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I fell back onto the porch, shaking and dizzy and all I could do was beg. "Please.. Please..."

...and suddenly the dark night was shattered by yellow light. The kitchen was illuminated and I jolted so hard, Edward looked up, his face glistening with me.

"Charlie," I gasped.



Chapter 30: Mutualism and Mythology

Edward's eyes looked black as night as he narrowed them in response to the light flooding out from the kitchen and onto the porch.

With the leonine grace of a jungle cat, he slid back, dangerously calm though I could hear the rumble of his growl even in my panic.

Panting for breath and shaking, I quickly stumbled to right myself on the protesting old wood, rolling my shirt down and my jeans up sans panties. I didn't bother to try to do them back up, save the intact button.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

I grabbed my hastily tossed book and turned it right ways around, my thumb sliding between some pages as I desperately tried to calm myself down, smoothing my hair and licking my lips.

I heard the door open as Edward was already shrinking back into the shadows like an apparition born of the night itself. I knew I was a disheveled mess and my body screamed out in response to the shock of having Edward so close and now so far away.

Both of us left unfulfilled, unfinished.


"Bells, you alright? I thought I heard something out here?" Charlie poked his head out of the kitchen door, craning his neck to see me sitting under the porch light, slightly askew from where he had left me.

"Yeah," I said in the most annoyed tone possible. It wasn't a lie, I was thoroughly beside myself with pent up desire and panic.

"Come on inside, you will catch your death here." That fatherly tone broke the chill of the night.

"Yes Sir," I bit back the growl in my throat and with my back to him, I slid up and adjusted my shirt and jacket in attempts to cover what had started but never finished out here.

But it was definitely better than being caught in the act. Charlie probably would have come rushing out with his gun in hand, thinking two wild cats were loose in his yard due to all of the wild kingdom sounds Edward and I would have undoubtedly been making in our throes of passion. Quiet we were not.

One more second, and I'm sure neither Edward nor I could have stopped at all.

"No need to take that tone, Missy." One dark eyebrow was raised as I turned to face him. "Bells, you're a good kid and I know the idea of restriction is driving you crazy, especially with all the freedom you had with your mother…"

"Don't start blaming it on parenting," I warned, my mother's tone coming out of my own mouth. When did I start sounding like Renee?

I didn't want to get into this now. I wanted to be upstairs, out of sight, and finishing what Edward had left dripping between my legs.

"Easy, kiddo." Charlie held his hand up in surrender while the other opened the door for me.

I didn't say a thing as I drew toward the threshold, my eyes casting a sidelong glance to the shadows…wondering if Edward was still there, as jumpy and frustrated as I was.

I was a shaking mess of angst and need and pure panic, desperately trying to hold it all together.

"Hey, Bells. I was thinking about this baseball game tomorrow night." I jumped like I was on fire. Startled.

"I am going to commute your sentence."

"Really?" I said, a little shocked.

"Yeah. You can go to the game, curfew to be discussed. I'm giving you one more week of hard time and by next Friday you can have your freedom back again." Charlie sounded definitive and I swear I could have levitated with elation. "With all agreed upon terms, that is."

I wondered if Edward was still out there, if he had heard.

"Why the change of heart?" I knew I shouldn't have been looking a gift horse in the mouth but I couldn't seem to stop myself.

"Like I said, you're a good kid Bells." Charlie let me in the house, closing the door behind us both. I turned to give him my full attention, holding my book in front of me to keep my jacket closed. I didn't need him to see his daughter in the process of being undone.

"And I may have talked to your Mom. You know, there is just as much of her inside of you as there is me. She always needed her freedom and I can't cage you in for long." Charlie looked almost sad but he didn't skip a beat. "But that doesn't mean omission isn't a lie and it also doesn't mean excuses are worth a damn when it comes to the people you love. Think you can get that lesson in a week?"

Omission is a lie. The very words I had said to Edward, coming back to me now. I felt the blood drain out of my face.

