Author Devylish
Title Little Surprises
Chapter Reason 11/11
Fandom Grey's Anatomy
Pair Derek and Callie
Rating PG13
Words 2386
Warning/Spoiler/Summary None. None. Business trips always end up like this, right?
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I figured it out
I was high and low
and everything in between
I was wicked and wild
baby, you know what I mean
till there was you
yeah, you

Appropriate flight wear? Sweat pants, t-shirt, baseball cap. And normally, that's exactly what she'd be wearing. Comfort was big for her. Biiiiiggggg!

But today wasn't a normal day. Or a normal flight. Today, she was flying from Miami to Seattle. She was flying home. To Derek. And she was happy. She was happy to be coming 'home'. Being in Miami, with her parents and brothers had reminded her how special loving another person could be. And, no, she still wasn't positive that Derek wanted her – for good… for keeps – but she wanted him. And if she could talk him into keeping her, manipulate him into keeping her, blind him with her boobs into keeping her… she was going to do it.

Hence the fitted black sweater, the black dominatrix boots, and the kiss-my-ass black jeans. The black jeans that fit her still curvaceous, but now baby fat free, body.

She looked over at Erynn Paloma Shepherd, finally asleep in her carrier in her own seat on the plane. Their daughter was beautiful. Just… breathtaking. Even her cries, which were loud and an utter pain in the ass at midnight, were beautiful.

Callie lifted her hand and ran her fingers through her three month old baby's hair. And yeah, she had a mane. Girls would be jealous of her for years, and boys, boys would be chasing her for years. Crystal blue eyes, dark thick wavy hair, and a complexion that had settled closer to Callie's almond tone than to Derek's.

Erynn had shown her stubbornness early, deciding to come 5 weeks ahead of time and then refusing to budge when Callie was induced. Instead of the 1-2 hours of labor everyone was hoping for, Callie fought for 6 hours. Any longer and Dr. Martinez would have had to do a c-section; Callie's blood pressure and the threat of infection were just becoming too high.

But Erynn timed it down to the minute. Crowning just as everyone was about to switch into c-section mode.

Derek blamed the baby's stubbornness on Callie; and Callie blamed the baby's stubbornness on Derek… the man could be tough when he wanted to be. Assertive, she smiled.

Nearly two weeks were spent in the NICU where tiny, five pound, three ounce Erynn quietly squeaked her pleas to be fed, changed, held… while her lungs grew and strengthened. At the end of the twelfth day, Derek and Callie were told that they could finally take their baby home.

Home to her perfectly purple nursery.

The next eight weeks had been a beautiful hell.

Callie had thought sleep was hard to come by as a doctor; Ha! Doctor's slept like Rip Van Winkle in comparison to parents of a newborn. And then there was the game of figuring out 'why' the baby was crying. Pain? Hunger? Poopie pants? Just because she could?

And Callie wasn't even going to think about the breastfeeding experience. Natural my ass.

But for every second, every half thought of tiredness… she was happy. They were happy. Happier than they'd ever been before. Derek and Callie had Erynn. Alive. Lungs bursting with cries. Blue eyes staring up at them as she plotted her next sleep attack.

Life was good.

The only way it could get better would be if Callie could fix the limbo that she and Derek were in. In the ten weeks that they'd had Erynn, they'd slept in the same bed, but that was it. They simply slept; at first because they had to, and after that, simply because they were too damn tired to do anything but sleep.

Plus, there was this question mark hanging over them, even if she was the only one who could see it; the question mark that read: 'Really? The two of us? We kind of fell into one another; into something, but that something is done… are we done?'

Callie had mulled over this question all throughout her two week trip to Miami. Erynn had been cooed over by her uncles and her abuelitos, and Callie attended her brother's wedding, and her other brother's engagement party, and there had been love and laughter and happiness everywhere.

And she had been happy too. She had Erynn, so life was good; she was happy. But she also missed Derek. She missed him like… like… like he was necessary for her. She missed him the same way that she would miss air. She missed breathing him.

I'm giving it up
no more running around spinning my wheels
you came out of my dream and you made it real
I know what I feel
it's you
it's all because of you!

And that had been her answer. The answer to the question; 'really? the two of us?'

For her, the answer was 'yes. Hell yes. Hell. To. The. Yes.'

All of which explained why she'd dressed up for her longass flight from Miami to Seattle. She wanted to wow Derek. She wanted to seduce him. She wanted… him. She was done edging around the idea of the two of them. She was going back to Seattle with a clear cut goal - capturing Derek Shepherd's heart.


A plus about being the mom of a newborn? You were first to load and first to unload from the plane.

Callie pushed the closed stroller, carried Erynn in her carrier, and hefted her carryon down the disembarkment hall; not a very sexy look. Fortunately, she and Derek were meeting in the baggage claim area. Stopping to the side, she put down Erynn's carrier, opened the stroller and with a, now, practiced hand, she clicked the carrier into place. "All right Erynn, let's go get daddy."


She kept glancing between the luggage being released on the conveyer and the doors. No Derek yet, but her flight had gotten in a little early. Leaning over the stroller she touched Erynn's sleeping face. If they could patent and package the softness of baby skin… or their scent…?

Derek entered the Baggage claim area and immediately saw Callie. Hard to miss the tall, voluptuous woman who was still the subject of all of his dreams.

He'd almost made his way all the way up to Callie's side, when she turned around to scan the doors again. Her eyes landed on him and her face brightened.

"Derek!" She glanced back at the conveyer, "Just in time." She leaned in to kiss him quickly on the cheek and give him Erynn's stroller before diving into the melee of people who were waiting for their bags.

Derek was torn between watching her fighting her way through the crowd, and reveling in the pleasure of seeing his daughter again. For the moment, the baby won; he was crouched down next to the stroller talking to Erynn when Callie rolled up next to him with her bags.

