So, I was watching WALL-E when I came up with this idea. Random I know. Idea also came from I am Legend… yes very random, but I thought it would be cool to see the Twilight characters in that situation. I do not own Twilight if I did wouldn't be writing fanfictions about it. Neither do I own I am Legend or WALL-E. Again why would I be writing Fanfictions about them if I did? You may laugh but its better than it sounds. All human. BPOV. Set 50 years in the future…

The Beginning


The alarm buzzed harshly against my ears. I groaned. Why did I keep a bloody alarm clock when the there was nothing to get up to? I slapped my hand on the alarm clock. Once silenced, I swung my legs out of bed, rubbing my eyes and stretching out my legs. I looked around my dingy basement which I called my room. It was small and held a few bits of furniture. A closet, a large box, bed, a door that led to the bathroom and a dog basket are all that's in the room. A pair of double doors led off to the storeroom/dining room. This was where the generator, water purifier and weaponry were also kept. There was also the only way out of the basement in there. My dog, Jake was spread across the bottom of the bed. "Home sweet home," I muttered. Glancing at the clock I saw it was 8:31 am. The Hounds would well and truly be buried in their dank caves.

I got up and wandered to the small closet were I kept all my clothes. I pulled off my well worn T-shirt that I slept in and exchanged it for a pair of jeans and a tight fitting T-shirt. Once changed I walked to the bed, "Jake?" I whispered. The large russet and black German Shepherd snuffled in his sleep. "Jake, get up you dumb dog," I said again a little more loudly. Jake opened one eye and gave me look that clearly told me to go away. I sighed and shuffled away to the doors that led to the store room. Nearly every surface in this room was covered with food. The back wall and the left wall were covered in shelves. Cans, tins, jars, packets, tubs, boxes, the list was endless. In the far right corner was a large generator that hummed loudly as it produced the only electricity in the whole town of Forks. Heck in the whole continent of America. Next to it was the water purifier. If I didn't have this piece of machinery I would have died years ago. In the middle of the room was a scuffed table with battered chairs. In the nearest left corner was a bolted door with more locks than a bank vault. Next to this door were several pairs of shoes, a large leather messenger bag and a small silvery cube. I walked to several large boxes labelled 'Jake's food' and pulled out a big dried piece of beef and walked back to the bed. I knelt down and wafted the meat in front of his nose. "Look what I have got Jakey," his eyes instantly snapped open. He sniffed the meat and instantly took a bite. "There you go," I said, "now you get up." Jake wolfed down the dried beef and jumped out of bed. He stretched grandly on the threadbare rug and then looked up expectantly at me as if to say, "you got me up now, so what are we gonna do?"

"Just wait and see Jake. I haven't eaten yet. You are so goddamn impatient sometimes," I said scratching behind the ears of my faithful dog. We'd known each other for so long that they could just read each other like books. Jake followed me back to the storeroom. I found a packet of dried porridge. I plugged in the kettle to the generator and poured some water into it. While I waited for it to boil I told Jake about what we were going to do that day, "We need to go hunting today. Wouldn't it be nice to get some fresh meat?" My mouth watered at the thought, "We're starting to run low on condensed milk.. But after that we can do whatever the heck we want. Whaddya say to going down to La Push?"

He barked in agreement his eyes sparkling. I laughed and said, "We can play fetch. Heck might even go swimming, how about that Jake?" He barked again his tail wagging.

