Final Author's Note:

OK sooooo, this is my last author note for ACAG. I don't know where exactly I should start but I'm probably going to start with my inspiration.

It all started when I was surfing through and I found a story called New Era, New Generation. It wasn't completed and had few chapters but I decided to read it. And I immediately fell in love with it. I was so inspired by this story that I began forming a different concept in my head on what the plot could be. I asked the author for permission to use some of his characters and he allowed me to do so. Thus, ACAG was born. Now the author deleted New Era, New Generation so you can't find it anymore.

Now there were first only six princes and six princesses when the story started. Hiroshi being 17, Tsunami will be 17 as of December 31st. Aeneas, Takemara, and Rini being 14. Yume, Maximillian, Kenzo and Kimiko will all be 14 as of December 31st. Maxine and Ariel are 13 and Uratoh being 12. Then Tammy and Arcturus (both fourteen) joined the group and made it seven and seven. If you were wondering, Tammy and Aeneas are the oldest out of all the fourteen year olds and Yume's the youngest.

Moving onto the next point, I would like to talk about the Council of Matriarchs quickly and what happened to them. You see, Tammy fired them basically. I didn't include it because I didn't feel like it but if you were wondering what happened to them, now you know.

And now, the situation about Tammy's past. What happened exactly was that Rei had a vision that an evil presence was searching the galaxy for light energy (Dark Master). This scared Queen Minako and even though the Council was controlling Tammy like a puppet for their own needs, the threat of Dark Master taking Tammy's light energy is what made her erase her memories. Arcturus stayed behind because Queen Minako knew that Tammy would go crazy without anyone with her so he volunteered to stay behind. Also the reason everyone thought that Tammy just had some special energy and didn't necessarily think it was light energy is because she was both Sailor Light and the light princess so that caused her light energy to be a little different than regular light energy :P

OK I just wanted to say this really quickly. If you look in the epilogue, I put a little star beside the word 'honorific'. I put that because I don't know how to use honorifics properly all the time so that's why I didn't include them in ACAG. But I thought Take~kun was such a cute name for Tammy to call Takemara so that's why I just had to do it. That is the only honorific you will see in there :D

Moving onto the Senshi and Knights' schools. There are three schools. There is an elementary/middle school academy for grades kindergarden to grade six. Next is the Royal Academy which is for grade 7 to grade 9. And finally there is the high school academy for grade 10 to grade 12. I hope that clears up some stuff. If it's really necessary, I'll put it in the revised edition.

Let's move onto Tammy's and Aeneas' brothers. Altogether, there are ten children of Queen Minako. There are two sets of twins (Tammy and Aeneas are the first set), one set of triplets and three normal children. The only known children are Tammy, Aeneas and Valentino (the youngest and last). I don't know the other names since Darknight Squire's story was deleted and I didn't make any names because they wouldn't be needed.

Now for my OCs in this story. I kind of based Tammy on my dream self, someone I hope to be one day. I do have darker skin so that's why I made Tammy tanner than the others. Arcturus was named after a star in a constellation named Bo├Âtes and it kind of sounded like a name of a boy Ami would have so that's how Arcturus was made. If you watch Vampire Knight, you would know that I based Hydrus off of Zero :D I love him a lot so I just had to do it! And Seta is based off of Seiya of course XD The similar hairstyle and appearance is mostly what they had in common. And falling in love with someone they had a rare chance with. And the demons were most of the time, very random. Such as the hair demon :P But others I thought about really carefully like Dream Catcher and Esmeralda.

Shoutout time! First, I will like to give a shoutout to my most faithful and loyal reviewer, Light-Sakura! She has read almost every single chapter on this story (I think you only missed the first five chapters or so) and gives me so much words of encouragement each time! So you get special thanks from me because you are one of the reasons I kept on creating these chapters. KyronP is another person who has helped me so much with my writing and ideas. Even though you don't really go on FF anymore, I still appreciate you helping me earlier before. A recent reviewer has been really kind with their words and has encouraged me a lot as well, Midnight Goddess Night. Thank you for reviewing! NyaNyaa-Chama, I can't believe you loved my story so much to make your own story based on it! I'm so glad that you saw ACAG as an inspiration! AmaraMichelle, you haven't reviewed recently but you are a great friend of mine and you are extremely nice!

ACAG has now been completely revised and free of mistakes (I think) and you'll know if it has been edited if you see an 'R' beside the chapter title :D

Well there's nothing else I really have to say. If you have any questions about the story that I haven't talked about here, please send me a message and I'll be glad to answer any of your questions. I'm just glad that ACAG was such a great success for it being my very first written piece published. The writing skills I developed from this story have helped me so much in school. I didn't expect this story to get this much hits when the beginning was badly written and composed together. Thank you immensely (I got tired of saying 'much') and I look forward to writing the sequel for you all soon during the summer!