Once a Lord, Now A Reaper

Written by: Insanity Awakened 18

The second he saw both ships heading in his direction, Cutler Beckett knew he was a dead man. What he couldn't believe was that how he had gotten himself into this situation. He was barley able to register any of the voices shouting to him as the cannons were firing away on the ship. That was when one familiar phrase came to his mind.

"Its just…good business." he said, slowly placing his hands on the railings. His eyes darted this way and that, watching as his beautiful ship was being blown to bits. There was nothing he could do, but somewhere deep inside, he wished he had seen this coming. If he had been paying close attention though, he would have been able to notice one soldier come up behind him and simply touch him on the shoulder, running their fingers down the length of his left arm.

'This is it…I'm going to die here.' he thought to himself as he turned and started walking down the small stairway leading to the deck. Just before the final explosion, his eyes widened for the last and final time. At least that is what he thought. As he fell into the ocean below, he felt himself be slowly swallowed into the dark. What he didn't realize was that he was going to be in for a very rude awakening. The next time Cutler Beckett opened his eyes, it would be to start his job as a Grim Reaper.


Figured that I might at least give this story one more shot. This time, not launching him into the future or anything like that _ just keeping him in own timezone and whatnot. Hope this is a little better the second time around n_n.