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I was sitting on the couch watching TLC it was a Friday night and I had no life, my dad who was really my only friend was at work, he is the chief of police. We live in Forks, a small, cold, wet, boring to death town where no one knows I exist except my teachers and my parents one of which who lives in Florida and ignores me most of the time I think she is disappointed that I didn't turn out like her at all.

My mom was head cheerleader, prom queen and went through ten boyfriends in high school alone, I on the other hand couldn't even get a boy to look at me much less go out with me, it was as if everyone pretended I wasn't there they just walked past me in the halls and wouldn't even cast me a glance.

My teachers were annoyed with me because they couldn't teach me anything I didn't already know, I was asked to join mensa as if I didn't need something else to make me different…

Anyways, I was watching TLC when a commercial came on for a new TV show called "Student Makeover" basically what happens is a class mate will submit a school photo of someone from their school who they think needs a total makeover, the TV people look through all the photos pick the worst ones then make sure no one is just pulling a prank so they make sure the person really needs help then BAM! They throw away your wardrobe and give you all new clothes that they pick for you.

You also get a makeover and tons of free makeup and a new hairstyle AND they redecorate your room, plus you walk out of it with a thousand bucks!

After I thought about how lame it was I went upstairs to get ready for bed, after brushing my teeth and putting on my pajamas I just stood there in front of the mirror and glared at my repulsiveness I mean think Mia from the first part of princess diaries except worse, there is no hidden beauty underneath my ratted brown hair and oversized sweatshirts, just more plain, invisible Bella.

How I wish I had friends at school like the beautiful Cullen twins, Alice and Emmett who were as different as night and day, one so tall and huge and the other short and small yet they are so close, best friends with themselves and everyone else.


The next morning I woke to the doorbell ringing I stumbled downstairs and opened it not even thinking about how I was still in my bunny pajamas and that my hair was sticking out everywhere. And OMG! A camera was shoved in my face and the host of the new show was standing in front of me congratulating me on how I was the first person to be in "Student Makeover!"

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