Clashing Egos

Chapter five " What it's all about. "

Clockworks tower.

Vald without his cape spoke to Darkstar.

" So their will be no problem with the cloning equipment? "

" No, though I have to ask why you'd even need it. "

" Because my boy, need isn't the word. The word is want, and I want a working clone even if I need to go to Galven prime to get the cloning gear. "

The room froze, and some one else appeared before Vlad. It was the younger version of himself with Paradox watch.

" Their you have it my hansom older self. What happened to the cape? "

" Meh don't worry about it. Just get back and trap Paradox to become me. The rest is all down hill I believe. "

The a wink he was off and the grandfather paradox sealed. Paradox himself awoke at that instant with a stir on the other side of the tower.

" Oh my word, what has happened? "

He found himself chained looking across at his eternal foil Clockwork.

" I am going to warrant a lecture this time aren't I ? "

" By breaking my time lock on earth you allowed Vlad Plasmius power over time. The damage he's inflicted so far has been miraculously limited. Young Daniel however, almost caused time to crack like an egg shell when he almost routed him. On top of that the Tennyson boy is at a very delicate stage, he doesn't need another rival right now. Mr. Levin was bad enough, good thing the girl took a liking to him, and made her cousin behave. "

Paradox smirked.

" And what is to stop us from getting out of this, going back and fixing it all? "

" I keep telling you time is like an iron bar it can only be bent so many times before it cracks. "

" You can make a fine sword be folding metal just right as I recall. "

" One day Paradox you will learn your lesson that time shouldn't be tampered with unless it absolutely must to ensure a future for everyone. "


Outside the tower Ember, Danny, and a mesmerized Ben approached.

" Yea so he's go no idea, how you're blinding him, but I say we use that , and just dog pile him. "

Danny noticed his knuckles where bleeding.

" Lets just see if we can get to Clockwork first, OK! He didn't want me freeing him before, and I don't know if I have another fight in me. This kid might be a jerk, but that watch is serous business. "

Ember's flaming hair blew in the wind, as she looked up at Ghost Freak drooling at her from his upside down skull.

" Yea I can tell. Listen Phantom, about Dani. . . "

The boy cut in.

" I'm taking her with ME when this is over. Thats the entire reason I blundered into this mess, I was trying to find her!

Ember smiled an unearthly smile, like a crowd was chanting her name.

" It burns doesn't it Phantom? "

" What the heck are you talking about? "

Somehow she seemed bigger then he was all of a sudden, maybe it was her new hairdo.

" You string your guitar you sing your songs into a mirror until their flawless. You get the guts to go on stage and get them eating out of your hand! Then along comes someone that wants your spotlight. "

Danny shook his head in confusion.

" What the heck are you talking about. "

" You Phantom, I'm talking about you. What can I say, I've gone places and done things I never though I would to be ready for my next Amity Park concert baby! Except for working for Masters, I can honestly say I don't regret a thing. Seeing you like this just makes it clear. One day maybe, Benny boy will come to old Ember for a duet, mmmm. "

Danny Imagined Clockwork hovering over Ember, and like a child pretending to have a gun, he charged a ghost ray into one finger, and put it to Ben's head.

" Make him turn back, NOW. "

Ember laughed and otherworldly laugh that echoed through his aching bones.

" Benny boy, I want you natural. "


Vlad Plasmius looked into the future. His future was murky to say the least.

" Where are you Daniel? When are you? It's like time is changing at random. "

Something that sounded vaguely like Led Zeppelin music found its way to his ears as the wall exploded, and Danny Phantom flew past him and in to he far wall.

" You're lucky Phantom, you get a private show! "

Plasmius tried to close his eyes and ignore the distraction, concentrating instead on the two people joining him in the room. Danny's futures where vast and spinning unknowable to him, but Ember despite the fact that he intended to destroy the ghost teen for her failures still had a real chance of having the whole world chant her name. Looking at both side by side he used Ember as a guide to trace the interference back to its source.

A glow of neon purple light filled the room, as Ben in his Eon form entered out time period.

" You've been time blinding me since the start haven't you dear boy? "

" You messed with the best Plasmius, now you'll fall like the rest! "

Know seeing the source of the blocking he could see around it, and futures where he walked away with victory where getting fewer with each heartbeat.

" My how positively 80's sounding, kudos. "

Vlad split into two, one with the staff and one without it. The one without it flew at Danny at breakneck speed screaming!

" Every world with a Phantom and a Plasmius ends with one eventually destroying the other! I see it so clearly now Little Badger, I've made you stronger! To strong, without knowing it I made you more then you'd ever been without me their to drive you! "

Danny through up a shield that was not even half what it would take to stop Vlad and he smashed it like a toy. Grabbing the younger half-ghost by the throat.

" And before you quip Daniel yes I saw the one where I got the girl and didn't deserve her. Thats alright though I'll cone myself a younger Mattie, it'll look better at parties that way. "

Ember hit the Vlad duplicate savagely over the head with her guitar.

