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Chapter 4

"YOU ASSHOLE! YOU BASTARD!" a loud hysterical voice screamed as shards of icicles, hard as rocks and sharp as blades, could be heard crushing against the walls.

"WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU'VE DONE TO ME?" Vexen hollered as he launched another barrage of ice at the rose hair colored fiend.

Marluxia didn't bother to answer but merely kept on dodging Vexen's attacks while trying to get closer to the rampaging blond.

"I knew you were sick, but this is…this is…" Vexen too flummoxed to continue allowed his magic to express his horror.

"Vexen, please clam down," Marluxia said as he side-stepped another attack and slowly advanced.

"DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME TO CALM DOWN." Vexen yelled as he pulled his hand back to unleash some more magic not noticing how close the Graceful assassin was. "AFTER WHAT YOU DI-"

Marluxia finally saw his chance and quickly vaulted forth to tackle the blond to the ground and hold him down.

"GET OFF OF ME!" Vexen hollered as he began to furiously struggle beneath the Graceful Assassin. He writhed, bucked, and twisted to try and escape, but Marluxia's grip was like steal, not budging nor loosening from the blonde's wrists.

Marluxia, having had enough of number IV's fit, moved Vexen's hands to trap them both in one of his own before pulling back his free hand and back handing the Chilly Academic across the face.

The blow sent Vexen's head reeling to the side and a bruise was already forming on the pale face. But in the state that he was in it wasn't enough to subdue him and so he resumed trying to dislodge Marluxia from atop of him.

"Quite that Vexen," Marluxia ordered, still pining the gaunt man down. "It won't do you any good. What's done is done. Just accept what has been given to you and learn to live with it."

Vexen's horrified eyes met that of his tormentor's.

"Live with it?" he repeated in astonishment. "How can you say that? What you've done to me is unnatural. You've turned me into some sort of hermaphrodite freak."

Marluxia growled in anger and struck his lover again.

"You are not a freak, Vexen." Marluxia admonished, "You shall be the vessel with which shall bring my children into the world."

Vexen's eyes widened even more in terror. As though he was not afraid enough, Marluxia's words sent Vexen into a whole new level of panic and distress.

"NO!" he protested.

"YES," Marluxia corrected sternly. "And you better damn well come to terms with it." Marluxia leaned forward till he was whispering into Vexen's ear. "Unless you want me take your virginity the same way as the first time."

Vexen felt his non-existent heart skip a beat, his face went pale, and cold sweat broke all over his body as he recalled the first time Marluxia raped him. It had hurt so badly. He had been taken so roughly, so violently, with little to no consideration of his comfort or pleasure. And the idea of being raped in the same manner again in the new still sore virgin orifice made his body clench with fear.

"Please don't rape me Marluxia," Vexen pleaded, hating himself for stooping so low as to beg the younger man. "Don't hurt me, please."

Marluxia smirked. He always did love to hear the pretty man beg.

"Comply and I won't have to hurt you," he said. "Now I'm going to release you, if you try anything pet you'll be wishing I'd beaten you unconscious. Is that understood?"

Vexen reluctantly nodded, and when Marluxia moved off of him, he rubbed his aching wrists before getting to his feet. Marluxia merely smiled and moved forward to take him into his arms.

"That's a good pet," he said as he wrapped his arms around him.

Vexen bristled.

"Don't call me that!"

"But that's what you are my vixen, my little pet," he laid a kiss on the blonde's before he started to guide them towards the bed. "Now, onto what I had in mind…"

Vexen stared bewildered at him, not understanding what he was saying until he felt the mattress dig into the back of his knees. He looked over his shoulder and stiffened, that horrid sense of dread consuming him once again.

"Don't tell me we're going to do it now!" Vexen began to wriggle in Marluxia's arms.

"Oh but we are," the botanist retorted and pushed the scientist onto the covers before crawling on top of him and pining him down with his body weight.

"Shouldn't we wait a while?" Vexen tried to procrastinate. "I mean, I don't even know what the hell you gave me. I have to run tests. There's no telling if what you did was a success or…"

"Enough Vexen!" Marluxia commanded, impatient for the next event.



Finally tired of Vexen's attempts to withhold the moment Marluxia rose to straddle the blond and began to divest him of his clothes.