"Yeah, Dad. I think I can." I stammered my words just thinking back on my conversation with Edward earlier. I knew Charlie was right. Even as panicked as I was at this moment and still irritated that Edward and I couldn't finish what we had started, Charlie had swallowed his pride and called Renee on this.

I guess some loves never die, they just change.

And that made me hopeful. And it made me realize Edward and I had to find a way to tell Charlie about us, and just how important it really was. I didn't want to omit anymore, but I was scared of the consequences or even the blunt fact that he could refuse to let Edward date his daughter. I was still seventeen. I was still under his roof. And although I didn't know or understand the reasons why yet, Charlie didn't seem to like Edward.

If Edward and I were going to make a real relationship out of this, I would need those reasons.

As far as forbiding us to date, well, let's just hope it doesn't come to that.

"Give your old man a hug, eh?" Charlie half smiled and opened his arms wide.

I slid into his embrace and remembered just how safe my Dad's hugs always made me feel. If I wasn't locked up in gears still thinking about Edward, I might have even gotten a little misty.

Charlie was treating me like a daughter. We hadn't had much of that with me living in Arizona the majority of the years. And with college and career and everything else that would come into my life, there wasn't much time to relish this.

So, I sank into it. Just for a minute.

When I felt Charlie pat my back and release me, I stepped back.

"Alright, head on up to bed," he said, motioning with his chin to the direction of the stairs. I turned and started walking, giving myself this moment to take one of those Kodak snap shots in my heart.

My dad really was pretty cool sometimes.

"Hey Bells?" Charlie called as I turned the corner of the kitchen.

I poked my head back toward him. "Yeah, Dad?"

"I think you need some new jeans, the zipper looks busted." Charlie commented casually and I felt all of the blood drain out of my face.

I glanced down and I could see the metal teeth exposed, the zipper catch dangling and half off of the track it should have been safely ensnared to.


I went from blanched white to flushed red. I could hear my blood pounding in my ears.

"Yeah, these are old," was all I could manage, suddenly very acutely aware of the sky and the cosmos and alien life on other planets. I was hyper alert.

"If you need more, I'll take you shopping this weekend."

"Thanks, Dad." I was internally mortified. "Night."

With as much grace and speed as I could muster, I bolted up the stairs and tripped on the fourth and fifth one, nearly spilling myself back down the landing. I closed my bedroom door and braced my back against it, overflowing with adrenaline. I promptly turned the lock and tossed my book on my bed.

Tearing off my jacket, I hunched my back to look down at my jeans. Sure enough, Edward had ripped the zipper head straight off its track.

Holy hell. That was a near miss.

Even at his ripe old age, Charlie might well have been sharper than anyone I knew. Myself and Edward included.

That's when I heard rustling outside of my partially parted window. Oh god, what was happening now?

Sun. Sand. Musk.

Edward slid into my view, just outside of the window and I could have jumped out of my skin.

Need. Desire. Addiction. Everything came flooding back in a flash.

"What are you doing?" I whispered, drawing as close to him as I dared while he hung on precariously outside of my window.

"If you thought I was going to leave you like this, Bella, you're sadly fucking mistaken," Edward said in a low, husky voice.

"Edward!" I froze in place, once more glancing over my shoulder, once more in panic. Even though every rushing element beneath my skin was pulsing and alive and attracted to him, I was terrified of the both of us getting caught. "We can't do this. Seriously!"

"The hell we can't," Edward growled and cleared the landing of my window, tossing his jacket onto the ledge.

And in that brief space between hushed tones and panting breaths, he was there, inside of my room, his hand reaching for the lamp and the light going suddenly dim, until all I could hear was my own heartbeat pounding in my ears.

"Charlie is..I won't be able to stay quiet…" I stammered as Edward drew me in against him so tight I forgot the world, all except for him. Slowly, deviously, his hand slid over my mouth.

I breathed in sun and sand and musk and my lips moved against his palm, tasting his skin.

"Then I will just have to keep you quiet, won't I, Bella?" Edward dragged his words out into a husky hiss of breath.

I couldn't fight this anymore. I needed him to take me. NOW.