I laughed and scratched his ears again, "Don't know what I'd do without you Jake." At that point the kettle flicked off as it finished boiling. I picked it up and poured it into a bowl already filled with the dry porridge. I mixed it, then ate it silently with Jake watching, his head on his paws as he lay down. When I was finally done I went to the small bathroom. In there was a large tin tub used for bathing, a smaller one used for washing food and hands and then a jagged piece of mirror. A few bits of toiletries were clustered on a rickety table. I picked up my toothbrush and scrubbed hard. Once done I spat into a plastic bottle and then scraped my unruly, wavy brown hair into a messy pony tail and we both headed for the door. I pulled on a pair of sturdy Doc. Martens and then grabbed the cube and shoved it into my bag. I went to a tall locker and unlocked it. Inside was a shotgun with several cases of bullets. I loaded it before taking it out and slipping it into its leather holder and slipped it across my body. I went through the long process of unlocking the door. I opened it to reveal a flight of steps going up. A stream of light flooded down from above, "Let's rock'n'roll," I said. We both trotted up the steps into the brilliant sunlight.

The once green and sleepy town of Forks was now a wreck. What had once been my childhood home was now a destroyed hulk of ruined timber and shattered stone all because of a hurricane that passed 5 years ago. I remembered the day well. My father had sprinted home, having seen the hurricane off the west coast of La Push. His face had been flushed red with the excursion, even though I had always tried to teach him about using the Ava-board. "Hurricane," he gasped clutching at the front doorframe of their house.

"Where?" I asked, Jake had only been a pup then and I had been twelve.

"Off the coast and heading this way pretty fast. We better get down in the basement, if we want to survive the Hounds and the storm in the same night. We better move the food down everything, you gotta help me." We had spent the rest of the day heaving great boxes of food, machinery and utensils to the basement. We buckled down for the night, with just a few candles to keep the shadows away. My dad had read through the book of fairytales three times to me and Jake before we fell asleep. Anything to keep the sounds of the storm at bay. And the shrieking of the Hounds who were stupid enough to be still out in the storm. When we went outside everything had been completely decimated. There was nothing left that wasn't broken. Everything was completely destroyed and what was left of anything normal was crushed.

Me and Jake stood in the middle of the wreck that once was their home. "Come on Jake," I said. We walked out of the house and onto the road. I pressed a button on the small box and it began to unfold itself, like a flower opening for bloom, until it was what looked like a surf board. It instantly began to hover about three feet of the ground. My Avian-Board or Ava-Board for short. It worked by making the air molecules underneath band together and forms a surface on which it would 'lay'. I jumped up onto the board and moved it gently forward. I saw the mess the Hounds had created last night. A dead one lay in a pool of its own black blood on the ground. I saw it twitch once. The carcasses of dead deer lay across the ground. It had been feeding time last night, like every night. "Won't they ever think of poor little us?" I asked Jake jokingly. He barked and took a sniff at the twitching carcass of the Hound. "No, Jake" I snapped. He didn't need telling twice. The Hound had enough energy left to try and take a snap at him. He jumped back and a low snarl ripped through his barred teeth. The Hound instantly stopped and flopped on the ground again.

We drifted through town checking for survivors. Hounds didn't come out during the day because they saw better in the dark. They were as blind as bats during the day because the sunlight was too bright for them to see by. You were dead meat if you got caught out by night. Picture you stumbling about in the darkness while agile, strong, fast Hounds try and take a hunk out of you. Not nice. But we had to be sure that none had gotten left behind. There were a few twitching carcasses which would be dead in the next few hours, but no strong Hounds. I noticed there were a lot more of these half-dead corpses than before. Maybe they were fighting among themselves more because there was nothing else for them to do. They had already claimed the world. They had already got rid of all the humans. They had already destroyed life forever.

If there had been any strong Hounds, I would have shot them. Hounds are just vicious dogs that need to be put down. All because of a virus. Jake thankfully was immune to this virus but every other dog wasn't. They were vicious blood thirsty maniacs. It was the reason why everyone left. Too many deaths at the jaws of these Hounds.

Once we had made the rounds we began to actually go into the houses. A few still remained standing. A few I hadn't been in were the first on my list. I jumped off the board and readied the gun. I kicked the door down and Jake streaked ahead into the building, sniffing for any other unwanted guests. He barked twice. All clear. Dad had trained that dog well. I stomped through the sitting room into the kitchen before I realised that dad had already been here before me. All the cupboards were open and empty. I cursed under my breath before whistling for Jake. This happened for the next 3 times. This was not good. I had enough food for the next 3 months or so but I was kinda planning on living for more than 3 months. If things continued this way, I would have to move soon. This was definitely not ideal.

