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Summary: What Marluxia wants, Marluxia gets.


Warnings: Yaoi, male pregnancy, non-consensual, abuse, bondage, and anything else that may come later.

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Chapter 1

What Marluxia wants, Marluxia gets. It was a simple fact.

He had wanted Organization XIII, and he got Organization XIII. He had just simply eliminated Xemnas-along with his former superior's lover Saix-and proclaimed himself as number I. Sure there had been an outburst, a bit of resistance. The outrage that had followed had come mostly from the elders, but with the majority of the neophytes on Marluxia's side-along with the keyblader, who held the fate of their hearts in his hands-the resistance had gradually faded and the elders had reluctantly submitted to Marluxia to acknowledge him as their new Superior.

Marluxia chuckled as he recalled the whole event. They may not respect him but they sure as hell feared him. The poor suckers couldn't even leave the organization because for one; Axel was on Marluxia's side and hence so was Roxas. And second, Marluxia had threatened to hunt them down and make sure that they spend their remaining days in agony. And last there was no where for the Nobodies to go. Organization XIII was well known and feared across the worlds, and it was not safe for a Nobody to be caught out there on his own without the protection that the whole Organization offered.

Marluxia sat in the empty throne room, basking in his newfound power. Along with the largest bed chamber in The Castle That Never Was, Marluxia had also proclaimed the head seat-formerly Xemnas's-as his own. Marluxia stared down at the empty seats whose occupants now followed him, took orders from him.

Those fools really shouldn't have underestimated him. Did they really think that flower power was all there was to Marluxia's power? Nope, not by a long shot. Sure his gaea-kenetic power was useful, but it could only get him so far. No, Marluxia had other tricks up his sleeve. Now with his position secure he could move on to procuring the other thing he desired most: A mate. Marluxia smiled. There was only one person he deemed worthy enough to warm his bed.

Maybe he should go pay that individual a visit now. He didn't even have to search for him. There was one place that the other constantly holed himself in and could be frequently found.

Marluxia opened a portal and stepped into the labs. The lab's sole occupant jumped up startled.

Vexen stared at the new arrival, eyes wide in fear and trepidation.

Marluxia surveyed the other. Vexen was limping and sporting a bruised cheek, compliments of Marluxia.

After the events of Castle Oblivion Marluxia had had the scientist punished for his betrayal. It has been a couple of weeks and the other was still recuperating from Marluxia's wrath.

Marluxia smirked as he saw the wariness in those acid green eyes. Oh yes! Vexen had much to fear from Marluxia, especially with what the Graceful Assassin had in mind for the Chilly Academic.

In Marluxia's mind no one was more suitable to be his chosen mate than the gaunt blond. The scientist was actually quite attractive with his weary body, spiteful acid eyes, and long blond locks. Not to mention the attitude, cold like his name's sake, proud, and as arrogant as Marluxia. An ego to rival Marluxia's own too. Even the man's advanced age couldn't take away that proud spirit or defiance.

"Hello Vexen," Marluxia purred.

Vexen took a limping step back wanting nothing more than to put as much distance as possible between him and the rose hair colored fiend.

"What do you want Marluxia?" Vexen asked as he moved to place a surgical table between them.

Marluxia glared at the scientist and took a few steps forward till he was on the other side of the table directly across from Vexen.

"I think we have played this game long enough, you know what I want Vexen," Marluxia said calmly as he placed his hands on top of the surgical table in order to lean in closer. "We've been beating around the bush for a good while now, but I think it's time you gave in. I have been very patient with you, but no more."

Vexen's eyes widened in understanding and he shook his head in denial.

"No, never!" he hissed in hate and attempted to flee out another entrance in the lab.

Marluxia growled in anger and quickly moved to intercept. He grabbed the blond by his thin wrist and pulled him back to ram him into the table.

Vexen felt himself being slammed into the metal surgical table and gasped in pain as all his prior injuries were aggravated. He fell to the floor as pain raked his body. The blond laid there gasping for a few minutes before attempting to grab the top of the table to try and pull himself up. He was rewarded with a swift kick to the guts from Marluxia.