My fucking hands were shaking on her skin. Stripped bare before me, clothes flung onto the floor like a forgotten thought, the darkness of the room and scant moonlight through the windows bathed her curves in desire.

My desire.

I was as gentle as I could be with her mouth, those perfect soft petals quaking beneath my onslaught only filled me with the torturous need to have her. To pleasure her. To worship her in every debauched way I could imagine.

I wanted to make her scream.

But not tonight. I would save the screaming for another time when I could truly savor her ecstasy. Oh, how my gorgeous girl could writhe and moan and plead. When she cums, when she begs, when my name falls from her lips in hisses and growls, I see the face of God.

So fucking tempting. But no, I had one specific plan in mind to shut the wild kingdom into a sound proof barrier.

We had Charlie to consider and I had no intention of there being a fucking audience tonight.

My teeth dragged her lower lip and I felt her arch against me, the aching hot scent of her making me leak all fucking naked and standing and pressed against her. My hands were in her hair, tugging….my hips met hers, grazing the slick velvet of her tight, hot pussy.

"I need you," Bella gasped and I trailed my mouth, my tongue down the side of her neck.

"Shhhh," I reminded, sinking my teeth into her skin to the point I could feel it ready to open and cupped my hand over her mouth.

Her hot breath exhaled sharply against my palm and my hand in her hair wound tighter, dragging her deeper into my bite.

No Marks. Not yet. Control yourself, Cullen.

I felt Bella tighten, her hand sliding down between us as we stood, pressed together. Her fingers coned tight around me, stroking me furiously. Fuck! God-dammit. That grip, that perfect thumb the tip grip. I thrust violently into her hand, drowning in tangerine, honey, wet wildflowers.

Fucking temptress. She wanted me to lose my shit. She wanted to play with fire.

My teeth released her neck and I took her mouth hard, owning her, reminding her just what could happen if she lit this pyre.

I felt her submit to me. I felt her thighs spread and her back arch toward the bed.

Oh no, baby. I have plans for you.

Gripping her perfect ass, I walked her backwards slowly, using the moonlight to guide us toward the bare white wall right by the window.

"Edward," she whispered like a decadent prayer and I hoisted my girl up and bit back a groan when my dick pressed right against her hot, throbbing pussy.

Without skipping a beat, Bella wrapped herself around me and I pressed her against the plaster, one hand by her head to stabilize myself.

"Hold on tight. Don't make a fucking sound." I groaned, biting back my breath with a hiss and I felt her shake, her nails scratching into my scalp as she fisted a hard grip on my hair.

Fuck. Me.

With an arch of my hips up against her, I felt the tip of my dick rub that hot, slick opening.

God damn.

I exhaled sharply the moment we connected. My cock slid into her, she was so fucking tight. I swear my girl was the gateway to heaven, immortality, perfection and my eternal damnation.

Bella started to cry-out the moment I went deep and I took her mouth, drinking her breaths and stifling her moans. Her hips stilled and her body quaked and when her tongue disentangled from my own I fucking heard her whisper and plead.

I drove into her body, arching her back against the wall like a wild man intent on destroying and rebuilding her like a sacred fucking temple. Her body milked me, gripping and squeezing as I felt her teeth grip my cheek just to keep from screaming.

Fuck. I couldn't have her hard enough, fast enough, deep enough. I would never be sated, never whole. I couldn't fuse us tight enough, couldn't slake the obsession and addiction and need that burned like fire through my veins.

Bella met my hips, arching to receive me and return to me in force every inch I fed her. Perfect tits bounced against me, I could feel her ribcage wracking, her spine shifting with every thick pump into her hungry body.

I took her savagely, biting at her lips to keep from screaming and growling.

She took me even harder, driving me to the edge of sanity, of humanity.

I couldn't fucking take it anymore.

Her hand in my hair, my hand fisting into hers…tugging and ripping at roots as our mouths battled for dominance, swallowing breaths and copper tasting blood to avoid screaming and panting and exposing ourselves to the world outside of her door.

"Mine," I snarled out between our tongues and teeth, lost in my obsession.

