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Cuba sighed as he waited for his northern companion. He hadn't seen Canada in a while, but it wasn't like him to be late when he came down to La Habana.

Our Cuban friend was waiting on an old bench on the coast of one of his favorite beaches. It was around seven o'clock and the sun was just dipping below the horizon, bathing everything in a calming orange glow.

'Wonder why he wanted to come down so suddenly,' He thought, taking a long drag of his cigar, 'He did say he was taking some Spanish lessons,' Blowing out a smoke ring, he frowned, 'Still, gotta wonder what's taking him so-'


Cuba looked up, and scowled, "AMERica..." the name died on his lips as his friend ran over from the other side of the beach. He was wearing one of his dorky little Hawaiian shirts, but the front was open, exposing his pale, flawless chest and stomach. His shorts hung off his hips, teasing him with thoughts of what hid underneath.

Skidding to a stop in front of him, the Canadian doubled over, hands on his knees as he caught his breath. Cuba waited patiently, trying to beat down the blush that lit his cheeks. Judging from the way that his heart skipped a beat every time he looked at the boy, his face was undoubtedly still red.

Finally, after a minute or two, Canada arched up, breathing under control. He looked almost nervous about something though. 'Wonder what...' Cuba thought mildly.

"I'm really sorry I'm late, eh there was a lot of traffic from here to my hotel room." He began to button up his shirt, but Cuba slapped his hand away. "You need some sun, amigo, you're as white as all that snow you live in."

Canada gave him a small smile and Cuba felt his throat run dry. The blond paused a moment. His face turned red, "I-i have something I need to tell you. I didn't think you would be all that happy with me if I said it over the phone."

Cuba grinned, "Some of that Spanish you been workin' on, eh? Well, come on, lets hear it then!" Canada's eyes went to the floor for an instant, contemplating something, then he looked back up, determined.

"T-te amo, Cuba..... D-did I say it right? C-cuba?"

Cuba's thoughts ground to a halt when he heard those two words. 'L-love?! ME?!' He thought about their relationship, 'Well, we are best friends, and I've knowin' him for as long as I can remember...'

Meanwhile, outside of Cuba's head, Canada thought he said it wrong, or worse. He didn't feel the same, and he had just made a complete fool out of himself.

"N-n-never mind!" Hearing those words snapped Cuba out of his mile-an-hour thoughts, "J-just forget I said anything,eh." Cuba smirked, deciding on his course of actions within a millisecond.

He moved fast for a large man, and had Canada in his arms before the younger man could blink. He tilted his chin upward, "No,no, you had it right mi amor," Cuba dipped his head, taking Canada's lips in a searing kiss.

Canada tensed, eyes widening. He relaxed after a moment and gently kissed back, opening his mouth to Cuba's questioning tongue and looped his arm's around Cuba's neck as Cuba's went to his waist, bringing their hips together.

They broke apart after a moment, breathing hard. "So," Canada gave him a sheepish smile, "Was my accent good, eh? Spanish enough?" Cuba thought a moment, and smiled, "Si, Spanish enough, but I like your French Canadian accent better," he mumbled, nipping Canada's Adam's Apple. The young man gave an un-describable noise that Cuba definitely wanted to hear again as he grinned,

"I think its Sexy."


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