Marluxia watched the older man collapse back on the marble floor with cold indifferent eyes before he approached the scientist. He bent down on one knee and grabbed the other's hair pulling his face up to force him look at Marluxia.

"Listen to me Vexen," Marluxia began coldly, "You should feel honored at being chosen as my spouse. I plan on building an own empire with you at my side, whether you like it or not, and no one is going to stop me. So you can either except it, or refuse me and invite more pain on yourself."

Vexen stared into Marluxia's eyes with pained filled ones before he spit on the other.

Marluxia froze as he felt the saliva drip down his cheek. He raised a gloved hand to swipe the fluid away before shocking Vexen by smiling.

"Nothing less than what I expected," Marluxia said. "It's what I like about you most Vexen: Your tenacity." Without further words Marluxia crushed his lips against Vexen's.

Vexen, taken by surprise, did nothing at first. But when Marluxia's tongue slithered inside Vexen's mouth reality began to register again, and he realized that Marluxia was kissing him. He immediately began to struggle. The blond tried to push Marluxia off, but Marluxia's muscular chest was like a brick wall refusing to budge. Vexen couldn't even kick him since he was lying on the floor. With no other option the blond scientist bit down on the wet muscle invading his mouth. He tasted the metallic taste of blood before the other retreated.

Marluxia hissed in pain and withdrew quickly.

That damned Nobody had bit him!

Mad beyond belief, Marluxia slapped Vexen with all his might. The blond hit the floor again with a groan, cradling his aching face.

Marluxia grabbed Vexen by the upper arm and stood up to summon a portal before walking through with the Chilly Academic dragging behind.

The blond scientist only managed to register that they were in Marluxia's bedroom before he was lifted up and tossed unceremoniously on top of the bed. Realizing what was about to happen, Vexen tried to scrabble across the sheets in an attempt to escape. He was met by a powerful punch that sent his head reeling. Vexen collapsed back on the mattress in a daze.

When he came to it was to find himself bound to the bed and stripped of his clothing with an equally naked aroused Marluxia on top of him. He immediately began to fight his restraints.

Marluxia, seeing that Vexen had regained consciousness, slapped him again. The scientist's head snapped to the side from the force of the blow and he whimpered in pain. Marluxia grabbed the blond's chin to bring the other in for a violent kiss before retreating.

"We could have done this the easy way Vexen," Marluxia said as he crawled back till he was lying between the scientist's spread legs. "We could have avoided this, but you just had to be difficult. I love that in you, but sometimes it could get tiresome."

Marluxia sat back on his knees in order to take in the sight before him. Vexen was naked, and bound spread eagle with leather straps leaving nothing hidden to the imagination. Long blond hair fanned out all around the man's head in silken waves, while green eyes burned with fury and fear attempted to burn holes into Marluxia. The scientist's body was slender and thin. Ribs, collar bones, and those tantalizing feminine hips protruded visibly from his body. The injuries the other had sustained prior from Marluxia stood out angrily in contrast with the pale skin.

Marluxia couldn't resist, and he didn't want to. He simply got up to hover on all fours on top of the scientist, teasing the other with his close proximity, before he slowly lowered his head to run his tongue over a long bloody whip mark.

Vexen threw his head back and clenched his teeth in pain, refusing to make a sound. But his resolve began to wither away as Marluxia continued to assault his other injuries with his tongue, and soon the scientist was gasping and whimpering in pain and just the slightest hint of pleasure.

Marluxia smiled in satisfaction and abandoned the injuries to move on. The botanist fixed his eyes to a dusty nipple. He smirked wickedly up at the Chilly Academic before descending to lash his tongue out and attack the sensitive bud.

Vexen shuddered, his nipples tightened and rose. He could feel electric sensations of pleasure shoot down straight to his cock. He shook his head in denial. He did not want the pleasure that that fiend was offering.