"Mine," Bella hissed, making my body shiver with her possession.

Her pussy tightened, spasmed and milked me until I was about to lose my shit. So close to the edge, I drove myself into her until I felt her teeth break from my lips and sink into my shoulder.

Oh fuck.

I gasped for air, my breath hot and heavy and low against her ear. "Cum! Fuck baby, cum for me!"

I heard her whimper, felt it ricochet through my fucking body. Every sensation narrowed to where we joined, body and heart and God-Damn mind. I felt her cum, the release- the waves of her heat sliding down my thighs and filling the room with tangerine and honey and wet wildflowers.

Bella took me with her, over the edge, breaking my body open on jagged rocks. I drove hard and deep against her, pistoning and spiraling and spilling and pumping everything I had into one glorious moment.

Fuck, I was owned.

Just as I owned her.



My breaths were sharp and thin. My body rocked with aftershocks until I couldn't feel my legs or my back or even my own brain working its odd rhythms.

There was only Edward.

The feeling of him inside of me, holding me so tightly, so closely while he fought to get a hold of his own wracking breath. I could feel him shiver into me and it was all I could do to kiss his shoulder and neck and everything in the proximity of my lips.

Melded together, fused at the core of our desire, I couldn't stop touching him. My fingers slid through his hair, dripping down along his neck, welcomed by the warm sound of his soft sigh. Carressing him was an act of beauty.

I quivered when I felt his lips brush my skin, trailing down along my cheek and shoulder, his hands flowing like water down my hips and thighs. I could feel his warm breath against me and the pull of his trembling body as he inhaled my scent, drawing the very essence of me into his body.

"Bella." Edward was barely audible, my name falling from his lips like a holy enunciation. Slowly, he lifted his forehead to press against my own.

"Edward." I whispered.

We remained as we were, forehead to forehead, an exchange of breaths passing between us. His lips brushed against mine, once and then twice and all I could do was sigh softly in content.

I felt alive. Exhausted. Whole.

And suddenly so aware of the world around me, crashing into my little sphere of perfection.


Panic surged through me and Edward drew his hand from my hair to stroke my cheek slowly, gently. "I think we're safe."

His whisper did nothing to quelch my fear. I was always so caught up in Edward, I doubt I would have heard a gunshot go off in my own bedroom. I wasn't afraid anymore of how unhealthy this was. I was only afraid of losing him to the obstacles that seemed to dominate our short time together.

A relationship. Our relationship.

I yawned, despite my fear and constant state of arousal when I was with Edward. Slowly, he disentangled himself from me as my shaking legs tried to cope with the loss of his strength. In the midst of another yawn, I smiled. A genuine, honest and sated smile.

Edward kissed me gently, running his hand down my naked back and cupping my ass to draw me in closer to him. I let myself drown in the sensation, the warmth and fullness that came after what the both of us just did.

That was naughty. Especially for me.

"We shouldn't tempt fate anymore tonight," I finally managed, brushing my hair back and looking in the dark for any clothes that might be mine.

"Just for tonight, I'll concede." And I could hear the smile in Edward's voice.

I tip toed to my dresser, pulling out the first tee-shirt my fingers fell on, careful to not make too much sound as I slipped it on and slid back onto my bed, brushing my abandoned book out of my way.

I watched Edward move around in the dark, slow and purposeful and managing to not make a single creak on the floor boards as he dressed himself. When his jacket was retrieved from the window ledge, he walked back over to my bed and leaned down.

"I'll see you at the game tomorrow night," he said, and even though I knew he was still smiling, I could feel the bliss starting to ebb in his voice.

"I'll miss you," I whispered in a moment of vulnerability. I could see his chest expand in reaction to my words. I blushed profusely...until I felt him slowly bend toward me. With his eyes holding mine, he kissed me so softly, so sweetly I lost my breath.

"Not for long you won't." Edward's lips were soft and warm as they slid over mine, his hand gently holding my chin tilted up toward him. My hands reached along his shoulders to the back of his neck where for a long moment I twirled errant strands of copper and gave myself completely to his kiss.

