A/n: Another old entry from a contest I won years ago. It was a Ganondorf short story contest, I've edited a few things (fixed some misspellings ect.) but little has changed since this was originally published at the now defunct ZeldaPower writing site.

As always, pleasant reading,

Kasan Soulblade

Crimson Rain

Blood fell, from his wounds as water fell from the heavens his tunic was slashed open revealing old scars and new ones in the making. The boy fought well, but had Tetra not struck him with her arrows the blade would leave no mark.

I am the night, the fury, the fire, I am the son of Death and Din, and you boy stand in my way.

The false Hylian only lifted his head up from the stone. A well placed kick had sent the boy flying into one of the stone gargoyles. Before Ganondorf had followed him, now the Gerudo held back. Above his eye was a new wound, one that dripped blood onto his face, a reminder of his folly.

"Come on Demon, come at me!" Ganondorf mentally snorted, there was no way he was going over there to the boy and his blade, He wasn't anyone's fool, especially not the fool's fool. Tetra nocked her bow and with a lazy swing of his sword he deflected the attack. These children wore on him, wore on his patience. They wrapped themselves in there purity, wore it like cloaks, and he could see the bloodstains that showed them to be false. He doubted anyone else could though, for they were all blinded by the light.

I once thought myself a murder do you know that? He thought to the boy, ignoring the goads, absently deflecting another arrow from the pirate's bow. After another arrow streaked and he blocked it he turned to the young woman. The glare he shot her way made her drop the weapon and take a few steps back. I was in the wrong, you are the murder, you and all the so-called chosen of the light, you who cling to hope and purity so that it blinds you. How many "monsters" have you killed? Did you know that the moblins who's grunting's you silenced spoke a tongue, that the armored dogs you killed were paladins to Din? Would you believe me to be a man, a guardian of the old ways? Even now I see the truth, you've killed boy and you've outstripped me of my so called title of "murder" for you have killed a nation. Can't you hear the screams boy, can't you see the land die, feel it's screams and those lost in their slumber, can't you see their deaths in your minds eye? No you are blind, blinded by the light.

"It ends here boy," He whispered, knowing that his voice would carry over the waves. "All end here."

For who, who will die?

He looked into those blind blue eyes that saw well but saw nothing. Ganondorf saw his death and he smiled.

"Come boy," He noticed the girl picking up her bow. "This is between me and him girl." Link nodded and called Tetra off with a gesture. "Let us end this on the corpse of the world." He then lifted his blades up from their relaxed position, and the child hopped down from the statue and tested the balance of the MasterSword. As if such a puny gesture could bring out fear in Ganondorf, it was those blind eyes that scared him more then anything else, those light blinded eyes.