Whatever was going to happen, would happen. I wasn't about to stop things now. I'd made up my mind; yes, I knew what I was capable of, but I also knew what I wasn't. And- not for the first time- eternity just seemed like too much to bear. So, not for the first time, I wouldn't bear it. I smiled at the simplicity of this path, so much easier than the fork I'd forced myself to take not so many, many, long months ago. Who was I fooling? Even the mental use of the word "Fork" was enough to twist my already agonized countenance into a grimace of pain. But I'd done my time; I'd served my sentence. Those months were like years, and the years blurred together until they culminated at this one moment. This was all I had. I toyed with the idea of what would transpire immediately after, but I would not let myself dwell on it. Neither the future, nor the memories of her face, her skin, her hair… the hot throb of life beneath the delicate skin of her throat… Oddly, I could almost catch her scent on the mild breeze as if calling to me, mocking me. No. I would not dwell on this. Actions speak louder than words, they say. So I steeled myself with one last breath, the hint of her fragrance teasing my lungs, and moved to step into high noon.