"No! Marluxia, please stop!" Vexen pleaded, "I don't want this. Please don't do this!"

But Marluxia wasn't listening. Instead he groaned in appreciation and settled himself comfortably between tense thighs so as to better enjoy the delicious morsel. He sucked at the nipple and bit down teasingly, eliciting a yelp from Vexen, before soothing the bruised flesh with his tongue. Once the flesh in his mouth was swollen and puffy he abandoned it to give its twin equal attention, all the while Vexen's delicious mewls fueling him.

Vexen couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe he was allowing the neophyte do this to him. No! He wouldn't submit. He had to fight! Had to escape! His resolve was decided when he felt the other man's large erection hard against his thigh. The excitement that had plagued Vexen before faded, and now he wanted nothing more than to get out of there.

Vexen closed his eyes, willed himself to ignore the sensations that Marluxia was wreaking on his body, and called on his power to form a piece of sharp hard ice in his hand. As Marluxia was too busy to notice Vexen began to cut through his restraints. When he felt the rope give way he quickly turned the piece of ice in his hand and swung it down into Marluxia's back.

Marluxia howled in pain when he felt something cold and sharp stick into his back. He pushed back in time to see Vexen swing his makeshift weapon down for a second swipe, aiming this time for his chest. Marluxia quickly grabbed the blond's wrist, halting it trajectory, and squeezed it painfully till Vexen cried out and released his hold on his weapon.

Marluxia seething in fury punched Vexen in the stomach and in the face repeatedly till the man was semi conscious. He then reached up, undid the restraints, and flip the blond onto his stomach.

"I wanted to go easy on you Vexen," Marluxia said as he grabbed those wide hips and lifted the other onto his knees. "You gave me no choice. Remember you brought this onto yourself."

Without another word Marluxia shoved himself into Vexen's virgin entrance

Having been on the brink of unconsciousness, Vexen was brought back to reality with horrible pain as he felt Marluxia's dick tear through his anus. He threw his head back and screamed as he felt muscle tear in order to accommodate the large firth now impaling him. Vexen desperately tried to scrabble away, but was pinned down under Marluxia's weight as the other moved to lie on top of him, incapacitating him. Tears escaped from Vexen's eyes. The pain was too great, he couldn't take it. Vexen could feel warm blood dripping between his thighs indicating that his sphincter had been ripped. Every breath every heart beat was agony. He couldn't move, he was in excruciating pain, and Marluxia wasn't even done with him.

Marluxia lied on top of Vexen and waited till he got accommodated to the incredible tight heat wrapped around his sex. Once he felt his composure return, he grabbed the hair on the back of the scientist's head to pull his head back harshly in order to whisper in his ear.

"This is your punishment for defying me," Marluxia pulled his hips back till only the bulbous head remained inside Vexen, and then with a powerful thrust stabbed back into the ripped canal. A scream tore from the blond's lips and Marluxia repeated the process over and over again, each thrust causing further injury, further bleeding, and further pain.

No matter what he did Vexen couldn't get away. The pain was overwhelming and Marluxia was too strong for Vexen to fight. Vexen sobbed and resigned himself to his fate.

Marluxia kept plowing repeatedly into the body underneath him. His rhythm was powerful, never faltering or slowing down. The botanist could stay like this for hours. And he would have too if Vexen hadn't lost consciousness. When the Chilly Academic slumped down unconscious in the beginning of the second hour underneath Marluxia the Graceful Assassin sneered and released himself inside the torn channel before pulling out and laying down next to the damaged man.

As Marluxia waited to come down from his high, he moved to lie down on his side, and fund his attention brought back to focus on the injury Vexen had dealt him earlier. The graceful assassin carefully reached back and felt around the wound.

Oh yes, it would require stitches.

Marluxia couldn't help but smile. Vexen had fought him, and will continue to fight him regardless of what Marluxia did to him. Truly no other would be more worthy of becoming Marluxia's mate.

No other would be as worthy to bare Marluxia's children.


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