, you might want to not make that name official, it could cost you your girlfriend. "

" Yea, the one I don't get to see till I bring Danielle into the Fenton clan. Listen I've been holding out on telling Mom and Dad about this place I know it the Ghost Zone. It's got a map that Dad might try to use to blow the place up. I don't know if it can find people, but it's worth a shot. Can you cover for me with Mom? "

Jazz raised an eye brow.

" Make it fast Danny. If this maps as dangerous as you say, If you not back by dinner I'll grab Sam and Tucker and come looking. "

Danny Smiled.

" They didn't say you couldn't see them nice one Jazz. "

Jazz open the Fenton portal, as Danny broke into a run transforming in mid stride just as he passed from this world and into the Ghost zone.

Next Chapter Two " . . .way to soon . . . "


Authors notes or I'm ranting just ignore me.

Ok time to get over a new dry spell. The usual fic fodder of Evangelion wasn't fun anymore, and my failed experiment with that Gundam Seed Eva crossover was going from bad to soap opera. The result was two months of banging my head into my monitor saying write write write! On a side not the new flat panel monitor is working fine thanks for asking.

Now the idea of doing a crossover was put in my head by Lord Deathsyth over at so if you want to punish I mean thank him for what comes next please their are poo covered sticks for sale at the door, and please be kind he bruises easy.

What was that you say take your medication? Ho no you ask about Clashing Ego's itself? Well the idea goes like this.

Both Danny Phantom are adventure shows that tell simple morality stories over their runs. Also the fact that Ghost freak from the original Ben 10 series basically had Danny's powers helped a bit to.

Now for those of you that think Ben is acting out of character please watch the start of season 3 he's a big jerky jerk-face. Danny not so much, as they've covered the ego because of power and your own success in DP already. Technically in Ben 10 too but heck he was 10 at the time and are going with the ego angle for the end of alien force so wooohoo I got me a plot line!.


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