And like a good dream that vanishes with the yawning of daylight, I felt his lips leave mine and watched Edward's silhouette slide out of my bedroom window and out of my sight.

My head fell back on the pillow as I kept my eyes trained on the open window. It was cold enough to feel the breeze moving through the room, but I didn't have the heart to close it. It gave me comfort to think that if he needed to or if he wanted to, Edward could climb back through at any time in the middle of the night and soothe the ache that built the moment we were apart.

Oh my God. I was falling head over heels.

For Edward Cullen.



Something changed. Something shifted.

Maybe it was inside of me or inside of my girl, but I could feel a difference in the way I left her and the way she watched me go. It might be the exhaustion talking or the fucking phenomenal hormonal overdrive, but leaving Bella tonight made me ache in places I didn't expect.

It actually hurt my heart.

That blackened orifice in my chest- that I didn't think functioned properly anymore- actually shuddered when I turned my back to leave her room. It took everything I had to keep going and climb out that window.

I wanted to sleep with her. And not just in the biblical sense, but in the 'snuggle up and spooning kind of way'. I wondered what she was like when she was truly asleep and unguarded for hours at a time. I wanted to watch her, protect her, savor her.

My stealthy cat girl has done more than entrance my dick like a snake charmer with a flute. She's got me thinking flowers and nice dinners and poems by Byron and Longfellow.

Did Bella like poetry? She had to, I mean she loved classic literature right? Wuthering Heights had been in her grip tonight, on the porch and that book looked beat to shit. And what about her t-shirt with Frederick Nietzsche sayings….and her eye of Horus (that even though I shuddered to recall on her notebook) meant she knew her mythology.

See what I mean?


My drive home was too long and too short all at the same time. I pulled into the driveway and yanked the E-Brake, raking my hands through my hair as I tried to make sense of everything and fight the exhaustion that had been threatening me since Alaska.

Shit, did I just come home today? This afternoon? It felt like a year and a half ago.

I slid out of my car, bracing myself on Jasper's to avoid sliding on the ice that had slicked the surface of the blacktop since we hadn't been home to keep salting it for the past few days.

I used my key ring alarm deactivator so not to wake up the parents, siblings and acquired guests. Once inside, I punched the code to re-arm the system and tossed my shoes on the landing.

"Well, look what the cat dragged in. MEOW," that southern drawl hit me and I damn near jumped out of my skin and rolled my eyes at the same time.

Jasper was sitting on the couch, holding a mug with one hand and stroking a very sleeping Alice on his lap with the other. Once my eyes grew accustomed and I shed my jacket, I could make out the scene better.

Wait, was Jasper wearing my robe? Oh hell no.

"Emmett's was too big and Rosalie's was too pink. I didn't think you would mind." I heard Alice break the silence of the room and I swear that little witch could read minds, sometimes.

"Yeah, it's cool. Whatever." I feigned indifference, knowing full well Jasper was letting his goods rub up into my cashmere.

"He's got bottoms on, don't freak out." Alice replied again to my unspoken sentiment and for a second I wondered if my brain was fucking bugged by the CIA.

"Seriously sis, shut the fuck up." I grumbled and tossed my keys on the stand in the foyer, hanging my jacket on the coat rack. When I drew closer into the living room I could smell chamomile and vanilla tea. That must have been what they were drinking.

Alice must have been having trouble getting to sleep. Not enough to warrant warm milk, yet. "Everything alright?"

"You almost got caught you know. Twice." Alice said matter-of-factly, not bothering to lift her head from Jasper's lap and his calm and slow petting of her neck and hair.

"Bad dreams?" I muttered, drawing myself down onto the couch and taking a much needed load off. Twice Eh? There was the porch, that was a definite, but another time?

"I wouldn't say bad dreams. She was awake for this one but she was twitching an awful lot," Jasper said, taking a swig of his tea.

"There was the porch. And the second time, Charlie was halfway up the stairs. I can't say for certain what stopped him but I could see him dozing off on an armchair." Alice sounded like she was seconds away from sleep.

