Get a big bowl... just not quite big enough. Drop in 8 astronauts- make sure there are 4 of each gender. Toss in a Suicidal Researcher and a couple of Spouses that have been stewing overnight on Earth... and don't forget that Egotistical Manager and the Pretty Doctor. Add a teaspoon of Sexual Tension... screw that, just dump in the whole gallon. Stir in a couple HALOs to try and thicken the mixture. Mix in more Guilt than is probably healthy and add a dollop of Maybe-Possibly-Could-It-Be-Love. Oops- forgot the Hallucinations! Add a healthy helping of those. Stir well. Add in an Abortion Pill and a Baby- those will be found together behind the jar of Dirty Little Secrets. Add some Religion and a Baseball, and hey, look, an Unformed Rabbit! Why not? Ooh, now it's a little too spicy. Toss in a Thumb... ah, that's better. Sprinkle in some Flashbacks, don't go easy on those. Now you're past the Point of No Return and it's time to add a Time Capsule... on second thought, that'll sweeten it a little too much. Take it back out and substitute in some H2IK. A Power Failure should do the trick... perfect. Why not a Solar Flare to complement it? Reach into your little jar of Dead Things and pull out a Dog and a Schoolgirl. But where's that Dead Lover? Oh yeah, it's been stewing behind Mars in your cabinet. Pop it in the oven for six years. Oh no, you forgot something! Pull it back out right now. Crap, it's partially baked! Oh well, just slab the Beta on on top. Stick it back in, but don't reset the timer. When it explodes, call 9-1-1 immediately.

I forgot: I don't own anything. Defying Gravity belongs to ABC and I stole the story idea from My Golden Glow. It's semi-similar to her AMAZING Fringe story, A Recipe for Disaster. If you watch Fringe, go read it. If you don't watch Fringe, go watch it! Though you watch Defying Gravity, so I'll let you off easy.

But for those of you who don't know- THIS SHOW IS BEING CANCELLED. Join me in a boycott of ABC! OH OH OH! AND REVIEW PLEASE! If you do, you get a cookie. Or a Wass, your choice XD