"I can take those," he motioned to the luggage, but Callie shooed him away.

"You've got the important stuff."


you are the reason
you are the reason I wake up every day
sleep through the night
you are the reason
the reaaaaasssssoooonn

The trip home freaked Derek out a bit. Just a little bit. He'd barely started the car when Callie reached for his hand, holding it for basically the whole trip. It's not that they hadn't held hands before; it's just that they hadn't done so since they were pregnant.

He tried not to make a big deal of it, simply rubbing his thumb along the back of her hand.

As they pulled up to the house, he offered, "I picked up food from Anna's."

"Chicken salad?"

He smiled, "Chicken salad."

"I could kiss you. As a matter of fact," she leaned over in the truck and pressed her lips to his jaw. pecking once, then once again, before moving her lips to the corner of his mouth. He turned into her kiss.

God he'd missed this. Missed her scent, her touch, her flavor. He lifted his hand to her neck and pulled her closer, letting her rest her curves against his body. And God, her curves! He'd missed her curves, her breasts, her hips; he opened his mouth to tell her how… amazing she was, but she beat him to it.

"I missed you."

He kissed her again. "I missed you too." He barely got the words out of his mouth before their daughter added her 2 cents to the conversation, starting a sniffle that quickly turned into a wail.

Callie smiled against Derek's lips. "She's probably hungry. Or wet."

He chuckled. "Let's get you both inside, and fed."

She caught his arm as he started out of the car, and pulling him back in she kissed him again. A 'more to come' kiss.


in the middle of the night
I'm going down cuz I want you
I want to touch you
I want to floor you
you are the reason

Derek put her into her crib, brushing his hand along her face before turning on the baby monitor and backing out of the room.

"Down and out?" Callie asked from the other end of the hall.

"Finally," he whispered as he pulled the baby's burp cloth off of his shoulder.

"She's kind of amazing isn't she?"

He grinned. "She takes after her mother."

Callie took a quick, imperceptible breath then went for it. Turning her back to Derek, she pulled her sweater off and dropped it on the hall floor. Glancing back over her shoulder at him, she headed into their bedroom.

Derek was NOT a dumb man. He was at the bedroom door before he even knew he was moving.

Callie was at the bedside, turning on their end of the monitor; then she turned and faced him. Her black tank top, jeans and boots suddenly ranking as his current favorite for her sexiest outfit.

She lifted her hand and crooked her finger at him, beckoning him closer.

He dropped the towel he was still holding onto the floor and did as he was told. Reaching her side, he placed his hands on her hips. "You called?"

She grinned. "I just wanted to… finish what we started in the car." She lowered her hands to his belt buckle. "Me, showing you, just how much I missed you."

"Come on baby, finish what you started."

She laughed, "Van Halen?"

"I think we had this discussion before but, I'm multifaceted… I like all kinds of music. And all kinds of books. And…" he dipped his head to her neck, kissing the spot that made her whole body weak. "Just one particular woman."

She moaned in response to his lips, in response to his words. "Mmmm, I really, really missed you. Your stupidly perfect hair, and your eyes, your stupid sexy eyes. And yeah…, mmm, your lips. Such good lips." She pulled his buckle apart, and fumbled with the button and zipper of his jeans. With a frustrated groan she dropped her fingers from his pants and backed away from him, moving her hands to the bottom of her own tank top. "Okay, we need to get naked. Now."

"You're lucky I like the way you think, or, I might have issues with your orders." He pulled his own shirt off over his head, ignoring the buttons. In between stripping out of his own clothes, he watched Callie pull off her tank top, then shimmy her way out of her jeans.

When she stepped out of her jeans, she glanced over at him, and another momentary twinge of 'seriously, does he really find me sexy' ran through her.

He read her mind, "I'd drool, but I have better plans for my mouth."

She grinned. "I'm gonna hold you to that." She sat on the bed and reached for the zippers on her boots, undoing first one, and then the other and slipping her feet out of their encasings.

Standing in just his boxers, Derek mentally groaned. Even her taking off her boots was sexy.

Pulling off her socks, Callie looked up at Derek and smiled. "Someone's a little excited."

Derek looked down at the front of his boxers. "More than a little excited." He moved in her direction. "Have I mentioned how… hot you are?"

"You mentioned something about drooling, but feel free to share again."

He placed his knee on the bed, between her legs, following her back on to the bed as he edged up along her. "You're hot. Beautiful. Sexy. Gorgeous."

She slid her hands up his arms. "Flattery will get you everywhere."

Derek dipped his head down, letting his nose rub along her shoulder. "… and sweet. You always smell so sweet, and taste," he bent his head to her neck, "delicious."

Callie raised her leg along Derek's thigh. "You have to say that, you want to get into my pants."

He dropped one hand to her stomach, and ran it along the edge of her panties, "You're not wearing pants."

"You noticed."

"Want me to tell you where my favorite freckle is on your body?"

She giggled and he lowered his lips to hers, rolling them over so that Callie was on top of him; soft, and definitely a woman.

Callie stared down at him, her brown eyes searching his blue ones.

"What?" He worked at the straps of her bra.

"I think I could fall for you. I may have already fallen for you."

Derek stopped fiddling with her bra.

Even two seconds of silence was too long for Callie. "I – I don't expect you to feel the same –"

"Shut up Torres." Derek smiled a lazy, happy smile. "If you think you could fall for me, you'd just be catching up with me." He cupped her face. "I think you had me when you started singing Prince to me."

Callie's face lit up. "So let me get this straight," she pressed a kiss to his lips, then placed one on his chin. "You have a 'thing' for me?"

He cleared his throat as she lowered her head to his neck, planting a soft kiss there. "Callie, I think I have a couple of things for you."