Summary: A Maurauders Ode

Disclaimer: If only I did own Sirius Black, I would be the happiest girl in the world!

The Marauders && Their Rap!

Their were once mischeif makers four,

They pulled pranks galore,

They called themselves maruaders,

They were closer then brothers!

Their was Moony, So Tame

(As long as the moon was low)

But when the moon was high,

He could strike you dead with one fatal blow!

Then their was Padfoot,

Crazy yes its true,

But a more brilliant mutt,

We never knew!

Then there came James,

Who died too young.

We always knew he was high strung,

But running at the Dark Lord,

With no wand?

No wonder it all went wrong.

Finally theres Pettigrew,

How he ended up in Gryffindor,

the others never knew.

A coward he was and a traitor too.

But it would be lie,

and would make us three frauds,

if we didnt mention,

the one who once worshipped us like gods!

Now were done,

and we say good-bye

because the last of the Maruaders,

have all gone and died!

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