Finally fourth time lucky I found a full kitchen. Ignoring the fridge I rummaged though the cupboards. Tins. Sacred tins. I shoved as many tins as possible into the messenger bag. As I did so I began to sing:

I'm singin' in the rain,

Just singin' in the rain,

What a glorious feeling,

I'm happy again,

I'm laughing at clouds,

So dark, up above

The sun's in my heart

And I'm ready for love…

I sighed with relief when I saw the tins of condensed milk. "Look," I said waving it in front of Jakes nose, "I can finally have coffee in the morning." He huffed as if to say, "What about me?"

"How could I forget about my favourite dog?" I said grinning at him, "We'll be hunting soon. Don't you worry."

We exited out through the back door to the back yard of the house. A forest continued past the fence. I took my gun out. I sent a silent prayer of thanks that my father had taught me how to use it before I hopped up on my board again and began to glide stealthily through the woods while Jake trotted though the undergrowth.

Everything was silent. Every now and then a bird would call its cry echoing off the trees but apart from that nothing. Jake's ears remained pricked for any noise. The crunch of a hoof, the lapping tongues against water or the snort of a pair nostrils. He could maybe even pick up a scent. For a while we sensed nothing, we just drifted through shrubs and trees. I could sense Jake was way ahead, smelling out the prey. He knew what to do if he sensed anything. Suddenly I heard a small whimper. "What is it Jake?" I asked my voice barely a whisper. I saw him standing stock still his gaze fixed on the clearing ahead. A herd of deer was grazing in the field. One large stag and several doe. I dipped the board lower and rubbed Jake's head, whispering, "Atta boy."

I stood stock still and took aim, aiming for the large Stag. "we're gonna feast tonight," I murmured as my finger curled around the trigger. BANG! The deer squealed and galloped away as their stag, collapsed shrieking in pain as a bullet wound in his chest poured out blood. I had missed the heart but at least I had got the beast down. I glided towards the twitching body and jumped down from the board. Jake took a sniff and looked up at me, begging me with his eyes to allow him to rip the stag's throat out. I frowned at him, I didn't like it when he gave me that look. It scared me, I was afraid he would turn into one of the Hounds. I aimed my gun at the stag's head and put it out of its misery. Once dead I began to heave it onto the board. This took some time, survival had made me stronger but I still had trouble with lifting dead weights like this. Jake helped as much as he could, pushing his head against the carcass. We finally had its full weight resting on the board. I got a grip of the board and pulled it along with me with Jake trotting at my side. We made it to the edge of the forest and strung up the corpse. Taking out a switchblade and several sanitized plastic bags, I began to skin and strip the body of its edible flesh. Cutting through the fat and sinew to the red meat. Placing the edible meat into bags and the inedible stuff I dumped on the ground. The Hounds could have it. It was exactly why I never did this near my home. It would have drawn them too close to my sanctuary for my liking. Once done I left the strung up carcass. I placed the plastic bags into my bag. Jake had been very good and kept his jaws to himself. Once we were out of range of the corpse I took out one of the bags and pulled out a fresh bloody steak. "There you go Jake, for holding in." He yelped with delight and practically inhaled the meat. All that was left was blood that was smothered around his jaw.

"C'mon," I said jerking my head to the street. I jumped onto the board again and we flew back to the house. I headed down to the basement again and placed the meat in the cool box. It would be fine for this evening but I would have to salt the rest of it for the coming winter months.

Once done I locked the door and we went back upstairs again. "La Push here we come!" I yelled. Jake yipped, and trotted up to the board. I jumped on again and we glided through the towns streets. I noticed that every time I tried to speed up Jake would surge forwards, "You wanna race, Jake?" I asked.

