Another Century, Another Generation

Author's Note: Hello there, readers. This is my very first fanfic. Firstly, I will like to give a shoutout to Darknight Squire for letting me use some of his ideas from New Era, New Generation (which is deleted as of this moment). If you read his story, you would know that it's about Crystal Tokyo with Rini/Chibiusa and the daughters and sons of the Sailor Senshi. From this moment on, I will be calling Chibiusa Rini because I like her English name better. Also I won't be using honorifics as I do not know to use them properly. Please read and review!

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon or any Sailor Moon related characters. I don't even own some OCs which are the sons and daughters of the Sailor Senshi. Those characters belong to Darknight Squire but neither does he or I own any Sailor Moon characters. The only characters I made are characters introduced later in the story.

Summary: This chapter is the prologue so don't be surprised that it's so short.

Prologue (R):

The room was dim; shadows clung to the walls as black fog lingered in the air. A teenage girl stood there, dressed in a black, lacy gown that trailed down to the floor. Black highlights were streaked throughout her blond hair. She faced the six Sailor Senshi and the seven Knights who were all shaken in shock and fear. She smiled evilly. "Hello there, Sailor Senshi and Knights. I guess I should probably introduce myself. I am the one and only, Dark Princess!" the girl said loudly.

A boy with green hair and dark crimson eyes spoke back, "What have you done to her?"

"Don't you get it? As my master stated before, she's gone and she's never coming back!" Dark Princess replied and began cackling.

A teenage girl woke up suddenly and sat upright in her bed, shaken with fear. She stayed motionless, breathing heavily. Calm down, it was just a nightmare. Get over it! the girl told herself. She sighed and got out of bed. She walked over to her window that had a perfect view of the capital of her planet. She sat down on the window seat and gazed out at the scenery with her worried blue eyes in deep thought.

Was it really just a bad dream? she wondered. She couldn't understand why this one bad nightmare freaked her out so much. She had bad nightmares before but never as bad as this one. She wondered who this Dark Princess was and who the boy with the green hair and dark crimson eyes was talking about? She wondered why the Sailor Senshi were there and who the seven Knights were. She continued thinking about her nightmare for a couple more minutes before finally concluding that it was just her imagination playing tricks on her. She got up from her seat and climbed back into her bed. She pulled her covers up right to her chin, still trying to convince herself it was just a bad dream. Was it really? she thought as she slowly drifted to sleep.

A/N: Who is this mystery girl and why was she dreaming about the Sailor Senshi? You'll find out soon! Please review! Have a great one!


This is the first of many edited chapters! As some of my loyal readers might know, I am currently writing the sequel of this story: ACAG: The Shadow of the Eclipse. However, I couldn't help but come back here time to time and see how awful some of this writing is, even after I "revised" it. So I decided to edit the story, again, now that I have more skill in editing. So if any of my old readers have decided to come back for some refreshers, you might notice some small detail changes and maybe even a little more info.