Casey held Natalie in her lap. "Thanks for coming you guys." She looked at Alex. "Who's this?" she gestured to the man sitting next to Alex.

"This is Jim."

"Why haven't Olivia and I seen him before?"

Alex smiled. "I was sleeping with him when I was a bureau chief. We broke up when I came back to SVU. We decided to give it another chance."

Olivia kissed Casey softly. "SVU brought the love of my life and I together."

Casey smiled. "I feel the same way babe." She bit Olivia gently. "Is Victoria coming?"

Olivia looked at the front door. "Yeah. She should be here in-" The front door opened. "Now."

Casey got up. "Hey Victoria."

"Hi Casey." Victoria noticed Natalie. "She is getting so big."

"I know. I feel so old!"

"Aww come on Case. You're not old."

"Mama." Natalie stumbled over to Olivia and reached up at her. "Mama," she repeated.

Olivia picked the little girl up and held her. "Hey sweetie."

Casey smiled as she watched her wife play patty cake with their daughter. "There's food in the kitchen. The cake is to remain with the lid on, because it's for later."

"Okay Casey."

Casey sat down next to Olivia. She loved Olivia so much, and often wondered how someone like Olivia could love someone like her. "I love you Olivia."

Olivia kissed her. "I love you too."

"Cake mamas! Cake! Cake! Cake!" Natalie shrieked.

Casey giggled. "Not yet honey. But I'll get dinner." She walked into the kitchen and served dinner onto nine plates. She rummaged in the dining room for napkins. Natalie snuck up behind her and pulled down a handful of cake then ran out. When Casey got back to the living room, she saw that Natalie's face was covered in cake. "Umm Olivia?"

Olivia shrugged. "Don't look at me, Natalie's the one who climbed away from me and returned with a faceful of cake."

Casey giggled. "Nat we haven't even eaten yet!"

Natalie held up her cake. "Sorry Mommy."