He looked at me as if to say, "gimme your best shot."

I chuckled, "prepare to lose." And with that I leaned forwards and the board shot forwards. He instantly went into a sprint following my every move. We were neck and neck for awhile before suddenly my board jerked downwards. I was going too fast, so fast that the board couldn't make the atoms band together fast enough. I stood up straight, muttering, "damn board." Jake streaked off ahead before realising I couldn't keep up with him. He streaked back like the loyal dog he was and gave a bark of triumph. "Yeah, yeah, you won, whatever don't let it get to your head." He pranced about while I proceeded forwards. We finally made it to La Push. I dropped down off the board and onto the ground. The beach was deserted with only the waves crashing against the rocks. Out of my bag I pulled out a dirty yellow tennis ball. I waved it in front of Jake's face. "Go fetch," I said before raising the ball and made it rocket towards the ocean. He sprinted off after it, splashing into the ocean. I sat down on my favourite piece of driftwood, an old upturned tree with gnarly roots. Every time Jake fetched the ball and brought it back I would throw it back out again.

My mind wandered. Back to a time when things were incredibly easy. When dad used to go fishing with his friends from La Push and the police station he worked at. When I would go to his for the summer and spring and went to Mom's for winter and autumn. When I was best friends with Alice Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Jasper Hale and Emmett Cullen. And of course a crush on Edward Cullen. They were all gone now. They went away on the big ships and left us.

Beginning of flashback.

"What do you mean we don't have enough credits?" my father shrieked at the droid.

"You do not have enough credits to buy permits for your family. Come back another time. Goodbye and have a nice day!" the droid said. It was white and plain like every other droid. Cold and white like snow.

"There is no other time! This is the last ship!" dad cried. It was just me and him left with a few stragglers. The Cullens were all on the other side waiting for us. There was nothing they could do. I saw them all watching as we begged the droid to let us through. "Please," dad begged, "I have a ten year old child with me. You can't leave us for the Hounds."

"You do not have enough credits to buy permits for your family. Come back another time. Goodbye and have a nice day!" the droid repeated. Dad shrieked and tried to pound the droid out of the way only to be met by the electric force field surrounding it. My eyes were blurring with tears, "Daddy, what does it mean we can't get through? Are we going to die?"

Dad was massaging his knuckles. Carlisle stepped forward his eyes full of pity, "Charlie, allow us to pay-"

"Stay back and disembark to your lodgings. Stay back and disembark to your lodgings. Stay back and disembark to your lodgings," the polbots said. They shoved back with their invisible batons.

Charlie grabbed my hand and began to pull me away. "Daddy!" I shrieked, "The ship!"

"Charlie! Are you insane?" Carlisle cried, "You're going to be killed! The Hounds-"

"I have no other choice Carlisle. Go. We'll survive. I am tougher than you think."

I clutched my new puppy Jake, to my chest as I sobbed. Alice, my best friend from Kindergarten was being held back by her two elder brothers as she tried to get back to me her hands reaching and grabbing for me.

"What about Bella?" Carlisle shouted.

"I can't even afford for her to go on. I have no other choice," he pulled me along. "C'mon Bells, I know it's hard but you gotta trust me."

"No! Let me go!" I screamed. It was the only time I had ever tried to hurt my father. I kicked and punched him, using all the techniques he had taught me.

"Bella, stop it! Bella there is nothing I can do. Please Bella!" he grabbed the top of my arms and pinned them to my side. "Bella, if I had a choice between me and you to go on that ship it would be you. But I don't. And I am sorry about that. So you have just gotta trust me. We can get though this. You and me. Me and you. Remember our song? Singin' in the rain? We gotta do just that. Go through the worst of the storm. We can find ways of getting through this. Remember those old books at home? The ones of how to survive in the wild? Remember my old shotgun, that was passed down from my great, great, great, great grandfather? We're the Swans. We may be pretty but we have a lotta guts. But this will only work if you trust me Bells. I lost your mother, I can't lose you."

