Author's Note: There was a prompt on the st_kink_meme: "Mamma mia crossover! The daughter of Christine Chapel has never known her father, and has never been able to get a name out of her mother. However, she finds her mom's journal... With her wedding coming up soon, she decides to invite all of her three possible fathers: Leonard McCoy, Spock, and James Kirk!" My first reaction was: "LOL, that's totally crazy!", but somehow the idea stuck, and I ended up "casting" "Mamma mia" with the ST'09 characters. They worked so well, it's almost creepy...

It's yet another time line – so some of the events of the Star Trek movie either didn't happen or happened differently – but that's for the reader to decide...

Disclaimer: Paramount owns Star Trek; Universal owns the "Mamma mia" movie; I own nothing, I just did it for fun (and for free).

Due to the nature of this story, it contains a lot of adapted movie dialogue (by Catherine Johnson) and song lyrics (from "Honey, honey" and "Mamma mia", both written by Björn Ulvaeus, Stig Anderson & Benny Andersson).

There is some info about Uhura's career that wasn't my idea, but Margaret Wander Bonnano's (in her "Lost Era" novel "Catalyst of Sorrows"). I just liked and used it.

One out of Three

0. Excerpt from "The Lonely Galaxy Guide to Federation Worlds", 2279 edition


Kalokaro IV is a Class P planet (oceanic; 95% of the surface is covered with water/polar ice caps) with three small moons, situated in the Argo sector, with no indigenous sentient life. It has only one, mostly submerged, continental mass, which forms an archipelago in the Northern subtropical (Mediterranean) climate zone.

Only Main Island (1200 km²) is terraformed/weather controlled, and houses the permanent population of 5200 Federation colonists (humans, Vulcans, Denobulans, others), which live mostly in Kalokaro Town.

As the planet's rare geographical features provide an ideal environment for meteorological and oceanographic research and experimentation, there are 20 research outposts scattered over the planetary surface, as well as the ocean floor and the polar ice caps, which can be manned by up to 10.000 scientists. However, the average number of non-permanent residents is usually lower (2278: 1370 persons divided among 6 projects).

HISTORY: […] After the Federation Council passed the resolution to establish research facilities and a colony on Kalokaro IV in 2250, terraforming and construction began. The first civilian colonists settled on Main Island in 2256. Before Main Island's weather control system was completed, a severe hurricane hit the colony in 2258, causing major damage. 40 of the then 1000 colonist lost their lives, with many more injured. The Starfleet flagship "Enterprise", on one of her earliest missions, was assigned to provide aid. Starfleet personnel treated the wounded and assisted with reconstruction and the completion of the weather control system.


HOW TO GET THERE: Kalokaro IV has an orbital docking station and a shuttle port in Kalokaro Town, but the only regular public transport is the monthly supply flight from Space Station K-8.

Due to environmental and safety concerns, tourist access to Kalokaro IV is limited.

Applications for permanent residency have to be approved by the Colonists' Assembly and are rarely granted.

Short stopovers up to 7 days are possible for individual tourists using private/chartered spacecraft. Longer stays for persons not employed by one of the research projects are only possible by invitation by permanent residents or if approved by the Colony Administrator (mostly for temporary jobs). The Colony Administrator (since 2264) is Christine Chapel, MD (Lt. Cmdr., Starfleet, currently inactive).