" Cut me from the label will you! "

On the other side of the room the real Vlad fought a Ben Tennyson that was unknown to both of them slowly becoming Eon like he had once so long ago.

" So old man! What does it feel like to get your but kicked by that looser all the time? If you want I can give you Vligax number he goes through henchmen pretty fast. "

" They will take your treasured watch from you one day Benjamin! The Glavin is old and bitter and jealous of your potential! Join me and we will bring real order ! "

Ben unleashed another volley of energy that bounced off Clockworks staff like rain of an umbrella.

" I'm the one that looks like Darth Vader right now thanks! "

The Vlad duplicate raised his hand to block a blow from Ember that never came. Clockwork spoke like chastising a room of unruly children. Danielle was standing next to him.

" That is it time out all of you. "

The room froze, and his staff vanished from Vlad's hands, and reappeared in Clockworks. Vlad spoke though his body was frozen.

" How? "

Ben spoke up.

" Simple, the Madelon around your neck shields you from Clockwork warps time around itself so the battery never drains I took car of that. "

Clockwork suddenly look very old, and very unhappy as he pressed the button on the top of his staff. Ben found himself human again, and the Omnitrix displaying an all to familiar blue icon.

" Oh no not again! I just saved the stinking . .time or something! "

The musty old ghost held his for for more the a heartbeat for once and used his staff to dump Ben back in Amity Park.

" What you did was nearly end us all, bot it never would have happened with out Paradox so from me at least you get a pass. "

Dani floated over to her " cousin ".

" You duplicate held together long enough to give me the key and I let them out. The guy in the lab coat just disappeared though. "

Danny needed her help to stand up.

" Good, that was Clockwork I'm betting. Mind helping me get home, I don't think I can fly all that way myself. "

" Sure Danny. "

The pair flew off as Clockwork gave Ember a look.

" Don't even think about it. "

" But she's a good back up dancer. "

" She didn't forget about you, she picked Danny over you. Her choice to leave, and with a bit of luck she'll end up with the family she needs. Now let it go. "

Ember frowned a bit.

" Always leaving me behind. "

With a few power cords she vanished, leaving clockwork alone to survey the damage to time.

He shifted into the form of a child as he picked up the thermos with Dark Danny inside, and floated to the viewing room. On the way he passed Darkstar hording technology for an escape he would never allow. Once he'd checked the integrity of time, he'd send him and all of it back.

" At least you didn't get out. "

Looking at one of the screens, he hit the button on his staff, and saw the pair of Phantoms landing at Fenton works. Jack and Maddi Fenton stood in front of the ghost portal tapping their feet liking waiting from a child to come how late, which they where. With a flash both the half-ghosts where in their human forms. Maddie ran to Danny.

" Danny Fenton you look like your Father the last time we double dated with Drew and Doc Saturday!"

The hulking Jack Fenton walked over to the slightly frightened and out of place Danielle.


The girls mood turned to laughter as he picked her up on his shoulders, and ran off.

" HaHaHa! "

Maddie helped Danny onto a lab table and pulled out what he hoped where x-ray specks.

" You've got bruised ribs, what looks like crystal shards in your back, and you need a dentist. "

The boy tried to talk, but she covered his mouth.

" And you brought her home, I'm proud. "

With a touch of a button the master of time switched channels, and looked in on Ben " talking " with Azmith.

" Ben Tennyson! Anur Phantos is perhaps the very source of chaos the galaxy! That you entered it is almost as bad you AGAIN tampering with my Omnitrix! "

Ben cut the elder Galven off.

" OK OK OK I've have had it today! Yes you made the watch, yes despite my screw ups you've let me keep it, but you where not their on the ground, in a dimension that makes no sense with a lunatic time traveler! I'd tell you to check with Paradox, but he was knocked out and chained to a wall the whole time! I had to unlock the watch, which worked fine so I'm guessing the last few weeks of it being broken were you anyway!"

The old Galven took a moment before speaking.

" The unknown conditions that allowed you to by-pass the safeguards and reach the master control, also shut down the monitoring software. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt, but you are walking a fine line. "

The hologram shut off, and the plumber bade line starting to ring, Ben ignored it.

Pulling out his cell phone he noticed 13 missed calls.

" Great. "

He also noticed the wad of cash from the plumber base.

" I think I'll call my girlfriend from a pay phone, and have her and Ship pick me up. A nice dinner with Julie beats a ride with and another lecture from Gwen and Kevin. "

Clockwork shifted to a barrel chested young ghost, and frowned.

" Fantastic, Paradox meddling has put him closer to the edge then he would have ever been. Only one left. "

A final time he hit the button, and looked back in time 10,000 years to the day Atlantis sank under the ocean. As Kur lord of the criptads raged, Paradox ageless heart finally gave out under the stress, and in a flash the immortal Observants offer him a chance to continue his work, as Clockwork.

" You still learn your lesson, a bit late, but then again time travel will do that to you. "



And we are done people!

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