"She's getting them awake now, more than usual." Jasper said so nonchalantly, you would think we were talking about the most mundane of topics. My sister being some kind of precognitive minx certainly wasn't average or ordinary.

"I'll try to be more careful," I said plaintively not really knowing what else I could muster. When I leaned back on the couch, the cogs in my mind were turning and churning and quickly running out of steam.

I could have melted into the cushions.

That was when I heard Alice start that little nasal snore she does when she just can't fight the exhaustion any longer. Or she was really content. Jasper had that effect on her. Hell, he had that effect on all of us like some kind of amplifier for whatever the vibe of the room was.

If you were stoked about something, Jasper took it up a notch. If you were ready to drink your shit away and give a middle finger to the world, he made it seem that much more important and intense.

It would make sense my sister and Jasper worked.

"So, I heard about Tanya and her legendary freak out. Got yourself kicked out of Alaska with this one, eh, Cullen?" The southern drawl made it sound way more charming than it should have been.

"Yeah, it was a reckoning. Highlander style." I mumbled, stretching my arms out on the couch behind me.

"That's a quickening, not a reckoning. Reckoning is something we do back home, Texas style." Jasper took another sip of his tea, long blond locks highlighted from the TV flicker and falling like silver over the rim of the cup. He was a pretty-boy. Maybe that was why I liked him so much.

We pretty-boys stick together. Or maybe, with Alice and I being twins, we liked the same kind of men. Who the fuck knows at this late hour?

Whoa. Wait. I'm straight, just for the record.

"I think you did right, in the end. For what it's worth," Jasper tipped his cup and I couldn't help but smirk. "I hear your girl, Bella, is quite the bit and bridle."

And a hell-of-a-ride.

Alright, I don't know how much chamomile and vanilla Jasper had drunk tonight but he was starting to play off in my head like some kind of Old Texan stereotype. Not that he wasn't, on some occasions, but everything was whirling around me like pure crazy right now.

Why not him too?

"She is definitely something else. But if you call her some right Purdy filly, I'm going to have to bust your face in. Just saying," I grumbled half-jokingly and completely exhausted.

"Transcribed and respected, my man. Of course she must be a right…" Jasper was cut off.

"He really will punch you in the face." Alice stretched, turning so that she was lying on her back on the other half of the couch with her head still on Jaspers lap.

"Dually noted," Jasper laughed, his hand gently soothing my twin sister's face. They really were a spectacular couple.

A part of me was jealous of their freedom, of the perfect fucking symbiosis the two of them shared. I knew I was going to work on that with Bella, but I wanted it now. The sooner the better.

"You should talk to Charlie, Edward." Alice said with a yawn, her hand sliding up along Jasper's face, briefly.

"I intend to," I said, but I knew just how unsure I must have sounded. Bella had all but freaked out at the idea of telling Charlie.

"No you don't. Not yet anyway. But you should and you will." Alice said at last and I felt truly fucking unnerved.

"On that note, kids, I'm off to bed." Without much ado, I rose up from my too-comfy spot on the couch and padded in socked feet toward my room, not giving much space for rebuttal on the matter.

I pretended not to hear Emmett and Rosalie as I walked past his door, pinching the bridge of my nose and finally locking myself away in my room.

I stripped down and grabbed the satin panty treasure I had stolen out from my pocket before I fell onto my bed, not giving a shit for the moment the mess I was leaving behind. Tucking my plundered wares under my pillow, I finally closed my eyes.

My bed felt empty and the sheets were cold as I wrapped myself in them.

The scent of my girl was all around me and emanating off of me.

Tangerine. Honey. Wet wildflowers. Her scent was so fucking comforting that I really wished Bella was next to me. I really wished we had the leisure of lying around with nothing to hide, nothing pressing over us…no doom and gloom and bullshit pretenses to stand in our path.

"No you don't. Not yet anyway. But you should and you will."

Alice's words were like a gunshot in my head. For a brief second I tried to contemplate them but before I could form a cohesive thought, I felt the paralyzing arms of sleep encircle me.

Good night, Bella…..


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