I sniffled and nodded. "Ok daddy. Let me say goodbye first."

I turned towards the family that waited for us and waved. "Goodbye," I managed to choke out. As the Polbots pushed us back the Cullen and Hale family waved, cried and called out their goodbyes. Rosalie's and Alice's faces was streaked with tears, Emmett and Jasper had a hard look on their faces as they tried to remain tough, Esme and Carlisle waved with sorrow and anger rippling across their faces and Edward… Edward was standing there, a shocked look on his perfect face. The last thing I saw from him was him trying to form the words 'good bye' but the hatch sealed before he could finish.

End of Flashback

Jake barked loudly, pulling me out of my reverie. "Sorry Jake, just reminiscing," I muttered. He pushed his head into my hands and ruffled his fur. A growl rumbled deep in his chest as if to say, "You shouldn't do that again. You freaked me out."

"Oh, I won't" I murmured. I looked down at my watch and swore. 4 in the afternoon. Time to go. The sun was setting. I hadn't seen the stars for the past 7 years. God I missed them. And the moon. The beautiful full silvery moon.

I hopped onto the board and we began to shoot back home. We descended down the steps and I secured the door. I unloaded the shotgun and put it into the locker again. I kicked off my boots and exchanged them for slippers. I took out a steak from this morning and pulled out an old gas barbecue. I began to grill the steak, until it was perfectly done. I then pulled out another steak for Jake but this time covered it with tomato sauce and sprinkling of canned vegetables. "Bon appetite!" I said as I set his bowl down. He began to chew his way through his food.

I took my steak to the table adding canned sweet corn along the way. I grabbed the TV remote and pressed play. A small colour TV flickered on and the vampire movie I had been watching last night but only got halfway through, began again. It was about a normal human girl falling in love with a vampire. I usually didn't like this type of thing but I enjoyed watching teenagers having a normal-ish life. Watching teenagers worry about trivial things like homework, the opposite sex and appearances seemed wildly fascinating to me. In the distance I heard the howling begin. I tuned it out and continued to watch the movie. Jake had already eaten his plate of grub and was resting on the ground, his head on his paws, looking bored. Once I has finished eating I cleared up and put the dishes into the small metal tub in the bathroom. I washed it up with water from the purifier and then put it all away.

I turned to Jake, "You probably reek of Pacific Ocean. Time for a bath."

He huffed and began to sulk in the corner while I readied the tub. I filled it with as much water as I could possibly have from the kettle. I picked up some soap and a sponge and said, "Get in Jake. The torture now begins."

He huffed and slipped into the water. I poured water over his body and began to scrub the soap in. I continued my song from earlier:

Let the stormy clouds chase,

Everyone from the place,

Come on with the rain,

I've a smile on my face.

I'll walk down the lane,

With a happy refrain,

And singin', just singin' in the rain.

"Remind me to salt those steaks tomorrow," I murmured pouring water over his body, "we don't want them going off. I think the carrots are ready for harvesting as well. We want to have as much food as possible for winter. We can't go starving now, can we?"

Jake barked back and I smiled. I finished washing him and then dried him down. He shook out his body covering me in water as I held my hands out and laughed. The howling was much louder now. I blocked it out, I didn't want to cover it up with more noise otherwise the Hounds would hear it. Instead I got dressed into an old sweatshirt and loose fitting shorts and went to the box in the corner of my room. I opened it to reveal photos from when I was ten. Everyone was in them: Mum, Dad, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Esme, Carlisle, Edward… I smiled at the memories. Flicking through each one. Picnics, birthdays, Christmases, New Years, Haloweens… everything all in one little box. It was ten before I could actually drag myself to bed. I curled up beneath the covers with Jake at my side and I fell asleep, counting his breathing.

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