Vexen tried to move to stop him, but the look that the botanist gave him quickly made him reconsider. Seeing how hopeless it really was, he reluctantly laid back and allowed the other man to undress him and then watched as he undressed himself.

Marluxia urged Vexen to move back across the bed to lean against the head board before he moved to sit in front of the tightly clenched thighs. He flashed the blond a sadistic smile before he grabbed the skinny knees and forcibly pulled them apart to lay Vexen wide open and vulnerable.

Vexen squeaked in fear and tried to cover himself, only for vines to suddenly crawl from the wall behind him and wrap around his wrists restraining him. He pulled at the plants but they held him tight, and the more he struggled the more he hurt himself on their thorns. He turned and glared at Marluxia.

"What?" Marluxia asked innocently, "You wanted to know if it was a success and I intend to find out."

Vexen shot him a death glare but didn't say anything. It was futile to do anything to dissuade the Graceful Assassin once he set his mind to something. All he could do now was lay back and bare it.

The rose haired fiend called on more vines to appear and wrap around the skinny thighs to keep them locked apart. When he was sure the other's legs were well restrained by his plants he moved to sit between them. From this angle Marluxia had a perfect view of Vexen's new endowments; nothing was hidden from his sight. The new opening with the healthy pink folds and small nub was located between the ball sack and the anus. He laid his hands on the feminine hips caressing the skin there with his thumbs before moving them slowly down to the thighs. He leaned forward and laid a kiss on each pale leg then moved to cup his lover's flaccid erection to stimulate it. He heard the blond gasp as the flesh began to rise. Good. Now with his lover distracted he could move on.

Vexen had been writhing at the other's caresses, actually forgetting about his position and enjoying himself. Until he felt the younger man let go of his erection and touch the folds of his new opening. The blond immediately stiffened, his lust instantly dying out. He instinctually tried to close his legs again but couldn't on account of the vines. To feel the alien flesh that had been forced upon him, and to feel someone actually touching it sent panic racing through his body.

"Marluxia, don't…" he tried to protest desperately as he pulled at his restraints. But Marluxia wasn't listening; his eyes were fastened on spot between Vexen's legs.

"Shhhhhh! It will be alright Vexen," the traitor whispered. "And I bet you're going to like this next part."

Without another word Marluxia leaned forward and licked at the folds of the entrance.

Vexen yelped in surprise and bucked his hips instinctually.

By Kingdom Hearts that had been strangest thing he had ever experienced in his life! And Marluxia, it seems, wasn't about to give him a moment's rest.

Marluxia had found the taste strange and yet exotic, he couldn't get enough. He buried his face in the folds and pushed his tongue out to taste some more, first gently but then roughly as he felt Vexen writhe and scream above him, not in any sort of pain, but in pleasure. Smirking in delight, he fingered the nub above that served as a clit and heard Vexen's screams of pleasure double.

Vexen was in heaven. The sensation of the wet appendage at the sensitive flesh sent one wave of lust after another. Is this what women felt? It was indescribable. And the more Marluxia stimulated him the more he felt a warm knot in his lower stomach coil. Wetness spread and leaked out, and before the scientist knew it he was having his first vaginal orgasm. His back arched in pleasure, he threw his head back and released a long loud scream as his orgasm overtook him, his fluids gushing out to coat Marluxia's face before he finally collapsed back on the bed panting. But the Graceful Assassin hadn't ceased pleasuring him and he whimpered as he felt the sensitized flesh still being stimulated. It was so good it actually hurt. The Chilly Academic also noticed that while he had been reveling in his new pleasure, his erection had come back to life and was hard against his belly demanding attention.

Marluxia kept on licking up the seeping fluids eliciting more groans and moans from his lover. Once he was sure he had gotten all he grabbed the newly awakened hard erection and squeezed it gently. The Chilly Academic groaned at being handled again so soon.

"Well, you looked like you enjoyed that," Number XI said arrogantly not receiving a reply. He gave his lover a few moments to recuperate before moving to his knees and grabbing Vexen's hips to pull him forward towards him.

Feeling his hips being seized and drawn down, the scientist snapped his head back to look at Marluxia.

"W-What…?" The blond began but halted, eyes wide open, as he saw their new positions.

"You've had your fun Vexen," Marluxia purred seductively, "Now it's my turn."