"I love you...Amu Hinamori...."

Those words sent a shock through Amu's heart.

She stood there, motionless, as she stared at the boy in front of her. Everyone around them started staring and whispering to each other the moment he confessed. They obviously had listened in and found the situation interesting enough to watch, but Amu didn't pay attention to them; she just continued to stare at the boy in front of her, who had just proclaimed his love for her.

She started to feel the blood rush to her head as her cheeks turned a light pink.

Here she was, standing in an airport, about to see off a very dear friend, when that friend suddenly turns to her and tells her that he loves her! This was totally unexpected. She never would've thought in a million years that he would have feelings for her! She always thought of him as a very close friend, nothing more, but if that was the case, then she wouldn't feel the butterflies in her stomach that she does right now.

Amu couldn't even say a word; she just covered her mouth and shuffled over to a corner. Rima and Yaya quickly joined her to tease her about the confession.

"Oh, Amu, lucky you!" Yaya said with a smile, "You got a confession from such a cute guy!"

"Make sure he doesn't betray you." Rima added.

"B-B-Betray!? Rima, I'm not even going out with him!" Amu stuttered, obviously flustered.

"Awww, but he's so cute!" Yaya whined.

"H-He's flying off anyway, and long distance relationships never work!" Amu huffed, "Everyone knows that!"

"So you're saying you would date him?" Yaya smirked.

Amu blushed, "N-No! I-I mean....I-I already have a boy I like..."

"Tadase?" Rima said.

Amu blushed then looked down at her feet, "Sh-Shut up..."

"Well at least give him a final farewell before he leaves." Yaya said, "So he can leave happy."

Amu nodded then turned around and opened her mouth to call out his name, but froze when she saw that he was already gone.

No.... She gasped in thought.

"He left already." Tadase said, who was walking up to Amu, "He wanted to wait and say goodbye to you but the plane was about to leave, so he had to go. He told me to tell you that he'll miss you and that he'll write you as much as he can."

Amu looked sad that she couldn't say goodbye to him in person, but then she smiled and looked out the window and saw a plane take off, "I'm sure he'll have fun....wherever he's going..."

Tadase smiled, "Come on, let's go home"

Amu nodded then followed Tadase out of the airport, Rima and Yaya following quickly behind them.

The moment Amu got home she checked her cellphone. She opened it and on the screen it said in big bolded letters: ONE NEW TEXT MESSAGE. She cocked her head to the side in curiosity then opened the text message. She smiled when she saw that it was from him.

The message said: I'm not supposed to be using my cellphone right now, so I have to hide it whenever the flight attendant walks by, so this might take a long time to type because she's giving me the look. I think she's suspicious. Anyway, I know this sounds cheesy but I miss you already. I wish I didn't have to go, but I know that it's my duty, and it's better for everyone. I'll take lots of pictures, and then I'll send them to you ASAP. The place I'm going is really beautiful, and I look forward to living there. OMG! The woman is coming this way! I better turn my cellphone off, bye!"

Amu reached the end of the text message and she giggled, "I hope he doesn't get busted."

"Amu-chan, won't you miss him?" Miki, who hovered up to Amu, asked.

Amu smiled and nodded, "Of course I'll miss him, but I know I'll see him again one day. I can't wait till he sends me all the pictures that he takes. I'm sure all the pictures will be beautiful...since he's going to such a beautiful place...all alone....leaving us behind..."

Her three guardian charas gasped when they saw Amu's teardrop hit the screen of her cellphone. Her hand started trembling, causing her to drop her cellphone.

"Amu-chan? Why are you crying?" Su asked gently.

Amu wiped her tears and choked out, "I miss him! I miss him so much!!!" She pressed a pillow to her face and sobbed, "Kairi!!! Why did you leave!? Why did you leave me!?"

Ran, Miki, and Su sat down on Amu's lap and gave her a look of pity.

"I'm so sorry...Amu-chan..." Ran said.

"We'll do anything we can to help..." Miki added.

"Would you like some tissues...?" Su asked quietly.

Amu shook her head and continued to wipe her tears, but they just kept coming. After awhile, Su took it upon herself and brought Amu the box of tissues. Amu quickly dove her hand into the box and pulled out five tissues. She pressed them to her nose then blew hard. She didn't bother to throw them in the trashcan; she just let them float down to the floor as she grabbed another bushel of tissues and repeated the process.

"This is so sad to watch...." Su said, close to tears.

"Be strong, Su. We have to stay perky for Amu's sake!" Ran said with a determined look on her face.

She was about to fly up to Amu when Miki grabbed her shoulder. Miki shook her head and said, "Let's leave her be for now. I don't think she's in the mood to talk. Let's come back later tonight and see if she's any better...."

Ran and Su looked at Miki nervously, then nodded and followed their blue friend out the window, leaving Amu to cry all of her tears out with an endless amount of tissues.

Amu opened up her cellphone and read the text again, crying even harder each time she did.

"Oh, Kairi, why did you have to go...?" She whimpered, wiping away a stray tear, "You could've stayed with us, and remained as Jack's Chair....That would've been nice....all of us...together....just like we used to be.....Oh, Kairi.....I miss you so much...."